6 Ways Integrating AV Technology Will Benefit Your Business

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When it comes to AV (audiovisual) and how your business can benefit from it, you need to look at how AV strengthens commercial growth. The solutions that AV companies offer are closely related to audio-visual technology. In short, these companies utilize audiovisuals to promote your business.

But saying only that would be an understatement. Thus, we will look at the 6 ways how integrating AV technology will benefit your business.

1. Video Conferencing

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The corporate world relies on video conferencing as a means to get team meetings underway. This practice wasn’t the standard a few years ago. Nowadays, more and more businesses rely on digital solutions to host team meetings.

By using an audio visual system integrator, your business can have a fully operational video conferencing solution for team and client meetings. Some popular software solutions for video conferencing that an audio visual system integrator will implement for your business include Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

2. Better Communication

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With the rise of remote work, more and more businesses have to adapt to the increasing demands for communications channels. Implementing communication channels isn’t easy. Bigger companies with more employees are experiencing first-hand the need for better communication in an increasingly popular remote workspace.

With an audio visual system integrator, a business can adapt its operations to the online world. Employees would be able to communicate better both visually and audibly. The benefit of better communication will save a business time, resources, and employee relations. With a simple click of a button, every employee or team member can connect with a coworker.

3. More Efficiency

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Since we’re shifting more and more towards remote work, employees have had a hard time adapting to these changes at first. Thus, a business not only loses time when integrating remote solutions but also makes it less efficient.

A less efficient business isn’t something that any business owner wants. So the need to maintain efficiency in an increasingly popular remote workplace becomes a necessity. One way to do that is by using the services of an audio visual system integrator.

By implementing various systems that allow audio and visual communication, employees can maintain efficiency even when working from home. This ensures employees achieve maximum results and even makes it easier for ideas to be shared. A simple desktop share feature allows employees to pitch and share their ideas virtually with other employees halfway across the globe.

This feature is also helpful with client communication. An audio visual system integrator will allow a business to connect with any client without needing the client to be present in the conference room.

This has the same effects as being in the same room with the client. If not, it makes it easier for clients to attend meetings and discuss steps to move forward with business operations.

By implementing these solutions, you are making your business more efficient and making sure everyone is on the same page.

If you’re looking for an audio visual systems integrator to digitize your workplace and implement the proper solutions that enable audio and visual communication, look no further than StriveAV.

4. Lowers Operational Cost

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When the entire workplace is fully remote, businesses are getting a more efficient workplace. But not only that, audiovisual installation is a simple and effective method to save operational costs. If we take into consideration the previous benefits, we can agree that AV installation makes it easier for employees to share their work with coworkers and clients.

Since employees are working from a home, a business eliminates other operational costs. One example is electricity, while another example is eliminating the traditional phone system. Since everyone communicates from home using software that audibly and visually establishes a connection, a business will pay less and save plenty of resources in the process.

An audio and visual system integrator will do that for you.

5. Easier Employee Integration

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Implementing the technology to support AV isn’t difficult. However, you do need to find the right audio and visual systems integrator to set up the right AV infrastructure in place. Larger organizations are more difficult to adapt to the increased demand for AV. The reasons for that are many, but none more prominent than your employee’s level of tech-savviness.

It’s safe to say that not every employee has the necessary computer knowledge to set up their own AV system. With the help of an audio and visual systems integrator, you are covering all bases.

The right company will explain how to install the necessary software and even provide first-hand training.

6. Increased Agility and Flexibility

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Your company might be doing great and racking up impressive numbers. Thus, you might be thinking about hiring more people to scale operations. But every new employee requires desk space, a personal computer, and costly training. When you do the math, you come to the conclusion that hiring new people is more expensive than originally thought.

So what’s the solution to the problem? The solution comes in the form of remote work. By hiring employees and working remotely, you eliminate these costs. But every new employee must get up to date with business operations. So how do you do that? You do that through AV integration.

Since AV integration makes it easier for companies to communicate visually and audibly, you can get new employees up to speed in no time. HR will have an easier time getting new employees up to date with the latest compliance rules, and coworkers can communicate seamlessly.

What each company gets with AV integration is an increasingly agile and flexible workplace that abides with the latest workplace rules and regulations.


AV integration is an integral part of 2024. As we’re heading towards 2024, more and more business will require it. While we’ve laid out the obvious benefits that come with AV integration, a strong emphasis has to be placed on finding the right audio visual systems integrator. When you find the right AV service provider to make the office function remotely, you’ll reap these benefits.