How to Make Casual Styles Catwalk Ready

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Not long-ago, catwalk ready fashion fitted into one of two categories; crazy styles that no one would wear, or styles that you would only wear to a prestigious event, such as a reward ceremony. However, as we approach 2024, the fashion movement is ever-changing and adapting to the more recent generation’s current interests and styles, therefore giving rise to casual high fashion. Many people nowadays prefer to wear something that is fashionable yet comfortable and durable, as more and more people are working on their feet, being active or just prefer clothing and accessories that are wearable for all occasions. As causal fashion is becoming a massive trend recently, here are some tips on how you can transform your casual looks from couch ready to catwalk ready.


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Footwear is a vital accessory to any look, and can easily make or break an outfit. Therefore, it’s important that you find the perfect footwear that matches the casual vibe you’re seeking without looking too shabby or run down. Whilst sneakers are commonly associated with sports and athleticism, they have recently been seen on catwalks all over the globe with the rise of the chunky sneaker trend that began back in 2018.

One of the reasons why sneakers are becoming so popular these days is that they are one of the most comfortable forms of the shoe due to their athletic origins. However, with the casual high fashion trend becoming more and more prominent, sneakers are no longer being viewed as informal and are being paired with outfits that you would never consider pairing them with, such as leather pants and dresses. The sneaker trend has gained so much popularity that you can even buy high fashion brands like Gucci sneakers at SSENSE to perfectly balance a casual and relaxed look with high-end fashion. Make your casual style catwalk ready with sneakers from high fashion brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Givenchy.


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The difference between casual fashion a few years ago and casual fashion now is that in the past you wouldn’t dream of wearing accessories with your gym clothes, but in 2019 accessories add an invaluable sense of class and sophistication to your casual look which helps to transform it from sportswear to everyday wear. You can find plenty of accessories that match the casual look that you are going for if you are worried that a normal accessory with such casual clothing may make you stand out.

Watches are a great accessory to have that add elegance and sophistication to any look, and if you’re worried that they won’t go with your sportswear, fear not! There are many companies and brands that provide watches that are specially made to be worn during exercise and therefore will perfectly fit the casual aesthetic. If you’re more daring, however, it is completely trendy and high fashion to pair an expensive designer watch with casual and comfortable clothing. Whilst you may think that this would look a little mismatched, what the watch actually does for the outfit is add a sense of sophistication and expensiveness and can completely transform a look. Don’t be afraid to pair a necklace or a pair of sunglasses with your look, either, as casual high fashion is all about mixing the traditionally formal with the traditionally informal.


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When most people think of comfortable and casual pants, they automatically think of baggy gym pants that are either used for sport or simply relax around the home. However, like the chunky sneaker trend, a new trend has hit 2019 like a storm and is changing the way that we view casual and comfortable pants – athleisure. Athleisure combines the durability, comfort and casual nature that comes with athletic wear such as cycling shorts – and high fashion to turn what would usually be seen as informal wear into extremely sophisticated and highly fashionable looks. If you’re not usually comfortable enough to wear patterns or items of clothing that stand out, try matching a stylish printed pair of athleisure leggings with a plain sweater of a color that is prominent in the leggings. You can then complete the look with a sophisticated chunky sneaker. If your choice of pants is a baggy, breathable style, make sure that you combine them with a tightly fitted tee, as double bagginess can make you look a little messy and lazy rather than fashionable.

One of the top trends of 2019, casual high fashion has been hitting the runways and fashion houses all over the globe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own casual high fashion look. Make sure that you follow these tips and ideas to create an incredible high fashionable look that doesn’t sacrifice your comfort and can be worn for many occasions.