Top Useful English Phrases to Make Your Traveling Stress-Free


Traveling to a foreign country can be stressful in many situations, even more so when you do not speak the language. Many people avoid this stress by learning the country’s language they will be visiting in preparation for their trip. It can still be challenging to know the exact phrases needed in various situations you may find yourself in. If you’re looking to travel to an English-speaking country, this list of English travel phrases will significantly help in your journey! Plus, there’s a bonus of online resources to learn English at the end.

Common English Travel Phrases


When traveling to another country, it can be a good idea to have some phrases ready to use. Some of these phrases are general, while others are specific for travel. The best way to learn is to practice, so find someone in person or online to practice conversation using these phrases!


When you meet a person you would like to or need to speak with, you will start with a greeting. These phrases are polite ways to begin a conversation with people you know, as well as people you do not know.

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening- Three variations of a standard greeting. Morning is used before noon. The afternoon is used afternoon, but often before 5 pm. The evening is used after 5 pm.
  • Hello/Hi- Still unsure about times of the day? The phrases “Hello” or “Hi” can be used instead as a more general greeting.
  • How are you?- “How are you?” is a phrase used to see how a person is feeling. This is often used in polite conversation.

During Travel

While you’re in an unfamiliar place, you may need assistance from people who are familiar with the area. Here are some English travel phrases you may find yourself needing to ask people.

  • Where is ___? – If you find yourself lost, you can ask someone where you are, such as your hotel or an airport. This can also be used to find a restroom no matter your location.
  • May I have __? – This is how you can ask for anything you need. This is also helpful when ordering food in a restaurant.
  • What time is it?- Most likely, there will be some activity you need to get to at a certain time. You can ask this to ensure you are timing your activities appropriately.
  • I would like to go to __. – You will likely be using a taxi or bus while exploring your location. This phrase will help the driver get you to your destination.
  • I need help.- If you have an emergency on your trip, you can tell someone, “I need help,” and they will get you in contact with the correct people to solve your problem.
  • I don’t understand. – This phrase is helpful when talking to native English speakers who may speak too fast or use words you are unfamiliar with.

Where to Learn English Online


As mentioned before, you may want to learn or brush up on your English skills before your trip! With everything moving digital, there are many websites for learning English. If you want to work mostly in preparation for travel, your best bet will be to look into resources offering one-on-one live classes. This way, your teacher can focus on what you need to know before your trip!

1. LiveXP


LiveXP is an educational platform focused on language learning. On it, you can search tutors based on the language you want to learn, as well as their location which can be especially useful in preparation for a trip. An option that makes it stand out from the other options is the ability to message teachers before signing up for classes. You can ensure they have or can create lessons for your needs by doing this! Many teachers also have pre-recorded lessons you can take as a preview for the teacher as well. The ability to take pre-recorded classes and talk to tutors before making a decision makes it a perfect choice for language learners, especially those with a background in the language they are learning.

2. Preply


Preply is another platform focused on language learning. While searching for your teacher, there are many filters to help you find a teacher for your needs. You can specify business or conversational English and British or American. You can even find a tutor who speaks your language if you find that helpful! Preply tutors create personalized plans based on your placement test and personal learning goals. Preply’s lesson personalization makes it one of the best options to fit your specific needs.

3. Verbling


Verbling is a newer platform to learn English online. Verbling stands out from the rest by all their teachers being certified, language instructors. However, this also makes them a more expensive option. They work similar to other platforms and have an impressive number of filters to help you find the perfect tutor! Verbling tutors not only offer spoken English but written as well. They take business English a step further and have tutors focusing on specific career paths, such as medical and legal. The number of options available and certified tutors makes Verbling an excellent choice for language learning.

4. Italki


Italki is another language learning platform that can be used to learn English online. This platform is a more affordable option compared to the others. Italki still offers a variety of lessons based on your needs, such as business, conversational, or even test prep for specific tests. They also offer the free Italki community to practice your skills with other language learners. The classes also offer flexibility allowing you to take classes as often as you like. Italki is an excellent platform for those looking for a more affordable, flexible option.

Traveling to a foreign country can be a scary thing. Hopefully, these English travel phrases and resources for English tutors online will help you feel more prepared, so you can enjoy your trip!