5 Reasons To Listen To Erfun Khoshdel’s New Single “I’m In Love.”

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Do you know who Erfun Khoshdel is and what he does? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re missing out on a lot. With all the technology, devices, and platforms you use daily, such as YouTube and Spotify, there’s no reason not to listen to Erfun’s music.

Erfun Khoshdel, whose nickname “Erfun” means “full of joy and fun,” is a new generation’s voice. Erfun made a name for himself as a pop artist by sticking to his talent and flair. He began his career as a songwriter, pianist, and guitarist by making songs with a fresh take on Persian pop music.

If you’ve already listened to him and are hooked on his music, you’ll definitely want to discover more about his life and career. If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the correct place. You will get to know about his background, career, and new single, “I’m in love,” in the following piece.

What is Erfun KhoshDel’s background?

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Erfun is a Persian singer, pianist, guitarist, and author who has already made a name for himself despite being relatively new to the music industry. When he released his first song, “In Gheyre Momkene,” which means “It’s impossible,” he caught the public’s attention globally. When the single was released in 2024, Erfun proved to the world that, despite the title of his song, everything is possible in the music industry if you desire success manically and work hard enough.

All his previous singles have been featured on Facebook, and the artist is doing well on other social media platforms as well. Erfun is very active on social media, with an ever-increasing number of followers.

If you want to listen to his songs and learn more about his discography, you can do so on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

1. A Multi-Talented Artist

Erfun Khoshdel is a top performer, but not as you’ve heard before. He creates music that is both pleasant to listen to and full of emotion by combining a highly unique modern sound with some traditional pop components.

The most astounding aspect of this musician is that he writes his own songs, performs all of the piano aspects, and has guitar touches in some of his work. Most modern musicians do not use a ghostwriter for their lyrics, and they hire someone else to play the unique instruments for them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Erfun does everything independently, which people always admire.

2. Best Representation Of Persian Music

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Persian music is well-known throughout the world, and the distinct beat makes people want to get up and dance when they hear these melodies on the radio, even if they don’t understand the lyrics. Erfun had to outperform the competition, not just in his own country but also among artists worldwide who are vying for a place in this profession.

Erfun KhoshDel is an inspiration to young artists all across the world, and he is the type of person who will teach you that if you work hard enough, you can achieve your goals.

3. New But Promising Artist’s Work

Given that Erfun KhoshDel began publicly sharing his work on his YouTube account in 2019, there isn’t much to say about him. In Gheyre Momkene, one of Erfun’s debut songs and music videos, the artist is seen producing cosmic music, and the video went live on his account in December 2019.

His presence was not as strong back then as it is now. Erfun didn’t have Spotify at the time. Still, after gaining a massive number of views on YouTube and Soundcloud, he was immediately granted permission to publish his songs on the world’s largest music platform, Spotify.

Younger people love him because of his modern production technique, which he combines with traditional components in his songs to create a really unique sound. He’s the kind of artist who continues getting better every day. It alone proves that Erfun’s distinct sound will one day propel him to the top of the current charts.

4. A Meaningful Song

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Kavian Rajabi and Meysam Baharan penned his new single, “I Am in Love.” Both of them have previously collaborated with well-known artists. As a result, it’s safe to infer that the new single has been edited and mastered properly. When you combine that with excellent composition, you have a winning soundtrack. Nila Moosiband designed the cover for the new single.

The music has an upbeat tempo that will make you feel like you are experiencing butterflies. People who have heard the song say it makes them happy, and the video is a fantastic illustration of feel-good music that will make you want to fall in love. Khoshdel says that this track is his effort to celebrate the love that seems to be forgotten in this world and convey his appreciation for the beautiful aura surrounding someone when they feel this fantastic sensation.

5. He Is Not A “One Hit Wonder”

Erfun Khoshdel saw a fantastic career jump last year. He created and distributed a slew of fresh content, delighting his global audience. According to Spotify, a large portion of his listeners are from Buffalo, New York, and Frankfurt, Germany. New York City, Chicago, and Dallas are among the cities that follow Erfun thoughtfully.

So, in 2024, what can you expect from such a gifted young pop music artist? Erfun isn’t even close to reaching his peak, which means he’ll be able to produce a lot more content as time goes on.

There are indicators that Erfun is working on something worthwhile. This time, though, it will not be merely a single. It’ll almost certainly be a new album. It is expected that this new album will be a hit, given Erfun’s steady improvement and his constant search for skilled songwriters.


The world is watching to see where Erfun’s career will lead him, and by far, he has been the artist who deserves a loyal fan-following worldwide. Check out his work on the platform of your choice, and stay up to date on his new creation by following him on social media.