Office Cleaning Services – How to Choose a Cleaning Company for Your Office?

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If you are looking for office cleaning services, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. Some of them may seem to be evident, e.g., a company’s reputation, but some others may really surprise you. What exactly should you take into consideration while choosing the company that will clean your office? Can you do something to avoid possible future problems? What can you expect from such services?

Why are office cleaning services so important?

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The office is one of these rare places where many people usually spend 1/3 of the entire day. It is therefore natural that they don’t only work there but also prepare simple meals, heat food, make tea and coffee, use the toilet, etc. With time all the shared spaces, such as the office space or the kitchen, get dirty and if not cleaned properly, they may cause discomfort and disgust in employees. It is important to keep in mind that it is the employer’s responsibility to keep all shared spaces clean and provide employees with the comfort they need.

Good reputation and opinions

In order to find the best office cleaning services, you can start by conducting brief research. Look for experienced companies that can share who their clients are. Look for some online testimonials and opinions that you may find both directly in Google as well as on different sites. Go through reviews and try to verify if they are written by actual companies. Keep in mind that some of the opinions may be written by the company itself! If the company you are interested in handles some companies located near you that are easily accessible, e.g., shopping malls, gyms, banks, you can visit the places and check the quality of the services.

Contract and insurance

Most professional cleaning companies will ask you to sign a contract before regular office cleaning services begin. The written agreement is something that gives you a guarantee of the highest quality of services. It also defines the scope of works, rates and other necessary arrangements. Another important legal aspect that you need to ask the company offering office cleaning services about is insurance. To avoid future problems, choose companies that are insured. This will protect you and your company against costs that are incurred in case of an accident or some damages caused by the company.

Flexibility and the scope of services

Each office is different and requires special treatment. Whether your company is big or small, you need to make sure that you choose a cleaning provider that will be able to satisfy all your needs. There are a couple of questions that you should ask before making your final decision. They may concern cleaning schedule, approximate time of cleaning, some things that they will need, and the kinds of products they use. If care for your employee’s health, opt for eco-friendly office cleaning with natural plant-derived cleaning agents.

Additional costs

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While choosing office cleaning services, it is important to focus on an array of works offered. Make sure that the company of your choice specializes in a variety of services from some basic cleaning processes through outside window cleaning to disinfecting. This will allow you to speed up more detailed cleaning in the future. Ask for prices of additional services and compare them with competing companies. Be aware that many innovative cleaning businesses offer eco-friendly cleaning services which can be slightly more expensive than cleaning with toxic chemicals. However, this way you can guarantee your employees’ safe cleaning agents, which are important especially for all allergy sufferers.

Communication matters

The ease of communication is one of the most important factors while choosing office cleaning services. Choose partners that understand your need and are willing to ask all questions that you may have. Set up the strategy that reflects the requirements of your business together so that both you and your partner are satisfied with the cooperation. If the cleaning company underestimates your needs or doesn’t want to listen, find another office cleaning services provider. Although there are many companies on the market, finding the one that is reliable and flexible is not that easy.


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The differences in the cost of office cleaning services may be really large. However, it does not mean that the company which is the most expensive offers ridiculously overpriced services. To decide whether the services are worth the price, analyze the scope of activities offered, and ask the company if the price includes eco-friendly cleaning services. The latter is in high demand today but professional biodegradable cleaning agents suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin are more expensive than budget cleaning agents chain stores.

Equipment and cleaning supplies

For many people who are hiring a cleaning company for the first time, it seems to be evident that the cost of equipment and cleaning agents should be included in the price of office cleaning services. However, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to small cleaning companies with a limited number of employees and equipment. If you want to avoid misunderstandings, ask the cleaning company if the price includes all the supplies and equipment needed for cleaning. Such information should also be found in the contract.

Think about the natural environment

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Over recent years, the condition of the natural environment has significantly weakened as a result of human behaviors. Fortunately, we are becoming more and more aware that we need to change our daily habits to foster sustainability. We can start with very simple steps such as choosing eco-friendly office cleaning services instead of regular ones. This is the best decision we can take – we don’t lose anything and help animals and plants develop properly.

Many leading cleaning companies offer safe cleaning with biodegradable agents made of natural ingredients, which bring benefits not only to nature but also to the people who use them and spend time in cleaned spaces.

Now you know what to take into consideration while choosing office cleaning services. If you are still in search of a reliable company, check out the services offered by AspenClean, which offers environmentally friendly office cleaning.