The Minimony: A Popular Alternative To Postponing Your Wedding


For many reasons, couples may not be able to host their big weddings on their initial date. But instead of postponing or canceling, a minimony wedding is ideal. Broken down, this type of nuptial is called a mini wedding held on your original date. It is very intimate, legally binding, and without pomp and pageantry.

Minimonies are fun, trendy, and budget-friendly. If you want to go for it, we’ve created some minimony ideas and tips to help you.

1. Bridal box subscription


If you’ve decided on a minimony, chances are that you’ll be planning alone or with very few people. At this point, the first thing you need is a bridal engagement boxsubscription. This box helps mitigate mistakes while putting things in perspective. A couple of bridal services like Miss to Mrs box offers this wedding subscription box alongside nine themed boxes.

These bride boxes cater to you from engagement until your honeymoon and beyond. They are carefully curated to suit each wedding stage plan. In them, you’ll find wedding planning tips and inspiration, decor items, beauty essentials, jewelry, fitness budget, and more. The best part is that there are well-tailored plans to fit your wedding timeline. They include the accelerated, monthly, extended, and quarterly plans. If you want a one-off purchase, there’s something for you too; visit this site. Every bride-to-be needs a companion, and the bride subscription box is a perfect fit.

2. Stick to what matters

Mini weddings are supposed to be very small, which could be a major downsizing from what you previously planned. So it might be a challenge to fit all of that into a minimony. At this point, you only have to stick to what matters. Think of the must-haves and essential details that you cannot do without. Try this out, create very attractive décor, trendy wedding invitations, stunning wedding cake, beautiful playlists, and anything else you cannot do without. The day should be solely focused on you, as the big party may come later.

3. Keep the guest list small

For this wedding, narrow the guest list to a maximum of 15 guests. Anything above 20 guests defeats the aim of a minimony. Pick guests based on the depth of your relationship, how important they are to you, and their roles at the wedding. You can personalize your notice by sending off mini book wedding invitations containing loved-up pictures of you. Custom small wedding invitations are also beautiful options. These invites can serve as keepsakes long after the wedding.

4. Memories are essential


It doesn’t matter how small a wedding is, memories are forever. Capture the moment you exchange your vows by hiring a good photographer. You may also hire a videographer if your budget allows. Have them cover every minute of your wedding from the vows to cake cutting, first dance, kisses, and even little smiles. The tiniest detail makes the best memories, so leave no stone unturned. There’s enough space and a little number of guests for your cameramen to feature. If there are children at the wedding, feature them in your photos for that fun feeling. Make it worthwhile.

5. Your celebrant is important

If you plan to have a legally binding minimony, ensure that your celebrant is authorized to wed couples. Hire them for a token at your worship center if it’s a religious wedding. If you favor civil weddings, invite them to your wedding venue for a fee of going down to the hall for the avowal. You may want your best friend to join you as a couple. That’s cute and possible. All they need is to follow the procedure to become a licensed officiant before your wedding.

6. Opt for an evening wedding

Choose a time of the day when all the guests can come out and relax. They’re back from work and need to unwind. An evening wedding is best with nice music, weather, dessert, light food, and coffee. This will help save money on catering and guests can communicate without feeling bored.

7. Fancy a themed wedding


The small number of guests allows you to pull off themed weddings, with everyone participating. Inform your guests about your themes and ask them to wear something or bring a drink that fits. This can work for guests that will attend physically and virtually. From farm style to rustic, coastal, contemporary, princess themed and more, the options are endless.

8. Go for DIY meals

Encourage interaction among your small number of guests by opting for DIY food and drink service. Make available different ingredients for salads and other foods that the guests can put together by themselves. The same goes for drinks and signature cocktails. Swap the bartenders with guests mixing up their drinks and writing their recipes on a board. This will encourage interaction among your guests while they learn something new.

9. For those who cannot attend

Those who can’t attend don’t have to miss out on the fun. Set up a projector that can live stream your wedding. Send all of your extended guests a link, inviting them to tune in at a specific time and day. They may take it a step further by dressing up and showing out with a bottle of wine for wedding toast wherever they are in the world. This way, they wouldn’t feel left out even if you don’t have another wedding.

Host your minimony wedding with fun and class with these tips and ideas. It’s all about you and you deserve the best.