How to Look Great in a Long Sleeve T-shirt In 2024


If you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a few long sleeve shirts, congratulations, you know what’s up! This sometimes forgotten piece of men’s clothing is very versatile and can be worn for various occasions.

The only catch is simply knowing how to buy the best tee for you and how to style it for maximum effect.

Once you have this down, you’ll be wearing it almost every day. We mean it!

Days at work, lunch with the family, weekend getaways and even fun nights out – yes to all these and more.

So let’s dive into this and talk about how to look great in a long sleeve t-shirt!

Quality fabric


Let’s just get this one out of the way. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, it’s the quality of your tee’s fabric.

You can have the most stylish looking piece, but if the fabric is cheap, worn out and doesn’t let your skin breathe, you can forget about it all.

Quality fabric creates quality looks. Remember that.

So whenever you’re looking at the labels, always go for 100% cotton, bamboo, merino, Pima, jersey or linen blends of the highest quality. Visit and find tees with the best quality fabrics, from crew necks to long sleeve t-shirts.

You also want a thicker fabric as if it’s see-through; it won’t look good and will wear out real quick too.

The right fit for you


When you get stuff recommended from family and friends, always make sure it works for you personally.

The same goes with the long sleeve t-shirts, as some brands might be great for your tall cousin, but if you’re on the shorter side, you might want to reconsider.

What you want in a fit is that it’s not too tight, not too loose and just, well, perfect. Anything but might make you look uncomfortable, out of proportion and will ruin even the best efforts.

A few things to pay attention to when trying on long sleeve t-shirts;

  • The shoulders shouldn’t be droopy or hiked up
  • The sleeves should come all the way down to the hinge of your wrist and barely cover the large wrist bone
  • The length should be 5cm below the lower edge of the belt and under no circumstances reveal your belly!

Many great brands and subscription services offer high-quality long-sleeve tees and have a vast array of sizes. Just give it a few minutes, and you’ll find your fit!

The necklines


The main two necklines for a long sleeve t-shirt are a Henley and a crew neck.

henley is a collarless shirt with a buttoning placket in the front that’s usually two or three inches long and fastens with anywhere from one to five buttons.

A crew neck has a round neck, and no collar is one of the most popular necklines among guys.

Our best recommendation is to have a few of both styles so you can choose based on your mood, wardrobe and occasion.

Choose your colours


It might seem pretty straightforward when it comes to colours, but it actually takes at least a little bit of consideration. You can find more if you visit this site.

If you’re one of those guys who always go for black and blue, that’s fine, but we strongly recommend expanding your horizons to other foundational hues such as off-white, shades of grey and burgundy.

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to colours is that they should work for your complexion. Always check how you look in a specific colour – does it enhance your features or maybe makes you look totally washed out?

You can always ask the store assistant or a friend for help!

Lastly, once you’re comfortable with this colour game, don’t be shy and try some fun colours. Yellows, greens and even pinks can look amazing on a guy!

Jeans and a sports jacket


A long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and a sports jacket is a winning combination when it comes to daily life.

It will work for the office, dinner dates, weekend meet-ups with friends and even casual events.

Make sure that your colour combinations don’t clash, so if you’re unsure, stick to the classics like navy, beige and grey.

And when it comes to your jeans, it’s always much more stylish if you opt for a classic cut in darker denim (no rips and tears!).

With a puffy vest


Puffy vests are so great for transitional seasons. Is it warm, is it cold, maybe windy? When all four seasons can change in one day, a pairing of a long sleeve tee and a puffy vest is a lifesaver!

It’s a casual look, so your best choice for bottoms will be denim trousers, cargo pants or shorts if it’s summer.

With a jean jacket


Summer looks are rarely complete without a classic jean jacket. And an incredible combination for a breezy day or an evening out is a long sleeve t-shirt and your favourite jean jacket.

We love the combo of a burgundy tee and light blue denim or a sky blue t-shirt and black jacket.

Add white sneakers, chinos or cargo pants, and a few accessories such as leather band bracelets to finish the look.

With a suit


Stuffy suit looks are sometimes still required, but if you’re going to an event with a more relaxed dress code, substitute the dress shirt and tie with a long sleeve t-shirt!

You can either choose a safe option of your basic grey suit and white tee colour scheme or if you’re feeling confident, try a more daring combination, e.g. olive green and blue. Shop trendy suits and blazeers for the modern man here at

This look will work perfectly for those nights out when you want something more than your casual outfits. Think of having a cocktail in your social club or attending someone’s engagement party.

With cargo pants


Oh, good ole cargo pants! As officially declared, cargo pants are officially back, and it’s easy to see why – they provide an effortless military-inspired edge and offer great convenience with all those pockets.

And you know, they’re better than ever! Yes, the 2000s were the cargo pant heyday, but now they’re just more versatile.

For a simple yet powerful look, pair your cargo pants with a long sleeve t-shirt, white sneakers, add your favourite watch and voila!