Hidden SoundCloud Tricks And Features You Probably Didn’t Know

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SoundCloud is trendy right now. It will be for foreseeable future, and the time is just right to jump onto the train. Electronic music is back in mainstream music, and it never even left the clubs. This platform offers an amazing opportunity for all young and aspiring and experienced artists alike. Soon enough, those who follow this platform closely believe that SoundCloud is going to parry YouTube in certain aspects.

What sets it up from competitors is the manner this platform handles networking. Most users start by becoming a member of a group or exchanging a private message with someone. The repost option that dominates Twitter is also available here, and it is very well accepted among the crowd. Like we said it is growing each day and you would be wise to become a bandwagon fan. With one exception – once you’re here you’ll stay. As for those who have already experienced everything that this music platform puts on the table we also have good news. In this article, we’re going to explore the hidden SoundCloud tricks and features you probably didn’t know. So, stay tuned, there’s still plenty to explore here.


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Here we have a feature that’s been around for a while. An entire decade to be precise. Yet, people avoid it, or should we say it seem it’s being ignored. If you’re looking for a platform to launch a podcast, YouTube isn’t your only option. On SoundCloud, you can do it too, and reap amazing benefits. What should attract you, regardless of if you’re a new or old user are the three hours of free streaming that you get each month? The even better touch is that you can easily follow the statistics tied to your material. If you start like we hope you will, the upgrade isn’t too costly. For a full year of subscription, you only need to part with $135. With this amazing option, you can stream as much as you like, there’s no limit. Isn’t this what you wanted to hear? If you’re not standing too well financially upon reading this article, you’ll be glad to hear about the $55 option which allows six hours per month. If you start with weekly episodes this should suffice anyone.

Don’t Be Afraid of The Tag

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When you’re a new artist on SoundCloud, all you want to achieve is to have your music listened to by others. If you want to receive a broader audience straight away, you need to tag your pieces the proper way. If you do this, others will have an easier way to track you down and become fans. It’s all about the bread crumbs. With the right tag, anyone even slightly interested in the genre you’re placing on-air will be able to hear you. This is not a complicated matter, as you should follow the basic guidelines. If you’re dealing with Rock music, be sure to tag this genre. You can also add location tags so that people can know who’re they listening, and from which sky are you coming. A sound piece of advice is that you only tag the genre you are primarily involved with. If you add something more, not too related to what you primarily do, it’s possible to water down the searches. Aim right, to the heart of your preferred audience. If you’re already eager to start your adventure, be sure to download this app from Toolzu.

Focus on Your Music

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Easier said than done, but we need to say it. Of course, you’ll be focused on the quality of your final product. But, in this time and date, it becomes harder to keep your tracks original. Trust us, people are looking for new music every second. Hearing something new for the first time can be an amazing experience for most of us. So, when you join the fray, be sure to bring your latest work to the playground. It is all about constant improvements, which could make you a star on short notice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a producer or a singer, it’s all the same. Hone your craft to the possible limits. It is the only road to success. You only need to scratch the surface of SoundCloud to find artists who made it to the top by being focused completely on their work and final product. It’s not like you’re Paul Atreides and the fate of a whole universe lies on your shoulders. But you could look up to his close friend Gurney Halleck who worked every day on his skills on the baliset.

Please, do Share

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These days it is all about sharing your content. Luckily for you, SoundCloud offers an amazing chance of doing this quite directly. If you opt for this platform you can reach a worldwide audience with ease. Of course, you need to launch a sturdy and quality product but we’re sure you’re already doing this. The way they’re doing this is by allowing you to share SoundCloud content on many other social media platforms by using a simple share button. Now that you know this, make your content and head directly to one of the biggest networks out there. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are waiting for you. But, you shouldn’t remain focused only on the biggest players. Share your content all over the place. Don’t focus only on what you know. Here lies a chance for you to explore further, what else is out there that can help you become a star.

Describe What You Do

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This shouldn’t be too complicated. Understanding the House Targaryen bloodline in ASOIAF is complicated. Talking about what you did in the music department shouldn’t be, especially for an aspiring artist such as yourself. The description is the place where you should tell your tale. It’s not all that hard. Talk about the creation process. Mention people that helped you. Talk about your influences. It’s that easy, but it can be a great deal on SoundCloud. Now that you have our guidelines, you can stop reading and head straight back to the platform and do your magic.