5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Screen Printing Supplies

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If you are running a screen-printing business, you probably have faced so many different challenges and obstacles. One of them surely refers to the expensiveness of supplies for the business. It does not matter whether you are managing a smaller business on your own in your garage, or you are having a large company, it is necessary to think about ways how you can save money and gain a profit.

Cutting costs can be difficult if you do not know how to start. Your goal is to complete your job much faster at a lower price, but not sacrifice the quality of your work. If you decide to sacrifice the quality of your work, you will disappoint your customers and lose them.

For every business, it is necessary to meet customers’ needs and satisfy their requirements. In this article, we prepared some tips that can be useful if you want to save money without lowering the quality of your work that customers are used to.

1. Choose affordable Screen Printing Supplies

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One of the first steps that you should take to lower the cost of your business is to look for affordable screen printing supplies. However, as we said, you should not sacrifice the quality, because only with high-quality supplies you will keep your customer and attract new ones easily.

Supplies such as pre-burned screens, custom screen print screens, inks, and other pieces of equipment can easily be found at a budget-friendly price if you know where to look. There are manufacturers of screen printing supplies such as Holden’s that are helping people to run their business most effectively, without worrying about the cost of supplying equipment. If you are needing Silk Screen or some other supplies, you can find them on holdensscreen.com.

2. You Can Reuse Supplies

One more great way to save money is by reusing your supplies when that is possible. For instance, if you are noticing that you are throwing the ink or T-shirts that did not turn out the way you wanted you, you should do something about that. This is a clear sign of wasting your money. What you can do is instead of disposing of the unused ink at the end, you can reclaim as much as you can.

So, this means that instead of throwing the T-Shirt in the trash, you can use it for a new purpose such as using it as a rag us using it for testing new designs. There are so many different possibilities. Also, you can use the packages that your supplies are giving you instead of recycling them or throwing them. What you can do is reuse them to ship orders and not waste money on buying new boxes.

3. You can Reduce Supply Consumption

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The next thing that we are going to talk about when it comes to saving your money is lowering the supply consumption. You can achieve this goal without sacrificing the quality of your company’s products. Best of all is that this method is providing you the opportunity to save a huge amount of money.

For instance, in the case you are using aerosol spray adhesive, you are probably wasting a part of the product each time you are using it. Instead of practicing this, you can decide on water-based adhesives. They are coming with fewer waste features. Therefore, changing this can save you a lot of money in the long term.

One more thing that we want to share with you is that you should pay attention to the product bottles. For instance, when you receive chemical supplies, they are generally not ready to be used straight out of the bottle, but this is not something that many people know about.

Instead, these products need to be diluted before usage. Even though the diluting process can take some time, it can also save you from wasting the chemicals from the bottle. Logically, this will also save you a lot of money in the long term, because every chemical product will last longer.

4. You should Purchase Supplies in Bulk

Every company should know that buying supplies in bulk is considered one of the greatest business strategies in this business field. If the company is not ready to take this step, you should know that this will result in wasting a lot of time as well as money. This does not depend on whether you are running a small or larger business. Purchasing from wholesalers is something that will save you a decent chunk of change.

Additionally, it will prevent you from making order supplies often. In case your space for the supplies is smaller, you can think about which supplies you are using the most and stock them up. This mostly stands for the ink and T-Shirts, however, you can choose to store something else that you need, as well.

Remember one important thing – the more you are buying, the more you are saving. The price per piece will be significantly lower when you are buying in large quantities. One more beneficial thing is that you will always have supplies which means there is no chance to run out of them and try to find supplies at the last minute.

5. Start Planning Your Orders in Advance

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One more great piece of advice that you should start implementing is planning all of your orders on time. This means that once you receive some order from the customer, you need to plan it out in advance. This is a much better approach than just doing everything randomly. Planning will save you both time and money. Additionally, it is important to mention that it will save you from lots of stress and pressure.

You should ask your client about the deadline and then create a plan to finish the order a bit earlier than the customer asked for. In that way, you will ensure that non of the problems will occur. Logically, even if they occur, you are going to have time to fix them. You can make extra profit by adding a rush fee in the cases where the customer is requiring a last-minute order.