Believe It Or Not, Excessive Texting Might Ruin Your Relationship


What happens if texting puts your relationship in danger? Astonishing, right? But it’s pretty possible. In this article, we will tell you more details about that. Excessive use of instant messaging, or social media, might put your relationship at risk for several reasons.

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Instant messaging has become the new pandemic


Before instant messaging, SMS was the most widely used mode of communication in the early 2000s, before the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. SMS was a pretty enormous improvement, but in recent years, young people have even more expressively turned to the virtual world – it is a means of communicating with one another instantaneously, and messages improved dramatically after the advent of messengers.

Social networks as we know them today are an outdated idea. The young audience is slowly but steadily more reliant on messaging apps. Most people even have a couple of such apps installed, like Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp, to accommodate – various chatting needs.

It allows people to communicate more freely without restraints and makes them keener on meeting in real life. Even though it appears to be a handy method of communication, it is not the most healthy one. These messengers let each individual perceive the world through – a separate set of lenses. Communication, which was once a means of bringing people together, has now constantly separated them apart.

Imagine how eager we were and how long these emails got held before. We were waiting weeks for letters to arrive in the mail. I bet most people did not have communications saved that happened half a year ago.

The negative impact on relationships that online communications have


The ability to communicate openly is critical while establishing new relationships. Concentration and attention are required while communicating with your partner, and that’s a nice thing. When we are engaging on a one-on-one basis, we give each other presents, say something kind, or touch each other, and it is possible to observe the reaction. It is not available to people that communicate over the phone. It takes away all the things that we experience in real life.

It is also crucial to share serious thoughts and issues with people to develop meaningful relationships with those people. While doing so, to feel what the person is conveying to you, it is critical to pay attention to your voice and feel your feelings. It is impossible over the phone and, hence it does not allow for the development of strong connections.

The psychology of communication gets designed like that humans must have the ability to identify non-verbal cues to function well. What exactly does this imply? A common joke in the text form without emotion after the phrase might be construed as an insult. It is probably the most widespread case of it.

You cannot find what exactly is going on another side


Lying is also simpler than texting because the purpose behind the message might not get revealed to you. While out for drinks with a coworker, are you messaging home to pretend you are working late? Is your cold truly too terrible, or do you want to avoid another family dinner? Because written words may disguise a lot of emotion, if you force to leave a voice message or give bad news in person, your deception may come through due to poor intonation or remorse (or both).

While texting allows for more frequent communication, it might use to limit dialogue. The most severe form of this is the use of words as anticipatory apologies, such as the reflexive sorry that accompany late messages. Is the sender sincerely sorry, or is the apology just a slap on the wrist to avoid a fight?

Indeed, people give anticipatory apologies in the hopes of avoiding and have to cope with the consequences of offending someone. For example, While I appreciate your apologies, I also need an opportunity to express my hurt if we are to settle the situation. The apology will be less significant if I am not allowed to voice my thoughts, as reconciliation is improved when both sides have a say. Do I value a text message informing me that a patient is on her way and will be 15 minutes late? Absolutely. However, just because she was late does not mean we do not talk about it, especially if it is a trend.

If your partner does not reply to you quickly enough, you may be hurt

There are a lot of additional subtexts (no pun intended), like how soon they answer. Consider an incidence, I texted you immediately away, and you did not text back – what does that mean? When people text, it is pretty instantaneous to them, and if you do not get a response right away, you feel like you are getting neglected.

If you work in an environment where you can not check your phone, you have a valid reason for being late. But, to be honest, there are moments when you want to watch online movies without having to have a constant back-and-forth conversation with your partner. Or, more likely, you saw the text but did not answer. And the other way around. We all anticipate real-time communication because of the immediacy of phones, even when it is not practical. Finally, this introduces a challenging, unique sort of stress that no previous generation of people has ever experienced.


Avoid texting and make real-time conversation to build your relationship

Disappointment, rage, and conflict that may develop during this and other genuine dialogues do not have to be frightening. Conversations that enable you to hear their voice, see their expressions, and engage in authentic discourse remain the gold standard for drawing you closer together. You may find that having a pleasant conversation is the best remedy to loneliness. Please turn off your phone and put it in your pocket so that this can happen.