5 Great Summer Camp Options For Kids Of All Ages

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A person’s childhood memories are carried on for a long time. These stories pop out of nowhere on cozy winter afternoons when the sun shines bright, helping people remember their fun and stress-free childhood.

Walking down memory lane becomes extra special because of the childhood friends that one had and the number of activities done with them, especially during the summer holidays.

And, the talk of the free-spirited summer holidays is incomplete without mentioning summer camps. As exciting as the idea of a summer camp is, you will be surprised to know the wide variety of options the kids of today have to explore!

You’ve got the back if you are looking for summer camp options for your kids. Here are some fantastic options that you can explore.

Believe it or not, these options suit kids of all ages. Hence, you got to brace yourself to make the tough choice of choosing an option that is better than the best!

1. Bold Earth Adventures

Source: boldearth.com

Boldearth.com should be at the top of your considerations for teen adventure summer camps. From incredible itineraries to wholesome adventures, there are many things that your teenager will love over here. The best part about this camp is that the team reviews all the trips, so the travel experience is full of learning and unforgettable experiences. The kids can step out of their comfort zone and conquer their fears.

They say that travel is the best way to open the hidden horizons of an individual, and the teenage is the best time to introduce this concept to your child. The myriad adventure activities this camp offers and its spectacular views are a must-try for all children.

The team focuses on taking small groups at a time so that the children can explore the local cultures of the places they visit. Also, remember the stories that will stay with children for a lifetime and the cherishable bonds with larger-than-life glimpses of different corners of the world.

2. Tall Timbers

Source: talltimber.org

It is a possibility that you might have heard about this one. It has been designing activities long before the idea of a summer camp became popular.

It was founded in 1970 and has emerged as an award-winning camp. As soon as your child turns 7, you can think of enrolling your child in this camp. If you are unaware of this one, you will be happy to know that this camp focuses on a child’s personal development. There are a lot of activities and challenges over here that stimulate the development process.

It is natural for you to be worried about your child when they are away at the camp. But this one has got you covered in that aspect, too. The family weekend allows you to join your child at the camp. Generally, the camp’s duration is 1-3 weeks.

3. The Lakota Camp

Source: woodworks.org

If you want to send your child to a summer camp for the first time and are looking for something friendly and united, you can choose Camp Lakota. You can find it in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York. It welcomes children between 6 to 16 years. Also, if you are lucky, you can get discounted rates for specific age groups.

The camp serves you with a combination of typical camping activities and unique challenges. So, when your child turns into a camper, you will see their fears move away as they take up traits that will help them take anything by the storm which comes their way.

Also, you can see your child having a better hold on life essentials like independence, group work, cooperation, and confidence. When you work in a group, the community feeling develops and helps a child in the later stages of life, too. These things will also remain with the child while growing up and entering the professional field.

Summer camps offer more than just activities to rejuvenate and relax in the summer holidays. Isn’t it?

4. The Multicultural Camp At Kupugani

Source: campkupugani.com

A two-hour drive from Chicago will help you reach the Kupugani Multicultural camp, which swears by its name. Kupugani means raising oneself, which is what a child learns over here. The staff instills bonds in the campers here, and that’s how they understand the meaning of friendship and trust. It focuses on developing core values that help children when they grow up.

While putting their best foot forward and enjoying the activities, children learn skills like empowerment and meeting the community goals. Also, the camp focuses on developing self-esteem and appreciation through the community. Each community member is essential, and each person’s contribution matters.

It is a family-like feeling as the staff is careful while dealing with the children who come to the camp for the first time and feel homesick.

5. Rawhide Ranch

Source: onlyinyourstate.com

Another pick for your kid between 7 to 15 years of age is the Rawhide Ranch. It is not a camp that you might have heard of before. It offers western riding experiences. Also, the children can sleep on wagon trains. Also, they can be a part of the animal; specifically, the horse shows that happen over the week.

Apart from that, children can also undergo other unique activities like water sports and archery. Also, the supervisor focuses on team building, and this is the place where your kid will get to learn new skills and be a part of long-lasting bonds.

Gone are the days when summer camps were only about art, craft, dance, and music. With so many exciting things on their plate, children are up for a life-changing and value-generating experience with such camping options.


Be it the vibe of the first day or the nostalgia that begins gearing up as a teenager moves towards the end, summer camps are special. And, what’s more, remarkable is the bonds that children create, the activities they do, and the memorable learnings that a kid takes back by the end of it.

As the summer is approaching, you should figure out all the camp opportunities in store for your kid and pick the one that interests your kid the most.