What Are the Signs That Your Phone Is Being Tracked?

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Did you know that your cell phone is the most commonly tracked device in the world? It can be hard to tell if your phone is being tracked or if personal information about you and your whereabouts is just being sold for profit. But there are a few ways to check whether your phone is tracking anyone else, particularly whether it’s giving away all that sensitive information.

Most smartphones, including most iPhones and Androids, can be set up to track where the user is going, who they’re calling or texting, and even what applications they’re using. These phone settings can be very simple to change and hard to find, which makes it very easy for your phone company to track you without you ever knowing.

If you want to check whether your cell phone is tracking anyone else, start by shutting down all the tracking services on your phone for a few days. When you turn them back on, you can verify if your phone is tracking anyone else.

Several Signs Show If Your Phone Is Being Tracked

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Battery drain

If the battery drains very quickly or shuts off without warning, the tracking service may run in the background of your phone. Because of this, a restricted battery could also be a sign that you’re being tracked. Look for tracking services on your device if you’re using a phone with limited battery life or a very fast battery drain.

Unusual activity

Tracking apps can use up a lot of data over time. Using more wifi or cellular data than usual could be another sign that something is tracking your phone.

If you think the battery might be draining because of tracking, try to see if you can physically keep the battery from completely draining. For example, plug it into a power strip or car charger.

You could also try unplugging your phone for a few minutes when you’re not using it and plugging it back in again. If your phone doesn’t drain much after that, then something is using up your phone’s battery and keeping track of where you are, who you’re calling, or what applications you’re using.

A strange GPS signal

If your phone keeps getting a new GPS signal every few minutes, it could be because the location services on your phone are tracking you. This is especially true if you get the new signal while sitting still or not moving around. If that’s happening to you, call your carrier and ask them to remove all tracking services from your device. They could place a special tracking beacon in the device for their use or sale with other data brokers.


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Some phones have a temperature sensor that measures the phone’s internal temperature. Some apps will stop working or slow down if the phone gets too hot, which signifies that your location services are using up your battery. If you’re using a phone with an internal temperature sensor, try turning off location services first to see if it stops overheating.

Extra apps

If your phone has more third-party apps installed than usual, one of them is tracking you. Be sure to pay attention to how many apps are on your phone and eliminate any unnecessary ones.

Many wireless providers will offer free tracking to make money on the device you already own. If your phone is already tracking several users, it may be hard to tell if it’s tracking you.

Some tracking services are also included with your phone’s operating system. If you’re using a stock Android device or an iPhone, navigating to the settings can help determine if the tracking services that come with the phone are enabled.

Tracking services have become so commonplace that even free apps can track your location and sell it to third parties for profit. Be sure to pay attention to what apps you put on your device because some might be collecting sensitive data from you without your knowledge.

Receiving unusual texts

If you’re getting texts from numbers you don’t recognize, it could be a sign that someone is tracking your phone. Some tracking services will send texts to verify the number or location of the phone.

Strange text messages might be sent by an app you installed on your device. Check your app store and see if any apps can access your phone’s SMS messaging system. Some apps will ask for certain permissions before being installed on the device, including permission to read and write text messages and make calls.

Can a phone be tracked if there is no cell service or connection?

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Cellular tracking relies on tower triangulation, which uses signal strength and location to determine where your phone is based on where the closest cellular services are. Tracking may only be possible if you need a cellular connection and use a phone that only supports wifi.

If you’re concerned someone may be tracking your phone, shutting down all tracking services and removing the apps first is best. After the tracking services have been removed, change your phone number. When the service is shut down, the carriers can no longer track your phone.

Even when your cell phone is not connected to a network, there are ways that it could still be tracking you. If someone unplugs your phone, your location will still be known based on the GPS signal left in your device.

If you’re concerned that someone may be tracking your phone, try turning off location services first.

How can we track a phone using just the number?

Locators claim that people can track any mobile device with a phone number. A mobile phone number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device; try entering the phone number into their website and see who shows up on the search results. Please visit mobilephonelocator.net if you want to track any device with his number.

Can a phone that is turned off be tracked?

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If your phone is turned off, there’s always the possibility that someone else could be tracking it without your knowledge. This can be especially dangerous if your phone is stolen. Even if the phone is turned off, there are ways that other people could still track your device.

If you’re concerned your phone might be tracked, look at the software installed on your device. Some apps can run in the background and connect to the internet with or without your knowledge. If you’re using a compatible phone, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can continue to transmit data even if your phone is off.

Some apps will connect to GPS for navigation services even if it is turned off.

How does a phone communicate back to its carrier?

When a phone sends a communication to its carrier, it sends an identifier or code called an IMEI number. This number will be sent with its location data, giving it away to anyone who intercepts the communication. Some phones have services that can help hide this information from interceptors, but it’s still there on your device.

Tracking by a cellphone tower

Cellphone towers are the backbone of cell phone tracking. Some companies will pay for the best cellular services in exchange for better signal strength. If the service provider can not determine where the user is, it might track them based on tower strength.

The distance from the nearest cell phone tower to your device or a map can be used to determine your location by triangulation.