6 Hardest and Easiest World of Warcraft Raid Bosses of All Time

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World of Warcraft is a popular game for all the right reasons. It has been around for almost two decades and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Old players remain loyal, and the new ones adapt quickly to their surroundings. It’s worth your time, that’s a fact. The creators behind it did a good job when they started, and continue to do so till today. We can rely on them the same way they can rely that players are going to love going on raids. What separates this game from so many others is the number of boss fights you’ll have.

As we said, the game has been around for while and with every new iteration, it got only better. With the latest one, Shadowlands, the game reached some new levels, so you won’t be surprised that most of the candidates on this list belong to this version. The game has difficulty levels that are the same for all players. So, it’s no wonder veterans get better results, while the beginners struggle. This is why some bosses are deemed stronger and others weak. As you’ll see later on, we’ll cover all levels.

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If you keep on reading, you’ll discover what we think about the strength of some bosses in WoW. If you disagree, be free to correct us in the comment section. We’re going to allow it, as this is our opinion and you’re entitled to disagree. Of course, we’re going to allow to be convinced otherwise. So, in a case your opinion seems more valid than ours, we’re going to change the construction of this article. As you see, we’re prepared for cooperation, and we hope that you’re ready the same way to see our opinion on the six hardest and easiest World of Warcraft raid bosses of all time. Let’s start with the easy ones.

1. The Jailer

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A might name for a weak opponent. This is the boss you’ll encounter in one of your first raids in the Shadowlands. The whole raid is easy, and this boss will be quickly forgotten. The only reason why we remember it and talk about it is precisely due to its weakness. This raid has ten bosses, and each one is worse than the next one. Even a party of amateur WoW players won’t have issues tackling this obstacle. Considering that new players will start with easy or normal modes, this truly won’t be an obstacle worth mentioning later on. It’s so easy that you won’t even consider, until later on, the help from https://buyboost.com/wow.

2. Sire Denathrius

This boss is so weak, that there’s a scenario in which you won’t even have to battle him. It is also one of the ten bosses, all of whom are located in the Ravendreth. Despite the massive size of this place, the raid that leads you there is not too hard. The best part is that you can even avoid battling the final boss Sire Denathrius. To avoid this fight or any other fight in this raid, you need to kill the Sludgefist first. Once you do this, four times, and capture his head, you don’t have to go against the other bosses too. So, you can see why fighting him is easy, and why he’s weak – you don’t have to fight him at all.

3. Lord Chamberlain

The last, but not the least in the group of weaklings is Lord Chamberlain. While he’s a lord of dungeons at the Halls of Atonement Raid, there are not too many reasons to be wary of him. The entire raid is intended to be as training for more skilled players. Not even one of the opponents you’ll encounter during this raid will cause much trouble to anyone. The only reason why players constantly repeat this raid is that the death of the named lord leads to a great surprise – the Fragments of the Sinstone. This raid is no fun, but worthwhile.

4. Heroic Lich King

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We’re moving now onto the tough ones. This is a great foe for anyone playing World of Warcraft. Back in the day, when the game was young, you’d have to play him multiple times before a win. When the number of attempts is limited, then things get harder. So, an enemy you have limited attempts to try your skill against, and being a hard one at that, you couldn’t beat him from a few attempts. No, for some people it took more than a hundred attempts, and it was called a success. With time players got better, and the gameplay advanced, but this adversary remained a tough one for millions of players all over the world. We still remember it, but not fondly.

5. Blackhand

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If Yesterday by The Beatles is an evergreen song, this is an evergreen boss. While a tough boss indeed, the raid that surrounds him is loved by WoW players. Once you get over a hump that a boss represents, you usually focus on the next one and forget the one before. With Blackhand the situation is different. You talk about him weeks after he was beaten. The raid is very well written, and when the whole adventure is spiced with a boss like this one, it’s easy to find yourself thinking about it and the effort it took you to conquer it. There isn’t a guild in the World of Warcraft that didn’t have issues with this opponent.

6. Uu’nat

A dreadful name, and one written in the history books of WoW. We could argue that this name tops every list of the strongest WoW bosses. Even the best struggle with this one. The fastest anyone has come to getting Uu’nat down to his knees is in seven hundred and thirty-one attempts. How about that? It all comes down to the ability of this boss to invoke a charm called the Unstable Resonance. This ability would cause players death if they hit another player with a different resonance. A tough nut to crack indeed. This was the death of many ads even before they landed a serious attack. Ask any WoW player about Uu’nat. you’ll get the same answer every time. The hardest boss ever. You can visit WoWHunt for more information.