Soak Up the Sun With a Yacht Charter in Cannes In 2024


The season of summer vacations is upon us. Everyone has plans, hotel reservations were made, and the fun can begin. Are you in that group? Do you have everything made up already? We hope you don’t. why? Well, there are still a lot of ideas to be made up and plans to bring to life. Do you know what we have in mind? Well, it is one of the most prestigious summer destinations in France. We are of course talking about yacht charter in Cannes.

The city is famed for its film festival, but today we’re going to focus on it as a summer destination. Cannes is one of the most beautiful cities on the French Riviera. So, to visit it, you don’t have to be a fan of movies. Instead, you only need to be a fan of the sun, sand, and sea. The majority of us fall into that category. Do we have your attention?

If that’s the case, let’s talk a little bit about why precisely you should visit Cannes, and what’s the best way to enjoy this amazing city. Of course, the important part is also when to visit, so we’ll start with that.

Cannes – When to Visit?

Well, it all depends. What did you like to do? What do you like to see? For one the climate is amazing during the entire year. So, if you’re not there to swim, you can visit it in December too. But, as far as a normal tourist goes, the ideal time of the calendar to visit is from March to May. Why in that period, because it’s not even summertime, you ask? Well, during that time frame, you will not be crowded by the people who are there for summer relaxation or to be guests at the famed film festival.

If you’re not a fan of crowds, then heed our advice. If you want to go sightseeing in an empty city, book your vacation during the winter. Hotel prices differ during the peak season and off-season, so you can even account for that. As you probably understand, everything is much cheaper during the cold months. Regardless of everything we said, we would visit while the summer season is on to enjoy the vivid streets full of people, sandy beaches overflowing with tourists, and bars filled with crowds and music beats.

How to Enjoy it Best?


Let us give you another perspective on summer by charter a yacht in Cannes. Are you prepared for a shock? As you know, this city is home to many rich people. Many of them love to enjoy their time in their villas both onshore and on the sea. You could live that lifestyle for a while. What we have in mind is, of course, yacht charter in Cannes.

This is one of the best ways to enjoy this amazing city, its landscapes, seashore, beaches, and surrounding nature. All you need to do is to contact companies such as Click&Boat when in Cannes and rent a boat for yourself and your entourage. All of a sudden this jewel of the French Riviera will get a new dimension. Maybe this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but you should try it out nonetheless. You will not regret it.

Sightseeing in Cannes


This city is a popular tourist destination for a reason. It offers so much to everyone. First of all, when you’re in the city you need to check out its famous Boulevard de la Croisette. Fashion and style are what sets this street from any similar one in France. Beyond it, when you’re ready to move away from the modern part of Cannes, the old town famously called Le Suquet is there for you to see.

Of course, if you’re coming during that period of the year Festival de Cannes (Film Festival) in May is a must-see attraction. Also, if you’re a bit religious, paying a visit to Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance should be on your bucket list. The best part is that you can see it from the sea. That’s why spending time on a boat should be the first option you choose for exploring Cannes.

One of the best parts of seeing Cannes and exploring it by boat is that you’ll have access to all of its public beaches, but also you’ll be able to witness many of the exclusive private beach clubs. Furthermore, what the boat will give you access to is the Old Port called Vieux Port where hundreds of boats and yachts are kept and where you’ll have a chance to meet a few celebrities or rich oligarchs.

Where to Stay


Well, you can’t spend all of your days in Cannes on a boat, while that would be an adventure, we are more inclined to recommend a stay in the city. There are plenty of hotels worth your attention. On top of our heads, we must say that Hotel Martinez and Okko Cannes should suit everyone’s needs. If these two do not fit your taste or your budget, you can try places such as Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic or Five Seas Hotel.

Whichever you pick, there will be no mistake. Cannes is a city of hospitality, and it is built to cater to the needs of even the most demanding customers. You’ll have the time of your life there, without a doubt. After all, the city is so charming that you’ll be spending the least of your time in your hotel room.