The Most Popular Cars in Germany – 2024 Guide


Germany is known for many things and a few of those are bread, beer consumption, autobahn and cars. Believe it or not, Germans love their bread so much that they have 300 different kinds of it. They even have a museum dedicated to, you guessed it, BREAD! They also love their beer. They are the third-largest beer consumer in the world and they come closely behind the Czech and Austrians. But what we know them best for are these two things – autobahn and cars.

Germans have one of the densest highway systems in the world and it is the only one in entire Europe without speed limits. This means you can go as much as your car can pull – incredible right?! But what is the centerpiece of this article today? It’s the German cars, or to be precise, which cars are preferred in the country that makes some of the best and elegant vehicles in the world?

Germany is renowned for building quality luxury cars and some of the luxury models can be ultra expensive to buy, but it is also possible to rent a German car. Some German car rental companies will also guarantee a model! To find deals on German minivans and saloons, use mpvrentals, as they specialise in German 9 seater rental minivans.

Germany is renowned for producing world-class automobiles. A good car has several features that create a distinct and high-quality brand. The vehicle has to be reliable, safe and designed to perfection, and this is where Germans shine. They are the greatest car-producing nation in the world because of their perfectionism and advanced technological skills.


What makes German cars the best in the world?

You probably don’t know this but the largest portion of the industry in Germany belongs to their car industry. They managed to turn one-fifth of industry revenue in 2013 or if you like sheer numbers that are $432 billion in that year. If that isn’t enough, they are also the largest car manufacturer in Europe with a share of over 30% of all cars produced in the EU. If it still isn’t enough then look at it this way – every fifth car in the world is made in Germany.

Thanks to innovations that Germans implement from year to year they manage to keep their cars on the top of their game. There isn’t a single car that is made in Germany right now that doesn’t have at least a dozen of top-notch tech and powertrain innovations. They manage this by holding to their smart people inside the country. Prevention of brain drainage is important to them but they also tend to employ others that come to their country as well.


Besides innovation they also have smart manufacturing practices where they nurture close relationships between management and workers, allow workers to actively participate in management processes and in general treat their workers like royalty.

German automobiles are designed for European roads, thus they are constructed to manage narrow streets and curved paths. This is why engineers strive harder to combine all of the necessary mechanical features with a beautiful design.

What is the best car brand in Germany?

Germany produces numerous cars each year, and deciding which one is the best among them is no easy matter.

  • The most famous German automaker is Volkswagen: their cars are built to meet every day people’s needs. Cars like Golf, Polo, or T-Roc combine comfort, quality, and good performance with reasonable pricing and accessibility, making it the ideal model for many people. Volkswagen has branded itself as a people’s car thus being more affordable to anyone but still offer them significant upsides of the more expensive brands. The Volkswagen cars will generally be resilient to wear and tear and be cheaper to maintain which makes them the perfect budget vehicle with loads of equipment and a style of a higher-end one.
  • Audi is somewhere after the Volkswagen and it a more upscale vehicle with a wide range of styles and trims you can choose from. Audi has been holding in the middle of this brand fight aiming for the top half where Mercedes and Porsche sit. Audi builds a bit pricier but far sleeker, elegant and upscale vehicles that are hard to pass.
  • Mercedes-Benz is another German brand that is at the top of the list. This automaker is the second most valuable globally, recognized for its excellent luxury feel and perfect design. However, we must not overlook that Porsche, BMW, and Audi are other German brands very famous for their luxury and sports cars, all of which are considered among the best vehicles out there.
  • Porsche is this country’s gem. It’s been around for nearly 90 years and it is consistently one of the most innovative, luxurious and high-quality brands. This is the company that has stood the test of time and now has earned the right to be used by royalty, celebrities and the wealthy throughout the world. There isn’t a kid out there that didn’t own a poster of the famous Porsche 911 on the wall of their room and at least once dreamed of driving that iconic beast.

What is the most reliable German car?

The most dependable German cars list is lengthy because the country’s vehicle production has been refined to perfection. German cars are both visually appealing and safe to operate and among the most reliable vehicles, we have to mention BMW 5 Series, Audi A7, Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz C Class.


As far as the reliability goes all German vehicles boast the ability to withstand time and abuse, some more than others honestly, but all of them are tougher than any other competitor out there. Depending on the brand, class and lineup of the cars there are several that are considered the most reliable like the BMW M2 series, Audi A4 and A6 models (S4, S6) which are probably the best sellers in Germany, and Mercedes Benz C class is considered to be a bulletproof vehicle. Keep in mind that all of the cars, no matter make or model will serve you well as long as you serve them good meaning that you do your regular services on time and you maintain them properly.

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Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of the sports models like a Porsche 718 Boxster, go for a premium model like a BMW M4 Coupe’ or enjoy the pure class with a Mercedes-Benz E Class. All of them will bring the taste of German automobiles closer to you and allow you to completely immerse yourself in the luxury experience.