10 Things you Should Know to Properly Do your Bathroom Maintenance – 2024 Guide

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Home is where we feel safe and loved. It is a warm place during the coldest nights and a bright light at the end of a very long day, but even so, there are some things about home that many people want to avoid. Yes, we are talking about cleaning, and more importantly, bathroom maintenance. The bathroom is one place that often, unrightfully, gets neglected as not that important, and even though cleaning the bathroom is, for the majority, the most unloved chore, regular maintenance is crucial and not just because of the looks, but for our health too.

It can be a tough job, and it may take some time to clean it all up, but since we spend a lot of our time there, it is worth the effort. But how to do all that, get everything done, and get the best results from bathroom cleaning? There are many things to take into count, which is why we will now further discuss and present the top ten things you should know in order to do your bathroom maintenance properly.

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1. Cleaning grout regularly can save you both time and money

Grout is what keeps tiles together. These lines between the tiles are where water can easily stay and damage it if you don’t clean it daily, or at least every other day. Even tiny drops of water can cause serious problems, but, of course, the water can cause even more damage, and if not regularly cleaned, it is a great place for mold and mildew growth. Wiping grout with the dry towel after the shower or at night when you are done with the bathroom can do wonders, and it will not take too much of your time, but it would make deep cleaning much faster and easier.

2. Don’t forget about shower doors and curtains

It doesn’t matter if someone has curtains or doors in their shower, maintenance is a must, and the best and easiest way to do so is to clean them right after the bath. A great thing about curtains is that you can easily put them in the washing machine and get the job done, and with doors, you will have to wipe them down. If one is having a bath, it could make the whole weekly cleaning much manageable if you rinse the tub with clean, warm water immediately after taking a bath.

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3. Showerheads are important too

Many people are dedicated to cleaning the shower curtains or doors, but they usually forget to clean the shower heads too. Limescale can be caught in the showerhead, and it can make showering much harder because of the jet, but it can also catch many bacteria that can be harmful to our health. Because of that, it is significant to pay attention to the showerheads during cleaning since it can save your health.

4. Clean the toilet frequently

The best idea is to clean the toilet at least once a week to get rid of germs. The microbes from the toilet can end up in the air or the toilet seat, and frequent cleaning is necessary. Once you see the ring inside it, it is time to clean it completely, and sometimes a bleach wipe can be a good solution.

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5. The mirror needs to be perfectly clean

The first thing we notice in someone’s bathroom is the mirror, so the most important thing is that it is completely clear. The problem is that it is often above the sink, so water droplets require daily cleaning. A dirty mirror makes the whole bathroom look like this, and because of that, cleaning it is one of the first things we need to do.

6. The sink can cause many problems

The sink can contain more bacterias than the toilet, and it is unnecessary to say that it needs to be cleaned regularly. Besides that, it can sometimes be clogged, so unclogging is very difficult. In those situations, natural remedies can be of great help, but sometimes you will need to use some chemicals or do it manually. If you want to avoid the clogged sink, the best thing you can do is to clean it frequently.

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7. Do not forget the floor

Wiping the floor is not an interesting task, but it needs to be done. The best thing with bathrooms is the fact that the floor is usually made of tiles, so cleaning it is not that hard. Because of that wiping it with a mop can be done in a few minutes, and besides that, it is necessary to take the time to clean it thoroughly once a week.

8. Regular garbage disposal

Taking out the trash is something that we all do almost every day, and taking it from the bathroom will make it look cleaner. Since the trash cans inside it are usually small, it does not require a lot of time to make them full, so it is necessary to empty them often.

9. Opening a window

While it may not seem like opening a window will help you much with cleaning, it is not true. The air in the bathroom is often humid due to the hot water used, and opening windows can be significant for air quality. Besides the fact that it is making the air fresher, this will also prevent the formation of bacteria and mold, and you should do it as often as possible.

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10. Clean the fan if you have it

The purpose of the fan is to make the air less humid and take off the unpleasant odor. Because of that, it can be full of bacteria and mold, and it is necessary to clean it regularly to keep the air fresh. Ignoring it can cause many unpleasant smells, but it can also be a threat to your health.

The bottom line

The tips mentioned above are just ten things everyone must know in order to make cleaning the bathroom not just faster and more efficient but also to do it in the right way.

There is no need to overuse various chemicals, and going with the trustworthy stuff is the way to go. Of course, there are also many ways to improve your entire home, bathroom included, and for more info on that, click here, and find everything you might need and want.