7 Ways to Spot Fake Profiles When Using Online Dating Apps

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The number of fake profiles is increasing in online dating apps spoiling the fun of online dating. This is the reason why many people don’t prefer online dating. People are just making fake profiles for catfishing and hurting the emotions and sentiments of other users.

Online dating can be fun too and a whole new experience talking with strangers who have similar interests and thoughts as yours and one of them could possibly be your next date. Chat now and start your online dating experience to meet the right person in your life.

Working ways to spot fake profiles while dating online

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1. They have no or single profile photo

Real people on online dating apps usually have multiple profiles photo 3-4 minimum. The most common way to spot a fake profile while using online dating apps is by checking if the profile has multiple display pictures of themselves or just a single photo with no personal information in the bio.

Most of the fake profiles on online dating apps have no or single display picture and a major red flag for fake profiles with wrong intentions. These people find these fake display pictures from Google or any other social media and you can confirm if it’s a fake profile by doing a reverse image search.

2. The information in their bio doesn’t match the profile photo

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If you have enough experience of online dating you can easily figure out that sometimes the profile description doesn’t match the profile picture. There are many profiles with a long bio that sounds totally fake and copied. If you search the same text you will find it in Google.

People with fake profiles usually copy a single photo or two from Google and also copy-paste their bio from Google and in doing so their information in the description doesn’t match the display picture. This is because most of these fake profiles users don’t have time to write an original description so they just copy from the internet.

3. They have a weird conversation style that doesn’t make sense

You can easily spot a fake profile or a bot account by reading their weird conversation style that doesn’t make any sense. There are bot accounts included in almost every dating apps so people who don’t get enough matches don’t stop using the application. If it’s a bot account you will feel like you are talking with an AI.

Others are fake profiles with a single charming profile picture but they cannot even frame a proper sentence. They have a nonsensical conversation style and the sentences have plenty of grammatical mistakes and mostly they will reply in one word.

4. They will refuse to reveal their social media accounts

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Nowadays everyone has a profile on social media platforms and even after talking daily for a couple of weeks if they are refusing to reveal their social media accounts then there is definitely something they are hiding. In most cases, these turn out to be fake profiles belonging to a scammer.

Whenever you will ask them for Instagram or Facebook accounts they will probably lie about their social media accounts or change the conversation topic. This is amongst the easiest way to spot a fake profile while dating online. If you encounter this type of a person it’s better to block them. You never know what they might do with the information you tell them about you.

5. Their social media accounts have a sceptical number of followers

An easy way to spot a fake profile while dating online is by searching the name of the user you are talking with on different popular social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. At first, check if their faces match in both places and secondly look if they have a sceptical number of followers.

If the profile belongs to a model with huge followers then there might be high chances some other person is using this profile photo to chat with you. Also, if you see there are no or very few followers then again there are high chances of you talking with a fake profile.

They create this fake profile on other social media platforms to support their fake profile in dating apps but they forget no one is following them.

6. They use stock photos in their display picture

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You might have encountered profiles with stock pictures as their display photo. These profiles usually turn out to be fake or maybe a bot account. A real person will always put his own pictures instead of posting stock photos. If a person has multiple pictures with friends or family then it’s definitely a real account.

Several people with fake profiles don’t find a suitable display picture hence they post stock photos like flowers, mountains, trees, animals etc. Some even use pictures of celebrities or models who look attractive or edited pictures with turning their faces backwards and much more.

7. They send or forward you links to unfamiliar websites

If you receive continuous links to websites that you don’t recognize then it’s a clear indication of a fake profile with the ulterior motive of phishing scams. These links will redirect you to a website where your device might automatically download malicious software that can hinder your privacy.

Never open links received from profiles that are already suspicious like a single picture or no description or not revealing social media account etc. They will tell you to register for free rewards but in real, it is a part of their scam with people.

The Bottom-line

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If you ever encounter a fake profile do report it and also share it among your friends if they are dating online. Don’t fall for flirty texts as the person might be using a fake profile to get information about you. Also, never share too much personal information until you have actually met the person in real.

These were some ways to spot a fake profile on online dating apps. Remember these tips and keep yourself safe from falling into any scam.