How to Choose a Moving Company


Moving is a nerve-wracking, demanding and exhausting event. For many people with jobs that take them to different states or people who love exploring new cities, it is never an exclusive, unique, or once-in-a-lifetime affair. This means there’s always a high chance of getting it all wrong even if you’ve done it several times.

Your first experience may exceed your next one. The only way to avoid inconsistencies is to invest in a good shipping company offering the unique services you need to make your transit stress-free. But, how do you choose the right moving company? Continue reading to learn how to pick a good moving company for your next move.

Seek Experienced People for Referrals


Once you decide on getting a shipping company to help with your next big move, the next thing to do is search for references.

Most people prefer using the Google search engine, Facebook, and online community groups to find shippers around them. No doubt, you’ll find many of their profile meets your needs and price range. But, how reliable do you think they are?

How good your shipping company depends on its reliability and professionalism. So, rather than getting references from the internet, seek references from those family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors you can trust their word of mouth.

Stick to the Rule of Threes

Scientifically, when something follows the rules of three, it signifies a powerful pattern or sequence that’s always effective. The rules of three suggest that entities presented in threes are more effective and satisfying. Here’s what this means.

The transport and shipping industry is competitive, and since it is a stable market, there are bound to be at least three significant competitors. So, rather than focus on finding one reliable shipper, get at least three reliable competitors so you can easily choose one out of them.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Like how sticking with the rules of three is essential, you only need to pay attention to certain warning signs or indicators that suggest potential fraudulent acts. There’s no simple right way to identify red flags, especially if the company is careful enough not to show them. However, consider watching out for negative indicators like:

  • request for a large upfront deposit
  • late arrivals to appointments
  • frequent name switch
  • inoperative company address and phone number

Verify Their License and Insurance Status


After you have the name and details of the three shippers, it’s time to check their credentials. The first thing you want to know is whether they are licensed and insured.

A licensed contractor means you never have to worry about them hiding from regulated authorities. On the other hand, their insurance status assures you of the welfare and security of your belongings. To verify their licensing status, check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration under the Department of Transportation.

Use the Better Business Bureau Database for Reviews

Apart from their license and insurance status, you also need to know more about the mover’s history. This is the Better Business Bureau comes to play. The BBB is a reliable organization that protects consumer rights by helping people get reliable information about companies they plan to patronize.

When you log into their database and search the moving company, you easily find reliable information about their services, from client reviews to ratings. In fact, if the company has had complaints filed against them, the BBB will also provide this information. In short, the BBB will provide reliable reviews about your choice of relocation contractors.

Verify Professional Certificates

You already know about their license and insurance status. The next thing you need to know is if they have any professional credentials proving their legitimacy. Every reliable shipper in the United States has one or more professional certificates to prove their status as a legal entity. So, ensure you do not skip this step so that you are sure of getting satisfactory hire.

Validate Contact, Phone, and Email Address


The address doesn’t simply mean the physical location of their office. When you want to make sure movers are reliable, you also need to verify if the contact number and email address given by the company are authentic.

Pro Tip

Scammers know you want to verify this information, so they always come prepared. So, instead of strictly focusing on the address, verify the company’s name in person.

Get Estimates

Once you have the licensing, insurance, and accreditation information you need, the next step in how to choose movers you need to consider is to request estimates.

Estimates differ for each moving company. Some may offer binding estimates (a guaranteed moving price, where you have to pay for extra services) or non-binding quotes (an estimate that requires you to pay only 10% pees when you request additional services). Most companies also offer a non-binding to exceed estimate where you won’t have to pay any extra fee for additional services.

The type of quote you get will determine how much money you spend on logistics and labor. So, when you get the three estimates from your three shippers, cross-check each so you can choose the most favorable one.

Get every agreement written down

Extra charges and hidden fees are some of the biggest challenges first-time movers face when dealing with moving companies. To avoid this, you need to ensure the moving contractors put everything down in the written contract.

Know what kind of movers you need


The last tip on how to choose a removal company is to know what they offer. This step is essential because it helps you determine if their services are what you need. If you’ll be moving a piano, this step will tell you if movers offer specialized moving gears for your large musical instrument.


Nobody loves the stress of moving. But it can be a fun and memorable experience with the right removal company. Hopefully, this guide on how to choose a long-distance moving company will help relieve the relocation stress. If you’re moving from LA to Chicago, visit local movers at to help with your relocation plans.