Is TX9 Pro Android TV Box a good choice?


The Android type of TV box, or home multimedia, is the most widely used device on the market. The market is flooded with many types, and you can find them on every page that sells a wide variety of goods. Therefore, it is hard to find the right one in the ocean of  “same” devices. You should find one that will meet all your needs, but also be technically correct. Android TV boxes are becoming increasingly popular and are changing our view of home theatres, streaming services, series, movies, but also music, video games, etc.

Benefits of Android TV Box Device


Android devices allow you to get to your interest in just a few clicks. Some also offer you more than just fun, because they can display emails, create various documents, etc. In addition to giving you unlimited hours of entertainment and the ability to work, android devices are portable, easy to install, and small in size. This makes them ideal for carrying wherever you go.

How To Make A Selection When Buying Android TV Box?

It’s hard to say what device would be the best. That mostly depends on your needs. There are several options to help you find the one that is ideal for you. Follow a few rules and make it easy to choose.

Why Is Processor So Important?


CPU RAM is one of the most important specifications to look out for. We all want our device to run “smoothly” without interruption, poor image quality, and long loading times. Select an Android TV box that has at least 1.5GHz quad-core CPU power or is more powerful.

Check Storage Options

Every storage runs on the operating system. Therefore, the operating system is closely connected to storage space. Most devices only have 8GB internal storage, with the OS occupying a larger percentage of that space.

TX9 Pro Android – High-Quality For A Reasonable Price

Select an Android TV box that has at least 4GB of RAM and a storage capacity of at least 32GB. According to Vissontech, that’s exactly how the TX9 Pro Android TV Box Dual-band WiFi 3GB 32GB is. This newest generation Android TV Box gives you the ability to enjoy the quality of both picture and sound. Let’s not forget that they meet all the requirements we have stated above. Make sure you buy a TV box that supports the addition of external storage via an SD port, a memory card of at least 64GB.

Number of USB Ports


If you want a good Android TV box, it should have a minimum of 2 USB ports. First one for the Bluetooth receiver and the second should be used for other peripherals. It is recommended to choose a device that supports USB 3.0. It is much faster than a USB 2.0 port. Therefore, USB 3.0 is important for everyone using the external hard drive.

Choose the Android TV box that supports 4K video and HD streaming, especially if you are a fan of Netflix and Youtube services and channels. You must select an Android TV box that runs on an operating system that is higher than the Android 5.0. Do not buy devices running on older operating systems as they cannot update. We recommend that you buy an Android TV box devices that support Android 6.0 or higher. Therefore, choosing TX9 Pro Android TV Box Dual-band WiFi 3GB 32GB cannot be a mistake.