Five Emergency Numbers to have When Traveling in 2024

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If a bad situation ever arises, it is important that you are prepared and have a list of numbers and people that you can reach out to in case of an emergency. In this era of hustle and bustle, we frequently must face emergencies, whether they are minor or major.

A minor emergency you might face is an injury on any part of the body and you need to have medical care for that. A severe emergency case may appear when some natural disaster occurs and you need to contact with your loved ones. There are hundreds of reasons that we need emergency numbers to keep ourselves on a safe edge.

Everyone wants to spend a vacation trip without any issues, ensuring that your time away is flawless. It’s not necessary that you use all emergency numbers during your travel, but these are numbers you should always have in case you’re ever in dire need of help.

Top five emergency numbers that every person should have when traveling is:

  1. Hotel

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As you set off on a trip away from home, you should have a contact from the hotel on your phone. This will assure you safety and secure your precious time as well. Never forget to save the number in your cell phone. Nugget Reno is a great example of a hotel that provides its guests with excellent reception services. Ensure you can make the most of your travels knowing that you have help in case you need it.

Having the phone number of your hotel is also important because you can always call them to extend your stay in your room or maybe end your stay early. You can use this contact for a number of other reasons. Ask them whether they can keep your pet safe and fed, ask about certain features of the hotel and a bunch of other questions that you want to have them answered.

  1. Family Doctor

It is common that when traveling away from home one can get sick. It’s very necessary to have your doctor’s number, especially when you are traveling with your kids. It is important that you get informed about possible allergies about your children and other information about which medicine they can or cannot consume.

The family doctor has all of this information and can suggest the best medicine in case of any medical emergency when you are away from your home. Keep in mind, you should mention that you are in a different location because there is a chance there is a completely different brand when you are out of your area.

  1. Friends & Family Contact

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Whenever we must face a crisis, we remember our loved ones the most. In case of any accident or natural disaster we care and contact our loved ones to make sure their safety.

However, keeping a connection with your family should not be done only when there is a crisis going on. It is vital that you frequently contact them to be up to date on all news and other happenings in their lives. You do not want to get home and be surprised with tons of new stuff, so make sure you call your parents once or twice during your vacation.

  1. House Sitter

Before leaving your home, you ask your neighbors to take care of and keep an eye on your house and pets. Whoever you appoint for watching your house, you should have his or her contact number to avoid inconvenience and to check in to make sure that nothing is wrong, and everything is running smoothly. Both for their peace of mind and yours.

Also, if you have forgotten about a certain bit of advice and you remember it while you are on your vacation, you can just give them a quick call and tell them what you have on your mind. Make sure you do not contact them too frequently, you do not want to bother them too much because you might deter them away and they won’t house sit again for you.

    1. Police

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You must search out the areas police contact to remain secure. Before packing your bag it’s necessary to have all the important contacts in your phone as well.

Some other contact numbers that you might need during your stay away from home include:

      • Number of the airline you’re flying on
      • Friends resident in the city or state you are going to stay
      • Your office or workplace number
      • School or college contact numbers to remain
      • updated in case of any special event
      1. Airline

Having this contact in your smartphone is vital if there are some problems regarding your flight. If you cannot seem to find your tickets, you can just call them and you will be supplied with another pair for a small cost. Paying a couple of dollars to get those tickets back is much better than having to repay the full price for the ticket, right?

It is also useful in situations when you simply do not have enough time to reach the flight on time or if you have decided to extend your vacation stay. If you inform the airline company that you will not be able to make the flight, they will be able to re-sell the same ticket and can afford to refund the full price to your bank account.

      1. Airport pick-up

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Are you going to call a friend to come to pick you up, are you going to hire a professional service to get you back home or are you just going to grab a cab?

If you plan on hiring a professional service, make sure you have the contact on your phone, so you can call them when you land with the plane. Although, we recommend calling them before you even get on the flight, to ensure that there will be a driver available. If you are relying on a friend to pick you up, make sure you frequently remind them with a few calls.