How to Spend your Trip in a Healthy Way and Boost Your Energy ─ 13 Tips to Consider


It’s vacation time and regardless of where you are visiting you will have to sample the local delicacies at some point. This brings the concern of going against your healthy eating routine. Will you be able to enjoy the vacation and still maintain your health goals? Below we discuss tips you can apply to ensure you enjoy your trip healthily.

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1. Start Your Day on the Right Note

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast should include fruits, and veggies and should also be rich in protein and fiber. Ensure you also carve out some time for physical exercises.

2. Shop Local


Try visiting the local farmers market. Not only will you interact with the locals, but also get fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also get ideas on how to prepare their local healthy delicacies. Self-prepared meals are always a good option.

3. Opt to Stay in Places That Offer a Full or Mini-kitchen

The kitchen should be your vacation BFF. You can buy local fresh food and have a place to store and cook it. Most hotels nowadays offer tabletop stoves with cookware. This is another great way to experience local food, while still having control over the ingredients to use. This can also come in handy in case of allergies and intolerances.

4. Bring Your Own Breakfast (BYOB)

If possible, opt to bring a healthy breakfast that you can keep in your room. This can include cereal, instant oatmeal, or even yogurt. This will not only give you a healthy option but can also save you some money. You will feel better starting the day with a healthy meal that will hold you until lunch.

5. Daily Activity is Key

Find ways and reasons to move around so that all your vacation activities don’t just revolve around food. Go for a run, take a bike tour, play volleyball on the beach, try paddle boating, take a hike, or do any other activity that will interest you. This will not only improve your blood circulation which will improve your health but also help you burn a few calories.

6. Bring Along a Basic First-aid Kit

The first aid kit may include painkillers, tablets for motion sickness, bandages in case you get a bruise or a cut, and laxatives in case of constipation among other medicines that don’t require prescriptions. Having first aid and cpr certifications can help you be equipped to respond quickly and effectively in case of a medical emergency.

7. Appreciate Cultural Foods While Still Maintaining Your Healthy Eating Habits

Allow yourself to experience the local culture, especially the local food. But aim to half-fill your plate. Try to have non-starchy veggies at lunch and dinner if possible. You will also discover that when you slow down and eat with all your senses, you will find extreme satisfaction with only a few bites. Remember to always drink a lot of water too.

8. Master Stress Management

While vacations are for relaxation, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stressful at times. Stress can come in when you get lost, crammed in a car for hours in a traffic snarl-up with children, or on an extra long flight. You should practice some stress management techniques like deep breathing or taking a walk to maintain your health and enjoy your vacation.

9. Foot Exploration is the Best

If you are vacationing in a city, take it slow and explore on foot. Walk everywhere, it will give you a great chance to know the city better and while at it exercise.

10. Continue Practicing Self-care


Bring along self-care practices routines that you practice at home. You may not be able to do all of them, but do what you can. You may bring your yoga mat to continue practicing, if you use supplements bring them along and continue using them.

11. Plan in Advance

This can be by shopping in the local markets and carrying along lunches and snacks while you are on the go. This will come in handy when you intend to spend the day visiting attractions with limited food options. If you have your daily itinerary with you, you can research the food options where you intend to be so as to better plan.

12. Avoid the “great Value” Offers

You may want to pass offers offering all-you-can-eat buffets or multiple-course meals that promise great value for your money. It can be tempting but you will likely find you have overindulged in the process.

13. Get Enough Sleep

You need between 7-8 hours per night to stay healthy. Because of visiting new places and maybe staying out late trying to sample the local nightlife you may find yourself sleeping fewer than the recommended hours. Try recouping in case you slept fewer hours so as to maintain the right physical and mental state.



Planning and going on holiday is the easy part, but eating and staying healthy and energized will require effort and commitment for you to be able to maintain your normal healthy eating routine. The tips discussed here will kickstart you as you aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle even during your vacation. Practice them and healthily enjoy your vacation.

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