Recovering from Chronic Pain? Try a Cooler that Combines Compression with Cold Therapy


If you are recovering from chronic pain, you may feel like you have tried everything. However, cold therapy is one of the most effective methods to provide short-term and long-term relief for aching joints, hurt muscles, and other skin conditions that can cause the user to suffer.

When looking at therapeutic methods to help recover from pain, people typically turn towards pain killers and surgeries. Fortunately, there are less invasive methods that provide the same – or better – results. Let’s see the main benefits of cold therapy and why you should use it to help treat common problems! See more about it.

What is cold therapy? How can it benefit you?


Using hot and cold therapies can be a great way to remove acute or prolonged injuries. Along with sudden injuries, like accidents or sports incidents, some people suffer from chronic illnesses that need to be remedied using a combination of various modalities.

Patients often turn to heat therapy for chronic pain, using hot packs, massages, and hot baths to soothe aching muscles or joint pain. The benefit of using heat therapy is the relief patients get from the hot topical cream or ointment – since heat is more tolerable than cold, heat therapy can be good for painful injuries.

However, cold therapy is often the recommended cure for chronic pain. Cold therapy provides equal or more benefits when compared to heat therapy since cold therapy is proven to be highly successful when treating chronic pain, acute pain, and joint concerns.

Cold therapy using compression has been shown to remedy certain illnesses, such as improving restricted blood vessels, reducing inflammation, quelling pain, numbing nerve endings, slowing circulation, and reducing swelling and edema.

Fortunately for those suffering from chronic pain, cold therapy has improved in recent years. Instead of just wrapping an ice pack around your hurt arm or elbow, you can use an aircast cryo cuff to help chronic illness and soothe your pain.

Benefits of using cold therapy


Let’s see some of the main benefits of using a device like this to help with chronic nerve, joint, or muscle pain due to stress, acute injuries, or overuse injuries. Using this method lets you deliver cryotherapy to just one area, targeting the primary source of your pain.

1. Numbs nerve irritation

If you are using this device for nerve problems, using this method can help you numb any irritation. Many athletes use cryotherapy for numbing pain related to an irritated nerve or minor injury. Treating pinched nerves, commonly found in the back of the elbow, helps athletes and regular people move normally again.

2. Reduces arthritis pain


Using it helps reduce arthritic pain by targeting a damaged joint. Localized treatment is effective at treating those suffering from arthritis since the process is well-tolerated, allows for intense physiotherapy, and can be used in coordination with occupational therapy. Click here to find professionals that can help maintain health for all ages.

3. Treats skin conditions

Another benefit of using an it is the ability to help treat skin conditions along with chronic pain. Dermatitis is a type of inflammation on the exterior of your skin that can cause irritation and swelling, making the user constantly in pain and uncomfortable. Since cryotherapy increases the antioxidant levels in your body, it can reduce inflammation and acne at the same time.

4. Easy to use


This is an excellent therapy modality for you to use in the comfort of your own home. Instead of having to go to a physiotherapy office located a mile away, you can simply use the cryo cuff for your knee, shoulder, or elbow in a few minutes. The cryo cuff system helps use compression and cooling to minimize inflammation, pain, swelling, and chronic skin conditions.

5. Muscle healing

One of the most significant benefits of using it is muscle relaxation and healing. Whether it be due to a pull of your hamstring or muscle overuse that causes constant pain, using cryotherapy helps reduce the pain on injured muscles. Using cold therapy helps increase blood circulation, promoting quicker healing times and quicker pain relief.

Studies have shown that using cryotherapy and localized cold compression helps provide temporary pain relief from arthritis, along with helping those who suffer from the side effects of prolonged intense exercise, such as professional endurance athletes.

A 2017 study also showed that cryotherapy helps prevent muscle pain, increase healing speed, and increases the speed of healing athletic injuries, such as sprains and muscle strains.

6. Reduced inflammation


Cryotherapy helps with reduced inflammation by supporting your immune system. Sometimes the immune system becomes too sensitive to external senses, which results in chronic inflammation, cancer, dementia, joint pain, and arthritis. To help ease this information, cold therapy can help reduce chronic ailments by soothing the area.

7. Reduced anxiety

Along with helping inflammation and pain, using cryotherapy in the form of an aircast cry or cuff can help individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression. Cryotherapy helps reduce inflammation linked with mental health conditions or mood disorders, such as social anxiety or chronic depression.



Using this device and cooler can be a great way to reduce inflammation, lessen anxiety, relieve muscle pain, and help other common symptoms that arise from chronic pain. This easy at-home method can be used any time of the day, making it quick and straightforward for all patients to use on their own time.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive medicines or surgeries, trying compression and cold therapy can help patients find immediate relief. By helping numb nerve pain, soothing irritation, and helping with chronic skin conditions, cold therapy is an all-natural method to assist patients to recover and deal with chronic issues.

An aircast cryo cuff with the cooler is a simple method that is especially suitable for joint pain, such as elbow, shoulder, or knee issues from acute injuries or overuse. If you are suffering from a chronic condition, like arthritis, you will receive numerous benefits from using a cold therapy modality in your treatment regimen.