5 Interesting Facts to Know About Digital Art

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Art is a form of self-expression and discipline and it has reflected the human experience throughout history. We started with prehistoric paintings and ended up with emerging forms of contemporary art. During that, we always felt the need to create and illustrate pieces of ourselves in our work.

Everything around us has some sort of artistic aspect, from the house we live in, to the places we visit or the food we eat. Art is everywhere around us we just need to open our eyes and see it. Now, some of you know this but for those that don’t wood was the first medium for art. To be perfectly precise burnt wood or charcoal was used to make the first cave paintings. From there we advanced to pencils and paint brushes and other different mediums.

With the progress of time and technology, with new findings and equipment, we translated into a fully digital age where even art can be made digital. We are now in a period where digital art is taking a huge swing forward and where it is more and more important and appreciated.

Today, as you can see, we decided to discuss it and share some interesting facts you need to know about digital art. One of the best ways and places to get to know this art form a lot better is by visiting the digital art fair as well as https://edaf.art/.

1. What is it for?

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OK, many of us used to think that digital art is used only for the logos of a company starting up or one that needs rebranding and a new logo to make things fresh again. In part, yes, but the scope of digital art is so much more than that. With digital art, you can create anything from floorplans to comic books, or even make samples for animation and get into the movie and cartoon industry.

The technology is there and we are shifting our attention to the digital world, so this as well is following that trend. There are plenty of things that fall under digital art and the list is just getting bigger. With digital art and enough talent, the sky is the limit, and probably you as well. Be open-minded and you will see the opportunities form right in front of you.

2. The hardware

Since we are discussing digital art you need to know that you will need some sort of hardware for this. Regular pen, brush, and paper will not cut it because you are jumping into a digital world with digital pens, colors, brushes, and other tools.

You need a piece of hardware that will translate your pen and brush strokes to the digital inputs on your PC, Laptop tablet, or whatever you are using for creation. Now when it comes to hardware you have plenty of choices from the cheap ones that go for as low as $20 to the high-end models that go for thousands. They are in all shapes and sizes and what you need and what you are comfortable with will dictate the price.

For something small and entry-level you don’t have to spend much, while professional equipment that allows more hand space and precise strokes will cost you a pretty penny. You can also go for something pricier as well like a pen display that is a big screen you can draw on. It is easier to use and more practical but the price is something to think about, especially if you are just starting.

3. Training

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One thing that many overlooks, here is the training for digital arts. The biggest thing you need to understand is that in most cases you will have an image on the screen and you will have your hardware beneath it. Now that hardware is a pen tablet that has no image so you will need to look at the screen and move around on a blank tablet to make a stroke on the software.

This is very difficult and it is like learning to ride a bike all over again. Eye-hand coordination is very important and you have to build it up from the ground and learn it if you want to be good at this. For some it comes naturally, others have more issues with that, but what you should not do is give up.

4. Software

Now what all digital artists need to create their pieces of art is an app. Since we have established that this is nothing traditional that includes a physical pen and paper, you need a digital one that will allow for your artistic side to be shown. When it comes to the software side you will need a drawing app and there are plenty of them out there.

One of the things that are important, again, especially for beginners, is that there are some great programs you can use and they are free. The other side is that there are also more than great programs that you can pay for, but again you need to find a balance between what you want to do and where you want to go with this. Think about your focus and according to that pick and choose your software and your price points.

5. Drawing

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Many of you are wondering do you need some sort of education for this and do you need schooling. The answer is yes and no. All you need is talent and a bit of persistence and you are good to go.

Knowing certain artforms and art periods is good but with digital art, you must be talented, ready to think and act out of the box, and for everything else you have the online world.

There are plenty of tutorials online that will teach you anything from techniques to how certain programs, hardware, and apps are working or how they should be set up. So, arm yourself with patience and get your fingers ready for browsing the web and that is it.

In the end, we need to say that there are a lot more interesting things regarding digital art but these are just some of the more crucial and the more frequently asked things. These are the basics of how to get into this world and what to start and as you progress you will have more and more questions and you will discover more interesting things by yourself. It is a fun and fulfilled journey, just ask anyone that already does this.