Is Hiring Escorts Safe?


Nowadays, it is very easy to hire an escort, and most escorts advertise their services on online escort directories. If you want to hire an escort, all you need to do is head over to the escort directory website, select an escort, and plan for a meet-up.

However, some people have had nasty experiences when hiring escorts. Some people have been scammed or catfished after using escorts online. This often leads to the question, is hiring escorts safe?

Hiring escorts has its fair share of risks. However, this depends on what type of escort directory or dating service you use. Below we look at some of the ways you can make your escort hiring process safe and successful.

Review the Escort Directory


If it is your first time hiring an escort, you need to spend some time reviewing some of the escort directories near your area. Read what past clients say about the directory and its escorts. You can also ask for reviews from social media platforms such as Quora or Reddit.

Most clients often fall for attractive photos posted on an escort website. Some escorts also create fake profiles with low prices to attract more clients. In some cases, you might even be coerced to pay the fee in advance. Make sure you watch out for such red flags.

Ivy Société is one of the best escort directories, and it has both male and female escorts, all of whom have verified profiles. The website is also very user-friendly and you can sort the escorts based on gender, rates, or price.

Check the Escort’s Profile

Once you have done your research or got recommendations from friends, take your time checking the escort’s profiles. On legit escort directories, all escorts have verified profiles complete with their original photos.

The escorts also have their phone number listed on their profiles. If you have any concerns or want to make your operations discreet, you can contact the escort directly, and this will ensure that you don’t get catfished or swindled.

Ask Questions


All escorts on legit directories will have their contact details listed on their profiles. Don’t be afraid or shy about making special requests or asking questions. Getting things out of the way in advance will set you up for the perfect meet-up.

Do you have any fantasies or fetishes? Run them by your escort and ask them if they are comfortable with what you’re requesting. Remember, you’re looking forward to having the best time of your life, so it needs to be worth it. Some escorts might be willing to offer extra services for extra money.

Select a Meet-Up Location

Meet-up location preferences may vary depending on a couple of factors. Some escorts do not offer in-house services and prefer meeting in a neutral location. So, you will need to book a hotel or an Airbnb.

Also, if you are not comfortable inviting an escort to your house, you can choose to meet them in a neutral location such as a hotel. However, if you’re planning to meet in a hotel, make sure you book the room in advance before the meet-up time.

Use Protection


Though you are planning to have a blast, you need to ensure that you keep yourself safe. With COVID around, some escorts only accept meeting up with clients who have been vaccinated. Some escorts may also request you to take a test a couple of days before meeting up.

Other than COVID, remember that safe sex is the best. Many escorts will insist on using protection during intercourse. Make sure you purchase your pack of condoms in advance to avoid putting yourself in tricky situations.

Deposit vs. No Deposit

Some escorts will request a deposit before the meet-up day. You can send them the cash via a bank transfer. Some escorts will also accept gift cards or vouchers in place of cash. When it comes to full payment, make sure you have the cash with you.

Make sure you arrive in time. Be neat and well-kempt because your appearance will play a huge part. It is not just about having sex. You will need to create some chemistry first to make sure you are both comfortable before taking it to the next level.

Be Respectful


Being rude and using foul language creates a bad image for you. Most escorts will ignore your texts or block your calls. For starters, refer to your escort by their official names and keep the conversation professional. Avoid asking them personal questions. Most escorts will take it as invading their privacy and you may also come out as a nosey guy.

As mentioned before, make sure you mention your requests beforehand. Some escorts may also have some personal requests on a few things they would like to have when meeting up. If you suffer from social anxiety when meeting up with new people, try and find simple topics you are comfortable talking about.

Use Established Services Like High Class Escort Agency With Professional Website

In today’s digital age, when searching for services, a professional website acts as a digital handshake. Opting for established high class escort providers with well-designed websites communicates a commitment to quality and expertise.

Conversely, badly built agency websites or riddled with unprofessional elements like excessive use of cutesy language (“doggy” websites) can raise red flags. This might indicate a lack of experience or a focus on a less discerning clientele.

A polished high-end website signifies a business that prioritises professionalism and cares about its image. They will invest in their presentation.

A well-designed companion site implies a meticulous approach to service delivery. Because they pay attention to details.

Also professional high class escort websites often showcase qualifications, testimonials, and clear information about services offered, fostering trust in potential clients.

While a website doesn’t solely determine service quality, it serves as a crucial first impression. Choosing established providers with professional escort web design presences increases the likelihood of encountering businesses that prioritise quality and client satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Hiring an escort can lead up to one of the best experiences in your life. However, you need to make sure you hire an escort from a trusted directory. Using a trusted escort directory will eliminate any chances of getting conned or cat-fished.

It would be best to use proper etiquette when hiring an escort. Most escorts will ignore you and reject your advances if you are rude. Some people often think that escorts are just sex objects. For a proper experience, being respectful will set the tone for the perfect date night.

Avoid asking personal questions or bringing up sensitive topics such as politics. Strike up a simple conversation asking them about how their day was. Also, make sure you look and smell great for the day.

Also, your safety is a great concern. Make sure you go through the required STI and Covid tests before meeting with your companion. Some escorts always carry a pack of condoms, but also, it is best to have some with you just in case.