3 Things To Do If You Get Lost In The Woods

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Imagine trees, calmness, and green surroundings. For me, this is the recipe for a healthy getaway and not to mention all of the benefits that woods can offer.

Enjoying the fresh and clean air, the smell, the vegetation, the scents and the sound of birds chirping, is a perfect reason to plan a walk in the woods.

According to many studies, a single walk into the woods is good for our blood pressure, beneficial for our immune system, reduces stress and anxiety. The feeling of loneliness can be gone, especially if we decide to go for a walk with a close companion.

The presence of trees has a positive outcome for our inner peace, especially for people who are struggling with depression. If you are interested in learning if you might be depressed, take this test: https://www.mind-diagnostics.org/depression-test.

A forest walk can be beneficial no matter our state of mind, but sometimes can be deadly dangerous if we are not careful.

Getting lost in the woods is a common thing, it can happen to almost everyone and it is in our responsibility to stay aware while enjoying the beauty around us.

However, getting lost doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily, as long as we are prepared to act immediately in situations like these.

Here are the 3 most important things you should do when you find yourself lost in the woods :

1. Try to find out where exactly you are

Image source: pexels.com

When you find yourself lost in the woods, the first thing you should do is to find out your exact location. This will help you to be oriented and of course, to provide the information to someone who can get you help and get you back to safety.

Click here for a fast solution. This tool will be your best friend during your alone time in the woods. It is a free application, which is specifically designed to provide valuable information and details when in need.

The app can show you, your exact position on the map, the state and the city you are in, and most importantly, your GPS coordinates.

These details will help you in a fast way so that you can be found as fast as possible by the first responders.

2. Stay where you are

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Once you share your location with the first responders, it is extremely important to maintain your position. If you move, you will prolong the time you could be found. It will be more difficult to track a moving object, rather than if you are put.

In case you feel in danger, you can find a more open place, a place visible enough and easy to notice.

The moment when you realize that you are lost you will begin to panic and you will start to move faster. This is all normal, as you will be driven by adrenaline to find a solution for your safety.

That’s why it is important to stay calm and to hold your position so that everything resolves quickly and safely.

When sharing your location with authorities, it is also important to describe the area around you. You should be calm in order for you to give a few details of the place you are stuck in.

Observing and memorizing every detail will be helpful for you to stay safe in case you have to wait a while until you are found.

3. Stay calm and don’t panic!

Image source: pexels.com

Yes, this rule will be difficult to follow but it is the most important one.

Situations like this are proof of what we are capable of, and how we can manage fear when we are in danger.

Your adrenaline will be through the rough and most of your decisions will be driven by it.

Staying calm will definitely help you to think more clearly and you will be able to choose your next step wisely.

If you panic, your mind will only provide you with negative and scary thoughts and that won’t lead you anywhere.

Remember the reason why you began your walk in the forest and you will see that, that was supposed to be your getaway, your relief so it will be unnecessary if you ruin it with your fear of what will happen next.

Breathe and try to find a place to sit. Try to drink water, enough for you to calm down and to think about what’s coming next.

Observe, analyze and you will find a fast solution. If the first responders need a few hours to locate you, try to keep that calm state of mind and think that everything will turn out just fine at the end.

It is all fun and games until it happens. In this case, what was planned to be a simple walk in the forest, can turn out to be your worst day.

If this scenario happens, we should be prepared. That means that, yes it is a simple hike but all of the necessary precautions should be taken before it begins.

Informing a close friend if you are walking alone is a must. Giving them the exact location of where you will be walking, the time when you will begin and possibly a map of the trail, will definitely bring you a fast resolving.

Trying to do some research online,  about different tips like outdoor safety rules and compass skills can also be beneficial, so do your best to do your research before you go on an adventure in the woods.

There are also a lot of outdoor outfitters who offer courses. They are usually people with experience in the field and they are the ones with the recommendations which have to be followed.

To make it simple, prevention is the best medicine. Yes, it can happen, but not if we don’t allow it.

So, prepare, plan, and organize accordingly your next adventure. Don’t be afraid and don’t assume the worst.

Explore the woods and their beauty. Enjoy nature because nature heals,  inspires, guides, and leads to new opportunities!