7 Simple And Profitable Ways To Travel

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If you’d like to feel like a resident in any country, be in comfort and along with this not empty your wallet, then use the Airbnb service, which affords to rent a less expensive apartment or a room in many countries of the world in some clicks. Much useful information about the mentioned service and software that simplifies the management of real estate on this portal can be found at the link https://www.hostyapp.com/airbnb-central-inbox/.

We should say that in the era after the epidemic, this format of accommodation promises to become the most popular among travelers. It will minimize contacts with other tourists and service personnel, which cannot be avoided even in the smallest hotel. When renting private housing, you will personally meet only with its owner and then only 1-2 times – upon check-in and, possibly, upon departure. Before leaving, many owners ask to leave the keys in the mailbox or in the apartment itself, simply slamming the door behind them. If this is not just an additional income for the homeowner, but a real business, everything can be fully automated: the keys will be left in a special box with a digital lock, and the code will be sent some days before arrival.

How to travel cheaply?

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There’s nothing difficult about making your trip on a budget. A little planning and a few savings secrets are all it takes. Airfare, hotels, visas, transport, food, communication – you can cut costs on all of these if you try a little harder.

1. Travel on your own!

The first (and most important) law: don’t be afraid to travel on your own. It’s easy, it’s interesting, it’s cheap. Some people don’t even realize that it is possible to travel abroad without the involvement of agencies and other organizations – they believe that this is the only way to guarantee their safety. And as a result, they either get a boring vacation mostly lying around, or spend unimaginable amounts of money on a more or less unconventional holiday. Travelling on your own is not only possible, but necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a real trip, everything else is a tourist holiday. Everyone can make a great trip for themselves, you just need a little self-sufficiency. Check out our tips for planning self-guided trips to different countries and cities.

We find it especially fun to travel by car (private or rented) – complete freedom of movement! If you’re interested in this option, read our tips on travelling by car. Travelling by motorbike is awesome too!

2. Find the cheapest airfare

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Knowing how to find and book tickets at the lowest price possible is the most important skill you need for budget travel. The main rule to remember always is that the earlier the purchase is made, the better the chances of finding an attractively priced option. To become a true master of finding the cheapest flights, our 15 tips can help you. It makes sense to keep track of the latest airline promotions on our website and check out our special reviews of the cheapest ways to get to a particular country or city.

It’s also worth checking out how to travel cheaply to Europe – here you’ll find a scheme for cheap travel to Schengen through the European countries bordering Russia. You’re also advised to learn about low-cost airlines, which allow you to fly for close to zero costs.

3. Do the visa yourself

Why go through an intermediary and pay double or triple the money? You don’t go to a travel agent to buy something in a supermarket, and you don’t have to do it here. We’re here to travel economically, not to improve the well-being of other people.

Find information online about the nearest consulate or visa center of the desired country, gather all the required documents, and go to them. Many people think that it is safer to go through an agency, as it is less likely that your visa will be refused. This is a misconception, since the whole mission of these intermediaries is that they will take the documents to the consulate instead of you. Tips on how to gather the right documents to increase your chances of getting a visa can easily be found online. Our website also has a section on visas for a number of popular destinations.

4. Travel light

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Take only what you really need – don’t burden yourself with unnecessary luggage. This results in a number of advantages: no need to wait long hours for the luggage claim, no risk of losing it, no need to pay for excess luggage (and with low-cost airlines any luggage is always charged separately and can cost you up to a hundred euros), and moving around the airport and at the destination will be much easier and more pleasant if you do not have to drag along a huge suitcase and bags.

5. Overnight travel instead of a hotel

Overnight travel by train and bus will make the journey cheaper. It’s a good opportunity to save time and money on hotel costs at the same time. First class tickets are better – you’ll pay a little extra, but you’ll be comfortable and you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Buses are not as comfortable, so it’s best not to overdo it and plan your daily overnight commute – your body will swear. However, there are some slipper buses which feature lie-flat cushioned shelves instead of standard seats. It’s definitely a great option for a budget trip without losing comfort.

6. Eat at local places

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Eat cheap and delicious food at the same time when you travel! Restaurants catering to tourists are always stepping in price. Locals, on the other hand, are where you’ll find authentic local food, the lowest prices and the tastiest dishes. If you see lots of local people in a restaurant or a cafe, it must be a great place to eat, so why not come too!

7. Find out in advance about airport transfers

Taxis are always the most expensive way to get around and public transport – the bus, train or metro – is much cheaper. Check all the options for getting from the airport to the city before you take off and you’ll save a considerable amount of money.