What is the Perfect Jean for You?

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JEAN is one of those special garments, which deserve its own chapter, which has a history, and is the most popular garment, most adapted, most worked, and most designed garment of the 20th century despite its manufacturing differences.

Jeans have become ubiquitous these days, so who doesn’t wear them?

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This garment not only accompanies us throughout our lives but also transcends and unites 6 generations.

The combination of denim and spandex has gained popularity over the decades, to the delight and benefit of many! Additionally, we have an image today.

In my teens, I remembered the very thick and stiff tarps, not to mention the despicable low rise, and we had to lie on the bed (or in the local changing room) to put on our jeans and then go out mummy until it was stretched out! When we had an outing on Saturday night, it was almost a sin to eat one more bite, and as long as we were impeccable, we buried the discomfort. Here is where we have a wrong chip that needs to be fixed by being uncomfortable. I assure you that it is not the same today, more than two decades later! We can be comfortable, elegant, cool, and super comfortable all at the same time!!!

We come from 20 years of Chopin and it is almost an odyssey from fashion to fashion

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Another jean cut would be nice. In addition, the list of models is much wider and more varied, so what is most important is not to get frustrated or simply settle for a jean that “enters” us, based on price or brand, but must determine the cut of the jean that benefits us the most.

Throughout my life, I never bought a pair of jeans that fit well. For those who managed to pass from my hips, I had a large waist. What happened in the fitting rooms? When I invested in expensive brands, I thought it would guarantee a great fit… Not even a click from me.

Test different brands and cuts, Vlone Official knowing how to measure the fit, the fit, the back pockets, and then, just there, choosing. So they can be more successful in their purchase.

The following models are now available:

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The regular fit is a classic cut that adapts more easily to both men and woman of any age. This is a straight leg, medium shot. This is ideal for concealing extra pounds. Depending on the style and the look, it can be worn in the appropriate size or a size larger for more roominess.

The key feature of this garment, and for which it is favored by almost all figures, is that the hem is wide, which makes an impression of a wide hip or a wide tail.

1. Slim fit / Jeans that fit the body

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Anatomically cut legs make this model look longer and more refined.

However, skinny legs are allowed.

Depending on what is most beneficial to each user, it can be low-rise, mid-rise, or at the waist.

2. A loose fit jeans is one that has a loose fit

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A boyfriend is also known as a boyfriend. Jeans of this type have a straight, wide leg, a regular rise, and a straight cut. Usually, it is worn one or two sizes larger because it provides more room and comfort. You should not wear it if you have a small back because the hips will look too large.

Ideally, upper garments should be close to the body. Lower garments should be balanced with volume.

3. Jeans with a wide leg

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In this version, the classic fit (regular fit) has been widened. Models such as this one cannot have an overly large waist/hip area; instead, it needs to be widened afterward, to maintain an unbroken look.

Strong legs and hips are recommended. Low legs are not recommended since it visually shortens the legs. However, its use with studs can enhance the legs’ style.

4. Smoking cigarettes, skinny jeans, and Chopin’s

Fits the legs rather comfortably and has a narrow cuff for a more anatomical cut. A medium shot, low shot, or high shot is suitable for certain fashions to get more on this site.

Increases the figure’s length and refines it. Featuring a flat fit and highlighting the hips, this cut is sexy. Those with few shapes, fewer tails, and hips will look great in this gown. Hips with a lot of strength are not recommended.

Tails or a large tail or a standing tail. Keeping the ankles long will prevent the legs from being shortened. Furthermore, it is also used outside the jeans when the boot is worn, a feature that only benefits long and slim legs. During the day, it can be worn with flat shoes, and at night, it can be worn with heels or Chinese heels.

Using the washer

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Washing the jeans generally does not make the figure look wider, since the lighter portion of the jeans is the part that is exposed.

I’d suggest wearing a full-color pair of jeans, such as blue, white, gray, etc.

An uncut jeans with matching stitching may be more formal than an uncut jeans with contrast stitching

You’ve got pockets

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The placement of the pockets in jeans is crucial to the overall appearance; it is dependent on how they are applied, as it will affect how the form is perceived.

It is ideal that the back pockets are well positioned in the center of the pants and that their size is proportionate, neither too big nor too small.


Thus, all the discussion points out that jeans are the most important part of the outfit that must be fitted according to your body type and shape. While choosing your outfit and all of the items mentioned above, you have to consider not only type but also quality, which is the most important thing to consider. Dressing up correctly is essential to look perfect. Because a perfect outfit makes you feel confident and fabulous.