Is LVT Flooring the Right Choice for You? 5 Things to Know


If you check some sources on the current trends in the world of flooring, you will see that LVT is a major one. Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, refer to the floorings you can find in some of the most luxurious estates out there. Thankfully, it has become more accessible to the lower class of people these days.

So, you can expect to find it in places such as high-end bars, hotels, and even hospitals. Naturally, the main reason why these are so important is that they are highly stylish and that people simply love to have these within their estate. As we’ve said, finding these is much more common than ever before.

Naturally, choosing the right one for you is easy, if you understand what sort of style you want to get. You just need to go through enough of these before you can decide. So, if you are interested in opting for one of these, you can choose some high-quality LVT from

Now, we want to talk about a couple of things you should know about VLT flooring.

1. Low Maintenance


The first thing you need to know about LVT flooring is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Since we are talking about the hard surface, we can see that it is possible to wipe all the stains quite easily, without any problems. The same can be said about any hard surfaces out there.

At the same time, the owners will not be required to do it frequently. The only moment when they need to do that is when they spot some stain, not before that. Of course, that doesn’t mean that waxing and polishing aren’t required. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that the owner should do it too frequently.

The number of times you do it within a certain time frame should be decided upon your own experience. Some experts on the topic say that it is a good choice to do it at least once in two years. However, if you do not see too much damage done to the surface during this period, then maybe there’s no need for it to be as frequent.

2. The Costs

Even though this option seems luxurious, that doesn’t mean that it is not available to almost anyone interested in it. In fact, if you take a look at this option and compare it to others, you will quickly see that this is one of the most economic options you will stumble across. On average, you will pay between $2 and $12 per square for a basic approach.

With LVT, you will see that the costs are not that higher. You’re looking at the price between $3 and $14 per square foot. Therefore, you need to invest just a little bit more before you can expect these inside your home or any other estate. It being more economical is more visible when you compare them to ceramic or stone floorings.

Not to mention that people who have enough experience in this matter can install these on their own. In this case, you will not need to invest additional money to pay for the workers. Naturally, we would advise you to utilize this approach solely when you are competent enough to do it on your own.

3. Easy Installation


Installing the vinyl flooring is much easier than most options out there. For instance, you will not need to spend too much time on things such as glue or staples. Not to mention that it is possible to apply these to the already existent surface, like wood, or even any other option out there, which is quite impressive.

It is even possible to install it over another vinyl. Still, we would advise you not to keep the levels of these higher than two. The reason is quite simple, the pressure tends to build up massively as a result. Since you want to keep the flooring to be on the highest level possible, then you should avoid having more than two levels.

4. Waterproof

Now, we want to point out that LVT flooring is waterproof. So, you do not need to worry about situations when the water is spilled over the surface. Even when it happens frequently, you will see that the surface is practically not affected by it at all. That doesn’t mean that standing water shouldn’t be removed as soon as possible.

Since most people do it immediately, there is no need to worry about these things at all. However, when this is not the case, and there are just a couple of drops on the floor, this is not something you should be too worried about. You can easily just leave them to dry up on their own.

The only danger to the surface can happen in situations when the water enters the space between tiles and planks. By penetrating the space between these it can cause massive problems. Thankfully, you can easily remove these, and let them dry up. That way, you will protect the area from any potential problems.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight


The last thing we want to point out is the importance of preventing LVT from being exposed to sunlight directly. When you achieve that, then you will see that the chances of the surface color fading away tend to drop massively. Of course, this is a quite hard surface so it will not fade as fast as some other materials.

Still, we need to point out that there is a chance this might happen. For that reason, you need to limit the exposure to the minimum, just to be sure. Thankfully, this is not a hard thing to do, and you will be able to achieve it simply by applying a couple of methods, like using curtains that are a little bit darker.


Choosing LVT flooring over any other is a massive plus in our opinion. Here, we’ve shared all the important elements you need to understand about this sort of surface. We are sure you will find it quite useful in your future purchase.