8 Fun Things to do In Mykonos In 2024

Mykonos screams fun. It is just how things are with precious locations like this one. Greece has so much to offer in the tourism department. But, if you’re a first-time visitor you might get confused as to what to do. Don’t worry we have you covered. After all, that’s why we have gathered here to share the experience of people who already visited and had immense fun. Sun, beach, and sea are fun on their own, but when you spend ten or more days in one place you want diversified activities. We totally get this notion.

So, you’ve decided to visit Greece, and Mykonos is your preferred destination? Let us tell you straight away – great choice! Greece is one of the best European summer destinations, which is sometimes unjustly underappreciated. But, Mykonos makes up for it. Once you’re there you’ll never want to go home. After we share the secrets for fun that you can have while there you’ll think that you’ve found utopia. This island certainly looks like one. It could be that the ancient Greek Gods also parted in this part of the Aegean sea. The way the landscapes look, we might bet that it was the case.

When in Greece act like Zeus. No, we’re not talking about firing lightning bolts from your hands. Just have fun. How to do it? It is easy. For starters read this article. We are going to talk about all the fun things to do in Mykonos. If we’ve missed out on something feel free to comment on it in the comment section of this website, and we’ll make sure that this article is updated with new ideas. So, what is there to do in Mykonos that is so much fun? Let’s see.

1. Check Out The Windmills

Source: yiannaki.gr

No, this is not the Netherlands. But, Mykonos is famed for its windmills. It is one of the first things you’ll see when you arrive on this island. A truly mesmerizing sight. You’ll have so much fun visiting these buildings and spending some time in the breeze of this island while going under these buildings. We are talking about monuments of culture probably built a few centuries ago by Venetian colonists.

2. Enjoy a Sunset in Little Venice

Mykonos is quite a popular tourist destination. Because of this people tend to forget that it is quite a historic place. As you can already tell its roots are deeply tied to the old city-state of Venice. One of those places that you must experience is called Little Venice. When you sit at one of the bars in the evening you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.

3. Paraportiani Church

As we said, this island is quite a unique place. Did you know that it is home to 365 churches? That’s a staggering amount for an island of this size. The one we’re talking about here is without a doubt the most famous. It is quite old and its roots can be tied to the Byzantine Empire. What makes it so unique is not only the fact that it consists of five different churches merged into one, but that it offers one of the most amazing views you’ll experience in entire Greece.

4. Matogianni Street

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Yes, a simple street can be so much fun. This is where the lifeline of the island lies. It is where you can walk around, go shopping, and eat out if you’re hungry. When the evening strikes you can go from bar to bar. This street embodies everything that Greece and Mykonos represent. It is also a place where you can buy souvenirs to take home if you want to have long-lasting memories from this place. But, once you visit we’re sure you’ll be coming back, so there’s no need to think too much about the souvenirs.

5. Visit Any of The Beaches

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That’s right. You can pick any you want. The beaches in Mykonos are amazing. They are full of people, bars, music, and everything a summer resort should have. You can’t miss the selection on the Mykonos beaches. Start with Platis Gialos beach and move on from here. Go to Paraga or Agrari. It doesn’t matter. You’ll find some of the most beautiful sands and waves in the world here. The one thing you might hate is that the place can get crowded during the season.

6. Visit Delos

If you’re a fan of history this is where you should be heading. Delos is an ancient island and quite a historic location. It is home to some of the world’s most famous ruins. You’ll have to take a ferry ride for about twenty minutes from Mykonos but it is worth every second. When you see it you’ll feel as if you were time-traveling. The archeologist found this place a long time ago but it doesn’t stop being amazing to people to this day. If you didn’t know, according to Greek folklore Apollo and Artemis were born here.

7. Paros Tour

Source: greecetravelideas.com

Mykonos on its own is amazing. But the surrounding landscapes and places will also leave you breathless. One of those places is without a doubt Paros. This is a small island but you’ll love it. It’s filled with small houses, fishing boats, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. What you might hate about it is that it takes a three-hour ferry ride to get there. If you’re not for a ride on restless seas, you maybe should avoid it. But, you’ll be missing a lot of fun.

8. Old Harbour

Source: mykonos-sunset.com

This is one of those places that appear as if it has been taken out of a fairy tale or an anime. You’ll recognize the peer at first glance without a doubt. It was recently featured in the Netflix hit, Knives Out, the Glass Onion. It is where the adventure starts. For you, it could also be the start of an adventure. A mystery of your own. It is possible considering that the town hall located here is a few centuries old. By now we’re sure you’re mesmerized by the landscapes that Mykonos has to offer, so we are due to say to whom we owe the photos. Photo Credit kinglikeconcierge.com.