Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift for Grandma and Grandpa

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The holiday season is upon us and that means that millions of people are scrambling to try to get the gifts together that they need to make their family and friends feel loved. Getting gifts for your immediate family and close friends can be quite easy. After all, you spend loads of time around them and know exactly what they are like and what they like! It can be a bit more difficult to get the perfect gifts for those who you love just as much, and who are just as special to you, but you may see a bit less for one reason or another.

That is why getting the right gift for your grandma and grandpa can be especially stressful. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some of the top tips for purchasing the perfect present for Nana and Papa. Click here.

Stalk their Facebook

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By this point, chances are pretty good that at least one of your grandparents has a Facebook account. If you are trying to get an idea of what they might be interested in, take a look at the kinds of pages they follow and the kinds of posts they tend to like and share. Thanks to social media, you can quickly and easily get a good sense of what kinds of products they might be into. Better than that, you can do the snooping without them having any clue about it!

Keep a comprehensive list

As you start to whittle down your options of what you want to get your grandma and grandpa for the holidays, make sure that you are keeping a list of all of your best ideas. On top of that, start jotting down the things that you think about when you think about them! Their personality, their hobbies, their career, or passions. Think about what they like to spend their time doing most these days, whether that is something like gardening, playing cards, getting out in nature, or anything else.

This can be especially helpful if you are having trouble coming up with anything that seems especially inspired. On top of that, next time you are chatting with them on the phone or in person, make sure to listen attentively to everything that they are saying and talking about. This could help you get some new ideas if you find yourself hitting something of a wall.

Keep it original and unique

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The last thing you want to do is purchase a gift for your grandma and grandpa that is pretty similar to something they have already received or already own even before the holidays. If you are struggling to think of an item that is unique enough, you may even want to consider something that isn’t a thing, but rather an experience. Maybe purchase them tickets to their favorite music or play the venue. Perhaps invite them to come along with you to a local museum that is holding a super special exhibit.

You can even offer something like a multi-course meal at home –either cooked by you and your siblings –or cooked by a professional chef, if you have the extra funds to pay for something that fancy. We sometimes think that gifts have to be things, items that you can see, interact with, and enjoy. However, some of the best gifts, and best memories, are made from experiences. On top of that, grandparents simply love hanging out with their grandchildren, so anything with you will surely be an amazing holiday treat.

Look back at their roots

If you are unsure about what your grandparents like to do in their day to day activities, think about what they might have liked to do when they were younger. Often, grandparents like to spend their time reminiscing about the past and their youth. There are some great films, books, board games, and more that can get them remembering a simpler time where they had their whole lives ahead of them. Click here. Better yet, if you get them a gift like this, it will certainly offer them the chance to remember and speak out about their lives. This could lead to your learning some stories about your lovely grandparents that you had never heard before! How fun!

Consider a subscription service

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One thing that is very popular these days is a subscription service gift. That means paying for a year or more of a service that brings something right to your grandparents’ doors. Whether they are wine lovers, book lovers, tea lovers, don’t want to worry about going to the grocery store, or something else! There are so many different options that you can find with a simple search on the internet.

Buy them what they need

Next time you visit them at their home, take stock, and try to figure out if there is something that would make their lives easier. Whether it’s some kitchen appliance, a comfy pair of slippers, a cozy blanket, or something to help them with their electronics, there is never anything wrong with getting a gift that comes out of necessity. One great aspect of getting a gift that they may need more so than want is that you can be pretty confident in the fact that they will really use that gift.

Make a gift

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This is especially easy if you are naturally more talented at arts and crafts than others, but if you are struggling to find something that is worth purchasing, don’t purchase anything at all. Perhaps paint a picture or make a scrapbook of your favorite photographs of you and your grandparents. You could even write a song for them and record it so that they can listen to it whenever they want.

The truth is that your grandparents are going to love whatever you get them for the holidays simply because they love you so much. Just make sure that whatever it is that you get, has some real heart and love in it. That way, you can’t go wrong!