How to Have Advanced and Premium Features of YouTube Application

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Youtube was started in 2005 as an independent website but google acquired it in 2006. It is the largest video streaming and sharing platform with 2 billion users worldwide. It allows users to watch other’s videos or share their own. There are 79% of users who have their own youtube channels and they upload diverse content.

It has gained much popularity and has 73.9% of the total market share. Combining Netflix and Facebook streaming, youtube beats the streaming incredibly. 500 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube every minute according to the survey conducted in 2024. This massive uploaded content has made people choose youtube for online video streaming whether for fun or educational purpose.

Features desired badly by the youtube users:

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Although youtube has earned a big market share and massive watch time, it has never provided the users with convenient features. technological advances and time-saving behavior of users demand the best out of youtube.

Unfortunately, youtube has characterized its users in two major categories. The first category is the premium members of youtube. They pay$12 every month to get access to advanced youtube features. In the second category are all other users who use youtube for free.

Users want to have basic features according to modern needs like:

Users long for these features because it is sickening to sit back there and watch the videos online with ads interrupting in between the video. Fortunately, the launch of a new application called vanced has changed the world of online youtube video streaming. It provides users with all the above-mentioned features and many more options.

Downloading youtube videos:

Downloading youtube videos is the dream feature of youtube users which has never been fulfilled. Users are forced to watch the videos online and consuming the data whenever they repeat a video. it is not an ideal situation and it annoys the users.

There are times when the user does not have access to the internet or mobile data. They want to download the video to pass that time. The users want to have the video in their phone storage for academic purposes too. They can store the video on a laptop and take it to their school wherever they want to. It creates a problem when users do not have the downloading option.

How to download youtube video?

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The problem is solved and it is just a piece of cake to download the youtube videos. Follow the following steps and download whatever video you want.

  • You need to have a safe browser or additional application first.
  • Search the google bar and find the application that supports the above-mentioned features.
  • Since it is an external application, it will not be available on the google play store.
  • Click on the download button to download the application.
  • Once the file is downloaded, click it to install
  • First, make sure that your phone has allowed downloads from unknown sources.
  • The application will be installed and ready to be used.
  • After the application is installed, search whatever the video you want to download
  • There will be a downloading option at the bottom of the video.
  • Click it to download the video.

You have got it! You will have the video in your phone storage, and you can watch it anytime anywhere. It saves mobile data as you do not have to watch it again on youtube online.

Other advanced features:

The advanced applications offer advanced features. There is no difference between the original youtube application and the additionally installed one. It has the same usage method and content. The only exception is the advanced features. Some of these are:

Blocking youtube ads:

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You start to watch a video and get interrupted at the start and in between the video because of annoying youtube ads. It feels like a waste of time and annoys you to the core. Youtube ads can’t be blocked in the original application. So the users are forced to watch these pop-up video ads. All these sponsored ads are from companies who want to promote their products in front of a large audience.

To save one’s time and get rid of these annoying ads, the additional browser helps you to achieve it. it has the automatic ads blocking mechanism which blocks the ads even before they are started. And hence smooth happy streaming makes your day far better. Blocking ads feature is a demand of majority.

Video to audio conversion:

For people who have a great music taste and love to keep them in phone storage to enjoy whether they have internet or not, this feature is especially for them. The video to audio conversion feature is not just a wish now. You can convert any youtube video to mp3 or mp4 audio and save it to your device. Using the audio of videos, you can recreate your own video or make your school animation projects. It saves it all.

Picture in picture mode:

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Youtube videos are streamed online only. You cannot use any other application by watching the video in pop up form or background playback mode. It is in the youtube terms and condition statement that; only the premium members or the Americans who have an android oreo or greater can get pip (picture in picture) mode.

But the additional browser allows you to enjoy both the features. with the help of picture in picture mode, you can use any other application side by side. Just click on the pop-up mode and enjoy using other applications like WhatsApp or Instagram at the same time.


Who wants to pay for the features that are available free of cost? Nobody wants to waste money. It is a great way to enjoy all the desired features and save your money at the same time. You better not wait and enjoy all the features for free!