Meggings: The Future of Sportswear

Are you a man or a matador? Do you swagger into the gym with the attitude and grace of a Spanish bullfighter, confident that no matter where your workout takes you, you’re doing it in style? Or do you slap on a pair of baggy sweats and hope for the best?

LGBTQ entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and mastermind behind the MATADOR MEGGINGS, Valentine Aseyo, took the bull by the horns and boldly brought us a revolution in men’s workout gear that ensures everything pops but your package (unless you want it that way). Curious? It’s time to find out more.

So, Meggings? What Are They?

Putting the man back in sports leggings, meggings are what men’s athleisure gear has always wanted to be. There’s a reason Usain Bolt and John Cena don’t wear baggy, impractical layers while they conquer their goals. Layering up to work out is impractical. They distract you. They chafe. They look atrocious. Motivation? What motivation? Hobo chic may be a thing, but c’mon.

While your sweetie and Lady Gaga may have utmost affection for your disco stick, it’s not something you want to haul out in a gym packed with strangers. Time and place, amirite? Without the driving power of a sports sponsorship, daring to bare it all in men’s tights is a workout of its own. Luckily for us all, Valentine identified the problem, and fixed it. It’s time for no VPL (visible penis line) and total confidence, guys!

The Inspiration


There’s a reason we see matadors as the ultimate athletes. They ooze masculinity and grace, stylishly dressed to the nines and unafraid to conquer the bullring like a pro. They’re athletes who aren’t afraid to look great. They demand practicality, comfort, and support from their gear.

What better vibes for your own workout could there be? But finding the Matador within is a tough call when you’re worried about baring more than you meant to the world and its eager TikTok cameras. No one wants to find themselves trending for all the wrong reasons!

Banishing the Bulge

For too many of us Joe Averages, the idea of flashing our package with only a thin layer of lycra between us and social embarrassment is simply too scary. What if you could strut your stuff like a superhero with a streamlined package that hints at flirty fun instead of thrusting itself to the forefront of every situation?

Meggings were designed expressly with the male anatomy in mind. Cradling the family jewels comfortably, their modesty pad ensures you’re safe, secure, and socially acceptable, whether it’s in the gym or on the dance floor. No VPL for the win, boys!  And if you do want to show off a little? It’s removable, so you can choose when to be discrete, and when to let the world see what you’ve got.

Comfort Solutions


But that isn’t all that makes Meggings a perfect package (pun fully intended). Not only can you finally make your butt and legs look fantastic without finding yourself slapped with an X-rating for it, but they’ve found the sweet spot for style and performance.

Get the perfect fit with a non-slip waistband and hidden drawstring. Slip your gym towel in the convenient belt loop. Or hey, your shirt, you’re not working on your abs for anything, right? Let the zippered pocket keep your phone safe and your insurance happy, and make sure everything else you need is at hand with the open pocket.

The best compression technology makes sure every workout is a dream, keeping the blood flowing (to the right places) and your muscles supported. Sweat-wicking keeps you comfortable in the hottest weather, and support in all the right places makes even the toughest reps easy to pump.

Beyond Sportswear

Meggings aren’t just built for practicality. You’ll be oozing style, too. Embracing the wider idea of athleisure, you’ll soon find yourself flashing your favorite pair anywhere from spin class and yoga to the gym, hiking, diving, and even the dance floor, confident in the ravishing image you’re projecting.

Our Favorite Matadors


Whether you lean dark and brooding or are the life of the party, you’re sure to find a pair that rocks your world, too. It’s a broad, fun range, with a little of something for everyone. We fell in love with these two, but get exploring, there’s many more to enjoy!

Ocean Meggings

Soft and hypnotic, these bright blue meggings are fun, but still ooze masculinity. Brighten up a hot summer workout, or use them on your surfboard. You’ll bring a little ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Black Thunder Meggings

Keen to channel your inner god of Thunder? Thor hasn’t got anything on you, my man! Seamlessly blending the confidence to attract attention with the grace to handle it, they’re fun, whimsical, and super-sexy. And that’s before they see that butt, too!

Arrow Meggings

Stand out as the life of the party with these colorful bad boys. Enigmatic and one-of-a-kind, these meggings exudes a vibe of their own. Whether it’s at festivals, parties or at the gym, flaunt your radiant personality in this flamboyant meggings.

Camo Meggings

It’s not always about making a statement. Somedays are all about you and complete self-care. Gearing up for a quiet walk or a relaxing evening run? Camo meggings allows you to relax your qi while looking and feeling absolutely amazing. It’s a simple fact if you got to chill, why not do it while looking your best?

Rainbow Meggings

Free yourself from biases and assumptions while embarking on a whole new path to rediscovering yourself with our rainbow meggings. Prepare to bedazzle with these Bright, bold, and beautiful meggings.

They are more than just leggings for men, Meggings constitute the category of high-performance athleisure wear which you can chill and party wearing as well. Fun and functional at the same time, meggings are here to redefine men’s pants. With VPL banished, performance guaranteed and a fantastic opportunity to flash your best side, there is nothing stopping you from portraying the best version of yourself.