Digitalizing Your Art: How Art Scanning Can Transform Your Collection


Art scanning is a perfect way to digitize your handmade artwork. You can draw and transfer anything to your computers or smartphones through software. Different applications are available for art transformation and developing them perfectly without any manual mistakes.

Manually, it is not easy to design and develop any piece of artwork ideally. Due to digitalization, you can store, share and archive your work. There will be fewer chances of damage, and you can improve its quality by using different applications.

In this write-up, you will learn the process of digitizing art and how it can transform your collection. Instead of taking pictures of your artwork and uploading it to your system, you can directly scan it and make improvements. You can find here to do art scanning and transfer your work on digital platforms.

How Can You Digitize Your Art?


In this digital age, artists need to transfer their work online. You can upload pictures to your computer, websites, smartphone, or media platforms. But when you upload the image, the quality gets compromised, and your art piece does not look as good as it should.

Sometimes, it can be complicated to transfer a big-scale painting or portrait into a digital file. For art digitalization, you can either do scanning or use the photographing technique. In both cases, you should know how to optimize your artwork to make it display nicely.


Taking perfect images is also an art; hence, you need to know all the basics before considering this option. You will often not have expensive equipment or lighting setup to manually take the exact image of the artwork you draw.

It can be a replica of your work that can be corrected in many ways. You need a good DSLR camera, natural light, and a tripod stand for framing and capturing images. Photography is perfect for digitizing big-scale work. After proper setup, you can take perfect pictures and edit them to improve their quality using Photoshop or other applications.


If you want to do digital small work, then it is better to prefer the scanning option. There is no need to have photography skills. You need to invest in a good-quality flat-bed scanner to scan any art piece at a high resolution. You can either get the printer on rent to do your work affordably. You can scan your artwork made on A4 or A3 sheets, allowing you to transfer it to your devices.

It is easy to store and save that file in any format and do the editing using Photoshop or other tools. After adjusting the size and quality of the image, one can upload it on any social account or website. You can also save it as an image of any required file type.

How Does Art Scanning Transform Your Collection?

Improve Quality


Reworking the same art piece to improve its appearance and overall quality takes work. But you can do it online by using editing software. You can scan and upload the image of the artwork and make changes as required.

You can make improvements or modifications as many times as you desire. You can also keep the old copy on your computer and work on the fresh one to make the modified version. You can transform your collection in whatever way you like.

Easy to Store and Share Anywhere

You can store the digital copy of the artwork on your computer, smartphone, or other hardware devices. It is easy to make copies and store them in different locations. You can change the size and image quality to store it anywhere.

You can also share the image on websites, social accounts, or smartphone applications. But you cannot do it with a hard copy of your artwork. You can sell it to someone or keep it with you.

Low Risk of Damage

Digital art can be stored on different devices, which will remain safe in any way. Making multiple copies of a single image and storing it on different devices is possible. There will be a low risk of damage, and hence, you can retrieve your art piece made with lots of hard work easily.

A piece of paper can get damaged due to moisture, environmental problems, natural disasters, etc. Therefore, it is better to prefer scanning and creating digital copies of your work.

Get More Value and Appreciation

You can upload and share your art on social accounts and websites. In this way, you can reach your audience and get an appreciation for your hard work. But you cannot show things to the world if you do things manually.

But digitizing your art will help you get worldwide appreciation, and you can earn millions by selling it. As an artist, you can expect to get more value through social platforms if you upload your work on them. Your collection will be transformed, and you will run a successful business.

Easy Customizations and Adjustments


Customizing the scanned image of the art piece you created is easy. You can adjust it differently using popular applications like photoshop, illustrator, etc. With enough knowledge of photo editing tools, you can make customizations and adjustments quickly and show them to the world.

There are numerous features like color, brightness, cropping, contrast, blur, effects, text, drawing, etc. You can adjust the scanned artwork image in whatever way you like.

Easy to Make Several Copies

You can make several copies of the scanned artwork and store it in different devices for safety. If you want to modify or customize it, you can work on the new copy and keep the original copy safe.

This way, you can have all the copies, and it will be easy to rework whenever needed. You do not need to put in the manual effort; nothing will happen to your original work.

The Bottom Line

Art scanning is a great way to digitize your artwork by transferring it to digital devices. An online copy of your work can be customized, shared, preserved, archived, etc. You can transform your collection and make it appear to the world. Everyone will appreciate your hard work and pay attention to your work.