Incredibly Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bordeaux

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When we all say Bordeaux, the first thing that comes to our mind is the popular wine that we all love. Well, the Bordeaux wine is actually made in a location that has the same name, in beautiful France. Bordeaux, a UNESCO-listed old city, definitely demands your attention, thanks to its extraordinary 18th-century quays as well as squares and amazing civic buildings that have been made from a beguiling honey-colored stone. Let’s explore the most beautiful tourist attractions in Bordeaux so that you know exactly what you must do in case you plan a trip here.

Grand Theatre de Bordeaux

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For a relaxing night in Bordeaux, we highly recommend you to go to the theatre. The most wonderful way to experience this building to the fullest is to actually watch a performance by the Bordeaux National Opera. Every season includes conductors, guest soloists, 110 orchestra musicians, 37 choral artists, as well as 38 dancers. For single men who are traveling to Bordeaux, it si recommended hiring a charming escort through sites, such as in order to keep him company at the theater or on a night out in a night club.

With so many beautiful and well-mannered girls in this city, it will be quite simple to find one to your taste, even at the moment when the situation in the world is not very good due to the coronavirus. However, thsi city is quite lucky as it doesn’t have such big problems like other countries in Europe with the virus.

Bordeaux wine

Another interesting thing you can do in Bordeaux is to pick up useful information on where to go next on your wine adventure, as the choice is without a doubt dizzying. You are in the world’s wine capital, and therefore, there is plenty to see and do. Usually, there is a guided tour that involves hopping into transport as you make your way around Canon Fronsac, Saint-Emilion, The Medoc, Graves, and Sauternes. During this tour, you will be shown around the watt rooms as well as cellars, and you will learn interesting things about how the wine is being made and stored. During summertime, the tasting sessions are usually held outside, and this is without a doubt an extremely amazing atmosphere. The town of Saint-Emilion shines beautifully for its old stone streets, ruins, and also romanesque churches.

Quais de Bordeaux

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This is without a doubt one of the most amazing waterfronts in the entire world. Furthermore, it is also part of the 18th century World Heritage ensemble. Located right next to the broad Garonne, and in plus, crossed by plenty of arches of Pont de Pierre, we can say that there is an interesting openness about the spaces that will certainly imbue your walk with some extra fitness. Visitors will find here amazingly beautiful flower beds, lawns, as well as numerous benches where they can relax and rest their feet.

La Cite du Vin

This cultural center is an ultra modern place, and overall, it is without a doubt a celebration of all things wine. In fact, we can say that La Cite du Vin is an ambitious and innovative project that is quite hard to sum up in just a few sentences. For a casual visitor, this place looks more like a high-tech museum that teaches you interesting things about the history of wine in this region. Visitors have not more and not less than ten hours worth of audiovisual material. Therefore, in case you are an oenophile, then you could easily spend an entire day here indulging in curiosity. The architecture of this building is definitely dazzling, and the entire tour will climaxe with a visit to the lovely and vibrant belvedere bar where visitors can pair a glass of deliciosu wine with tasty vistas of Bordeaux as well as Garonne.

Place de la Bourse

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The one who designed this spot is Jacques Gabriel, a very popular arhitect. The square didn’t take long in order to become a great symbol for this city. We recommend you to go up, so that you can better see the macarons beneath the arches of the buildings. After doing so, you need to cross the road to the Water Mirror, designed by famous landscape artist, Michel Corajoud. This is a big pool with a bit more than a shallow film of water, reflecting in a beautiful way Place de la Bourse. The entire area is a lovely one, where you can spend a relaxing day.

La Grosse Cloche

La Grosse Cloche has been built in the 15tn century, and it is without a doubt the old belfry for the city’s town hall. Unfortunately, this is one of the fewer fragments that remain from Bordeaux’ medieval period. This is built on the remnants of former gate in the old ramparts, from the 13th century. This gate has once had a very small prison, especially created for juvenile offenders, and they were actually kept behind a massive door that was 10-centimeter thick. Visitors can have a close look at the bell from the below. Believe it or not, the bell weighs not more and not less than 7.750 tons. La Grosse Cloche is quite silent nearly all year round, except for the big celebrations such as Bastille Day. Just for a small fee, you can easily enter the building and go up in order to enjoy the wonderful view of the Garonne.

Bordeaux Cathedral

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You just cannot visit Bordeaux without having a look at this lovely and unique cathedral. The history of this building was not an easy one, as the cathedral has had a tough time during the Revolution. It is without a doubt a miracle that it still exist these days. The north portal has been built at first as a royal entrance in the 13th century, and the neighbouring Tour Pey Berland bell-tower is definitely another excellent way to see the entire city, but only if you can handle the 282 stepts to the top.