Is It Nature Or Nurture? 4 Factors That Influence Whether You Love To Read


Reading should be an essential activity for most of us. But, is it? When we reach a certain age we stop reading. There’s work occupation, family, friends, social life, vacation, and all of a sudden we no longer have time. That’s the story for some of us. Others, never stop. Could it be that someone has a talent for reading? Yes, that’s possible. It is quite likely that some people have a natural affinity towards reading. They simply start at a certain point and never stop.

When you put things in that perspective, then it is also possible to nurture this habit, right? That’s a possibility too. Quite a real one. It is like the football debate – Messi or Ronaldo. One is seen as a natural talent that transcendents sport, while the other one is seen as a product of the supreme dedication to the craft. Both, are at the top of the game or have been for the last fifteen years. Reading can be quite similar to sports. Some will simply love it, and be good at it, while others will need additional work.

Luckily for all of us, the educational system will push us towards reading. We’ll learn to read early and with the help, you can find here you can develop this habit early on. But, no one can guarantee that you’ll be good at it or that you’ll love it. Later on in life, when we start spending too much time on our phones, using social media networks, watching Netflix, and going out, it becomes hard to find time for reading.

But, that’s an excuse. Even if reading doesn’t come naturally, it is possible to nurture it. But, what can you do to make it a consistent part of your life? Well, that’s what we came here to talk about. Let’s check out these four factors that influence whether you love to read.

Start Early


As we said, this is a habit that you need to develop early on. We learn to read in elementary school, and that’s when we’re presented with the first books. No kid loves to read. We simply aren’t taught that directly. But, we are red to from our youth. Many of our parents read lullabies and fairy tales to us. This is the first touch we have had with literature.

Later on, we need to start reading as soon as we know how to. As we said, the educational system will have a role to play, but also, our parents can be of help. When we’re young it is hard to pick a present for a kid’s birthday. But, in addition to toys, and sports equipment, a book or two should also find a way into kids’ hands. One of the factors that can develop our love of reading is of course the early start. If you start reading in your youth it is a possibility that you’ll love it, and that you’ll practice it till your old age.



This is always the hardest part. Starting early is one thing. But, nurturing the habit through adolescence and into adulthood is another thing. But, it can be done. All you need to do is to be consistent. One book at a time. This is the best way to go around. All you need to do is never make a too long break between reading books. Reading a few pages each day is the best course to take in this situation.

Making a habit out of it will lead to loving it. Books are to be loved. Literature can teach us so much. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fantasy, science fiction, or classic. Each book has a story to tell, and we have ways of learning from it. But, if you make too many breaks between reading, and you start doing it early on, the chances are you’ll stop reading as time moves on. Once you reach college you’ll be reading only the literature you’ll need for the exams.

The Right Choices


There are plenty of books at our disposal. We are talking millions of books and as many authors. You have local literature, national, international, and everything in between. Anyone can find a book they’ll love. But many of us, rush things in this department. When we reach the teenage years, it is easy to make the wrong choices. We all did it. But, if you do this in the reading department, it could be a mistake you won’t be going back from. When we’re children we must read children’s books.

Once you reach tender age you need to switch to young adult books. Later on, when you are more mature you can switch to more serious literature. The classic will always wait for you. But, many teenagers make a mistake and they choose to touch more serious literature that falls heavy on their young minds, and the turn their backs on reading later. That’s why you must read fitting literature to your age. If you read Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov when you’re fifteen the chances are you’ll be making a break from reading. Read the Harry Potter series instead.

Never Give Up Attitude

As we said, life comes fast at you. It happens to all of us. The path from elementary, high school, and college, to a degree and work, is a short one. This might not seem like the case at the moment but it is. These are years that pass quickly, and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself working nine hours a day with your wife and kids waiting at home.

In this scenario, it is easy to give up on reading. Not having time is the ideal excuse. But, it is up to you not to use it. It is up to you to stand up and don’t give up on reading. Loving it is one thing. But, you must never give up on it. That’s how you show love towards reading. Many factors will try to test your love for books, but in the end, it is you who make the decision.