5 Ways to Know if Your Tom Ford Sunglasses Are Authentic

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Being fashionable comes in so many different ways that it barely makes any sense to talk about it. Each person is free to pick what they like most and what they feel most comfortable in, which basically means that there could be as many styles as there are fashionable people. This is the amazing part about fashion, both as the industry and as a personal style. As long as someone feels good about themselves in the clothes and accessories they picked, nobody can say it is not fashionable. In the age where differences are celebrated and where inclusion is put forward, this is something that many have taken advantage of.

Double Dose of Function

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Speaking of picking the accessories and elevating the clothes you wear, nothing can really beat a pair of quality sunglasses. This item has had a long life in the fashion industry because it serves two distinct purposes. The first is what their name describes. The glasses actually do protect our eyes against the sun and the brightness of a sunny day. The wearer does not squint and puts additional strain on their eyes while the bright light does not obstruct the vision. The second function of sunglasses is the fashionable side. It is the ultimate accessory that does not even have to be worn just when it is sunny.

High-End Fashion and Sunglasses

Most fashion brands have used the opportunity and started making their own sunglasses. And not just any brands, but the top-of-the-line designers whose names are synonymous with fashion. One such designer is Tom Ford whose sunglasses have really become popular in the last several years. This is not to say that they were not popular before, but they have enjoyed more success than ever in the last five or so years. If you are thinking of getting yourself a pair for this upcoming spring/summer season, you need to know what to pay attention to the most. You do not want to buy glasses that are a knock-off, a cheap replica of the iconic brand. Read on to learn how you can tell if your Tom Ford sunglasses are actually authentic. For more about their models, make sure to check out https://pretavoir.us/collections/tom-ford-sunglasses.

1. Writing on the Lenses

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The most common way of judging the authenticity of something is to check the logo. This is not always easy and depends on the logo itself. Since fashion designers use their names as their brand’s logo most of the time, this is what you should focus on. Tom Ford sunglasses have the brand name in the top corner of the left lens. If it is on the right, they are probably fake. However, those who make unauthentic eyewear do not make such mistakes and still put it on the left. Therefore, the only thing left to do is to check the font. It is the O in both Tom and in Ford that you need to be careful with. If both of the O letters are round and not ellipses, you have an authentic pair.

2. Arm Tips

Next up are the tips of the arms, smaller and therefore harder pieces to replicate without the proper skill of true Tom Ford employees. Their glasses have metal plaques at the very end of the arms where the brand name is etched in. One of the telltale signs of fake eyewear is a printed stamp instead of a carved one. Unless the name is engraved with the proper font (and the round Os), you have a fake on your hands. Another thing the brand does with the arms can be found on the inside tip of the left arm. You should find a serial number imprinted there. If there is nothing on the inside of the left arm, you have guessed it. It is a fake pair of Tom Ford sunglasses.

3. Other Information on the Arms

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The arms are often used to print all the necessary info that is relevant for the pair of eyewear because it is the only area that is not visible while wearing them. Everything else is a part of the look and the style except the inner side of the arms. There should be other inscriptions other than the serial number there, mainly the style, the model, the color, and the dimensions in millimeters (width, nose bridge, arm lengths). You can Google search these and check if they make sense and if they appear on the model you have. On the other arm, there needs to be a stamp that says “MADE IN ITALY” and another, “CE”, that confirms the product was made in compliance with the regulations in Europe. All brand glasses are manufactured in Italy by the Marcolin Group, hence the tag. If some or none of these are present, your pair is sadly not authentic.

4. Paperwork and Contents of the Box

The accompanying paperwork that comes with the glasses is sufficient and right with every authentic pair of Tom Ford eyewear. The name of the factory should be Marcolin S.p.A which is a subsidiary of the aforementioned Marcolin Group. The care instructions should mention it. You should get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty with every pair and the accompanying case and cloth. These products can also tell you if something is off. Make sure to check the quality, the stamps, and the font. You never know what could hide the fact that the glasses are not an authentic designer product. There are some very convincing fakes these days.

5. The Price and the Shop

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Last but not least, you can always tell if an item is fake by the price and the store that sells it. Not everyone can sell designer items and you should always aim for professional and experienced eyewear shops and optics when you browse designer glasses. Speaking of the price, the range of Tom Ford sunglasses is quite wide, between a few hundred dollars to almost two thousand. If it is anything less, and at a dodgy online or physical store, skip it just in case. They are more than likely an unauthentic pair.