These Are The Best 6 Air Coolers in India in 2024

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Summertime in India, as well as other periods of the year, can get very rough in most areas. High temperature and humidity make it hard to get through the day, even if you are in the comfort of your home. This is why you need something to help you cool off, and what better to get than a quality air cooler. These devices have become a standard home necessity in India, and people love them for a very simple reason. They cool the air and give you the optimal conditions to work and relax. In this article, we will go over some of the best air coolers you can get in India this year.

Best Air Coolers in India 2024

1. Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote


The first air cooler we have for you is by the Symphony brand. It is able to cool down your room within minutes thanks to the effective cooling technology and its high intelligence. It can hold 31 liters in its tank, enough water for a full day of cooling. The air delivery rate is 1750 cubic meters, and the water will remain cool for the whole day. The device uses Dura-pump technology, and it has a honeycomb cooling pad and humidity control.
The remote control is user-friendly, and the whole thing is rather straightforward and easy to use. It has a net against dust and insects, wheels, and a power inverter. It measures 50 x 91.5 x 38 cm, while the fan diameter is 18 cm. It uses 185W of power.

2. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air cooler

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Here is another product by the same brand of air coolers. This powerful model has standard water storage and it holds 12 liters. This cooler is perfect for any home and a great everyday solution. Its rate is 1000 cubic meters, and it only needs minutes to cool down a room. It has low, medium, and high-speed settings. Like its cousin, it uses Dura-pump technology, and it also has honeycomb pads.
Furthermore, it has similarly flexible wheels, and a strong insect and dust net. It is smaller than the previous model, and it measures 30 x 84.5 x 33 cm. The weight is 7.7 kg, and the fan diameter is the same, 18 cm. It is best suited for 100 square meter rooms or smaller. The cooler uses 170W of power, and it works at 230V, 50Hz.

3. Cello Artic 50-litre Air Cooler


While most other air coolers tend to be power-hungry, this Cello model is very ecofriendly and uses lower amounts of energy. It is still powerful, and it can hold 50 liters of water. For those extreme midsummer temperatures, you can hardly go better than this. One of its best features includes corner to corner cooling, thanks to the turbo cooling setting. It is quiet enough not to wake you up or disturb your sleep.
You can move it around easily, and because of the consumer-friendly design and the auto-filling option, it is convenient and easy to operate. The fan is 18 cm in diameter, and since it has surround cooling, it is suitable for larger areas like banks, halls, restaurants, and offices. The frequency is 50HZ, while its voltage is 230V. The power input is 185W. The cooling capacity you get is amazing, 4200 cubic meters. Mind that this is a larger model than most, and it measures at 67 x 63.5 x 82.5 cm. The total weight is 17.5 kg.

4. Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler

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This air cooler is highly portable, compact, and powerful, meaning that it has it all. It is similarly effective in the bedroom and in an office. The material used is thermoplastic, and it has been made free of corrosion. Despite having a powerful motor, it is silent. The tank holds 36 liters of string water that will remain cool for long.
There is a 4-way deflection system present, and it can cool down rooms that are 150 square feet or smaller. Airflow distance is 30 feet. Air delivery is 1300 cubic meters on average, while the peak level is 1800. The air cooler weighs 11.4 kilograms, and measures at 45.5 x 43.5 x 82 centimeters.

5. Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-Litre Room Cooler

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The second model by Bajaj is a rather eco-friendly solution for your everyday cooling. It is portable and easy to both install and maintains. Thanks to the thermoplastic body, it is lightweight but shockproof and durable, as well as corrosion-free. The tank capacity is 67 liters, enough for a lot of cooling, further enhanced by the continuous water supply system.
Three different settings are present, to customize the temperature to your desires/ Average air delivery is 3500 cubic meters, and the maximum is 5800 cubic meters per hour. Dimensions are 70 x 61 x 110.5 cm, and it weighs 20.7 kg. This means it is the largest and heaviest model so far on the list.

6. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan (White)

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For the last entry on our list, we have chosen this stylish model by Kelvinator. Except looking cool, it does its job amazingly well. It is the smallest solution on the list, and as such, it can only hold 10 liters of water. This amount is enough for around 6 hours of cooling, which means this cooler is best suited for smaller rooms and offices. It has an ABS plastic body that is rust-free and durable. The air throw distance is 20 feet. Since it is so small, it is very practical, portable, and compact.
The device measures at only 26 x 30 x 51 cm, and weighs just over five kilograms. The input voltage is 220V, and it works at a 50Hz frequency. For protection against the dust and insects, it has a safety net. Maintenance and installation are easy. Overall, this is the most affordable model we have for you, and it packs a lot of value for its price.


However big your personal or business space is, there is something for everyone on this list. From small to huge, these air coolers will make your summertime days and other hot periods of the year more pleasant and convenient. A device like this can be a lifesaver, so go on and get yourself an air cooler and never again suffer through humidity and heat!