4 Reasons Why Online LNAT Tutoring is Worth the Money

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Every aspiring law graduate in the UK is well acquainted with the significance and importance of the LNAT exams that happen each year. These exams are crucial in deciding whether you will get admission to prominent universities for your undergraduate law programs. Since LNAT is known to be very difficult, there are several tutors online that offer to help you out. Online tutoring is a viable option for anyone that is seeking guidance for the exam. These tutors are professional experts with top scores under their belt who are more than willing to guide you with their tutoring courses.

According to law-mind.co.uk, LNAT tutoring with a personalized approach and expert guidance can pay off monumental dividends and get you in the top law universities with relative ease. LNAT is a tough exam to crack and doing it alone is even tougher and more nerve-wracking. With an expert having your back, providing methods for learning, processing information, and proper time management, guiding you all the way till your exam ends; it becomes a much handleable prospect. And wait, it gets better.

In this article, we’ll list various reasons why online tutoring is worth the money and why you should definitely opt for one while preparing for your LNAT. These reasons are:

1. LNAT tutoring will help you strategize for your exam

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We’ll be completely honest with you – it’s futile to ‘prepare’ for exams using the conventional methods of memorizing and learning information. It’s not going to help one bit as all the section 1 questions are based on how well you comprehend information and process it to a relevant solution or answer and not how well you remember said information. On a similar note, section 2 is also based on an understanding of general topics and forming your reasoning for your argument as well as your counterargument.

What online LNAT tutoring can help you with is strategizing for the exam. There are several different approaches you can adopt to solve the questions in the exam. LNAT tutors tell you the most optimal approach and how to go on about the exam, solving one question to another. This reduces comprehension mistakes and gives you greater flexibility while solving the exams. This flexibility is essential to ensure you answer all the questions properly to get a good score.

2. LNAT tutors will drastically reduce the time you need to answer questions

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42 multiple choice questions and 95 minutes to answer – sounds easy enough right? In reality, it is anything but. To solve LNAT questions you need absolute comprehension of the passage provided to fully understand the context, subtle expressions, and the writer’s view. While many of us are equipped with the grasp and intuition to understand the text, what many of us don’t have is the response time and swiftness to answer them inadequate time.

It can take a lot of time to understand the text, analyze it and then answer the question. This only ends up losing time to answer the questions at the last causing you to lose out on potential marks that could have easily been in your hands. LNAT tutors teach you proper time management while solving the LNAT exam to ensure you give enough time to all the questions. They also teach you time-saving mannerisms while solving the paper, like leaving a question you don’t understand intentionally and moving on to the next one to save time. If you manage your time properly, you’ll successfully complete both sections without much hassle or hurry.

3. You’ll receive expert guidance from top LNAT scorers

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As we stated earlier, LNAT is entirely based on your understanding of information, processing it, and presenting it in a comprehensible manner. There is no mugging up of information, learning continuously, or studying for hours involved – just simple comprehension and its articulate representation. What, then, helps specific individuals to get top scores and get into their favorite university while other individuals with the same intuition get average scores?

The reason is simple – they know methods that the average scorer doesn’t. LNAT tutors are intimately familiar with the LNAT exams and know simple tips and methods that helped them get on the list of top scorers. When you apply for online LNAT tutoring, it means direct 1-to-1 teaching and communication between you and the LNAT expert which ensures that you know what they did to get a good score. You can then implement these tips yourself to get scores similar to that of the experts.

4. They will ensure you are updated in all fields of knowledge

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Section 2 of the LNAT exam concerns writing a well-balanced essay on a controversial issue.

While the essay is not marked, it’s perhaps more important than the MCQs themselves because these essays are sent out to the administration section of various universities. Even if you answer a decent amount of multiple-choice questions of section 1 correctly, your chances of getting an offer letter from a university will be slim if your essay is poor.

Though this essay is entirely dependent on your creativity and reasoning, it won’t amount to anything if you don’t know the matter at hand. The topics in the essay section are often unusual with only a few thin threads connecting them to commonality. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge on any of the 3 topics asked, the essay you will churn out won’t be balanced with its argument nor its counterargument. It’s essential that you stay updated with all the information present in today’s news and your LNAT tutors will help you do exactly that.

They will polish your essays with minute corrections and points that you can incorporate into your exam. They will also keep you informed and well-versed with information from all the fields of knowledge to ensure you can form an articulate argument for any given topic as well as an equally intuitive counterargument.


According to online learning platforms such as edapp.com, LNAT tutoring can be expensive but thinking in the longer run, where it bolsters your chances of getting a good LNAT score to get your favorite university, we think it’s worth all the money. If this article helped you out, please do consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.