Decoupage Tips And Rules All Beginner Should Follow


Creating art is one of the most beautiful experiences, as one can use imagination to create unique art pieces. Nowadays, various types of art are becoming popular among people as it is an excellent way to escape from a stressful life. Decoupage art is one such art that is getting more popular daily, as it is relatively easy to create incredible art pieces with the help of this technique.

In decoupage art, the artist creates various types of designs on objects with the help of paper cutouts. Then, it uses the cutting and gluing technique to decorate different things. One can decorate objects like vases, pots, trays, plates, furniture, and other home objects.

These objects look beautiful after being decorated with colorful paper and glitter.

As these objects add a magical vibe to the home, one can buy them or create them. People can also make this art, as it is easy to learn. Below are the decoupage tips and rules that every beginner should follow:

Beginner Should Use The Ideal Paper While Practicing Decoupage


One can practice decoupage art with the help of magazines and leftover papers, or one can create it with the help of specially manufactured decoupage papers. Someone looking for perfect art pieces can skip practicing the art and buy decoupage art objects by contacting the best artists who provide the things at a reasonable price. Adding these decorated objects can surely improve the home’s appearance.

One can visit this site to choose objects like a decoupage vase and a decoupage tray that are handcrafted with the best materials and techniques. On the other hand, one can also learn to create decorated objects for their home. One of the beginners’ first tips is choosing the ideal paper for the craft. One must choose the right form to create an incredible and durable piece.

Many people use magazine papers to cut material costs, but for best results, the beginner should use particular types of material. The ideal paper types for decoupage are tissue paper, napkins, and rice paper. As these papers are easy to use and create beautiful designs, most artists use them for crafting. The tissue paper for decoupage is available in various types of prints, like floral prints and vintage prints.

The beginners can also use napkins as they are thick compared to other paper types. The thickness and multiple layers help in avoiding wrinkles in the cutouts. That is why pieces created with the help of napkins are more clean and clear. Rice paper is the most delicate but ideal for glass objects. Individuals can begin practicing this art and craft and creating beautiful things by using any of them.

Beginners Should Know About The Material Required For Decoupage


Ideal paper is the first thing the beginner should choose, as the artist can create the cutouts only with its help. The next tip is to have all the necessary materials to create a complete art object. After cutting out the paper, the next step is to glue it to the object’s surface. They should choose the best glue for sticking so that the art on the surafce remains intact throughout use.

One can use specialized glue to stick the material or fabric to the object. One can also use spray glue, as it is easy to apply glue all over the surface with its help. One important thing to remember while creating art is to prepare the surface before applying anything. The person should always clean the surface before applying the glue and cutouts. Any dirt and dust can loosen the stickiness of the glue material.

Another essential material is scissors, which are required to create designs on objects. Good-quality scissors are needed to cut the pieces in the correct shape and size. People can also use scissors to cut attractive images and fonts from old magazines and newspapers to reuse them when creating art. Another important material is the craft knife used to create detailed art cutouts.

The craft knife is different from the regular knives as this one is not blunt, which is ideal for delicate art paper. If one does not have spray glue, one can take help of a brush to apply glue to the surface. The brushes must have soft bristles that can spread the glue uniformly without waste. To remove the extra glue, the beginner should have a cloth to remove it, as excess glue can spoil the surface of the object and its design.

Beginners Should Varnish The Decoupage Art Properly


Another important tip for beginners is to varnish the object after creating the art on it. Varnishing is essential as it keeps the dust and dirt away from the thing. With the help of varnishing, the art can get a glossy or matte look according to the artist’s preference. In addition, the pieces look much more beautiful after varnishing, which gives them a finishing touch.

Before applying the varnish, the person should learn about the varnishing technique and collect all the necessary equipment. Different types of varnish are used to separate objects, like wood, plastic, and glass. After applying the varnish, the person should leave the piece to dry so the layers can settle appropriately on the surface. Most artists use multiple layers of varnish for a better finish, and beginners can do the same.

Another important tip is to place paper or fabric cutouts on the object. One can use tweezers to locate the pieces carefully to get the best positioning. After the correct setting, one can apply glue to the surface to stick them. The last part is to apply varnish, which is another crucial step. To get the best finish, apply the varnish properly with the help of brushes. The layers of varnish depend upon the thickness of the paper or fabric material.


Decoupage objects and making them look more attractive is relatively easy. As one can apply this to various home objects, it is a fun way to transform the overall look of the home interior. As mentioned above, one can buy these pieces of an object from best sellers with the best collection or create them by themselves by learning the tips and rules.

The first rule of decoupage is to learn about the ideal materials required. The person should use the best quality paper to create the designs and then apply them to the object with strong glue. After finalizing the design, the individual can apply varnish to protect the piece from dust and dirt. The person can also apply multiple layers to give it an aesthetic look. The above-mentioned tips are ideal for beginners in this art and craft.