Studio Apartments For Rent – What To Look For When Choosing an Apartment?


Studios are quite popular offerings on the modern real estate for rent market. They perfectly fit the requirements and necessities of millenials and may be a good option to rent during a pandemic. In this article, we have covered the main essentials you have to consider when looking for studio apartments for rent. Let’s find them out.

Studio Apartments for Rent Benefits

What makes studio apartments for rent a worth considering option? Below are the main benefits studio owners and tenants often share.

1. This is a trendy option


Studios are quite appealing from the interior design trends standpoint. They are the most instagrammable apartments since they look modern and often have panoramic windows, amazing views, and roof exits.

2. Cheap studio apartments for rent do exist

Renting a studio apartment is much cheaper compared to renting a one-bedroom apartment. This option isn’t a one-for-all fit so the studio owners are often willing to offer a reasonable price to rent it out. They are also often chosen by Millenials who are quite tech-savvy and smart with their finances.

3. Studios are good for implementing your personal interior design ideas

Renting a studio is a good opportunity to create a custom interior that will fully meet your taste, values, and necessities. Since the studio implies free zoning and distribution of space, perhaps only with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom area, then you can implement any design ideas to make your stay comfortable.

4. They often come fully-furnished


For those unwilling to spend time and money on designing an interior and buying furniture, there are studios instantly available for moving in. They have all the necessary items and appliances to leave in comfort.

5. It takes no time to clean a studio

Most studio owners and tenants also agree that keeping your studio clean isn’t that difficult. Less space means fewer opportunities to collect waste, and less time to quickly clean all the surfaces.

6. This is an option to be satisfied with less

Studio apartments for rent near me well fit a minimalist lifestyle. Less space means less furniture, and less furniture means fewer shelves to collect and store unnecessary things. This is just the case when you may be more focused on quality than on quantity.

7. Most often, they are located near business areas

Most often, cheap studio apartments for rent are located nearby business areas of the city, so they may be an option for those who still have to work in an office or visit it flexibly.

Who Is This Option Suitable For?


Studio apartments for rent near me are good options for those who plan to live alone or with a pet; don’t want to pay more for space they will not actually use and are fond of a minimalistic and eco-friendly lifestyle. This is also an option for those who work at home since studios give you little opportunity to collect waste.

However, even cheap studio apartments for rent aren’t an option that suits everyone. Don’t choose a studio if:

  • you have to share your studio with your partner/friend/somebody else but you still value your personal space most of all. The open-space nature of a studio leaves little room to be alone.
  • you plan to have kids. Kids need personal space, so in this case, a 2-3 bedroom apartment or a private house would be a better choice.
  • you don’t like the concept. Despite studios being trendy, there are people who still prefer traditional zoning, planning, and interior design. In this case, a studio may be an option for a short-term rental.

What to Look For in the Best Studio Apartments for Rent Near Me


Ready to rent your perfect studio? Consider the following essential points.

The trusted place for your search

Modern tenants are well-known for their habit to search for the perfect dwelling using mobile apps and online platforms. Indeed, this is quite an effective approach that allows for saving a lot of time and money. Consider using to unlock access to the best real estate offers available on the US real estate market. This is a trusted place with hundreds of fully-furnished studios available for instant rent and moving in. Just specify your location and let the effective search begin. In addition to that, if you are looking for modern apartments with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, then go straight to checking All the basic information about their apartments are displayed in their website to make apartment search easier for you.


By the way, as for the location of your future studio, consider the city area you will be comfortable living in. Most studies are located in the city centers and their neighborhoods to give you the opportunity to get to the office quickly in an eco-friendly way, for example, by foot or by bicycle.


Most studios have fascinating views. Take a closer look at the photos to find out whether the view inspires you. This is especially important if you are going to work from home while living in the studio.

Square space


If you are going to live alone, 40-50 square meters will be enough to live minimalistically but still have all the things you need for your comfortable stay. If you will live with a friend or partner, pay attention to the larger option so that each of you has the opportunity to be together but still don’t disturb each other.


If you plan to move in with a pet, ask a landlord about this opportunity in advance. Some owners prohibit staying with pets, while others are quite pet-friendly. Also, read the contract carefully. It may contain a statement according to which you may have to pay a fine if something is spoiled or destroyed by your pet.

Utility costs

Renting a studio also implies the opportunity to cut off utility bills. But still, you have to find out the average monthly bill in advance to find out whether the option is affordable and financially reasonable for you.


As for the furniture, everything depends on your preferences. Consider a fully furnished studio if you need to move in quickly. Or pay attention to those without interior design. Consider the latter for a long-term rental since this is an option to design everything in the way you like most.

Your inner feeling

Listen to your intuition when making a final decision. In most cases, the sixth feeling is ultimately right, so consider skipping the option you feel unsure about and proceed with your search.