Bingo Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

While you are going to play bingo for some fun with your friends, you also want to be able to win that grand prize. The jackpot is luring you and you really want to give it all you have got to win. You might think that bingo is all about luck and there is no skill to it – we guess you are almost right. However, there are a few bingo tips to help you win that we can share on this site. So, grab your card and your dauber and get ready to mark your card with these tricks.

Buy more cards

You might be thinking that is the most obvious tip you have ever heard. Of course, if you want more chances of winning in a game of luck you try to reduce the odds. Therefore, buying more cards does this, just as buying more lottery tickets slightly increases the odds in your favor.

But, it is not quite that simple. When you see those skilled bingo-goers with dozens of cards at a time, they have the capacity to scan the numbers quickly. The bingo caller will be going at a fair rate and they won’t stop to let you catch up. Therefore, you have to be able to find that sweet spot of the number of cards balanced against how fast you can spot those numbers. This is definitely where some skills come in.

Play when it is quiet

The more people in the room when you play, the less chance you have to win. Therefore, if you go down to your local bingo hall on a Friday night when it is packed, you have less chance of winning than on a Monday morning. This again seems like an obvious point, but no less worth saying here. Many people forget that you reduce your odds of winning if you play against 100 players rather than 10 – especially when someone in the room has to win.

The same is true when you go online. If you can time it when there are few other people playing, you definitely increase your chances. You will need to think globally when choosing your time. Think carefully when America comes online, for instance, if playing in the UK.

Again, like buying more cards, it is a balance, especially in a bingo hall down your high street. The hall will know the times when they are more likely to get punters. This time will be the time that all other bingo halls are competing for custom. So, all the best prizes are offered at the highest peak of popularity. This means that you need to find another sweet spot – a time when the bingo hall wished it had more customers and were offering an enticement but were not quite getting the numbers.

Seat yourself well

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Online you are completely in control of where you sit. But, you still need to make some conscious effort to sit where you won’t get distracted. Close that door, keep the wine in the glass, and your eyes sharp on the screen. If this doesn’t sound too much like fun you again need to find the mid-ground between fun and a serious desire to win.

You will see the difference between the fun players and the serious bingo experts when you go to a bingo hall. There will be those crowded close to the caller playing in absolute silence and glaring at those who even choose to whisper. Then there are the groups who huddle together and giggle and draw the disparaging looks. Now, if you want a serious chance of winning, you will need to be with those who are quiet and help you check off the numbers when they come.

Using stats models

Finally, there are statisticians who have tried to come up with the perfect number card for winning. First, there is the model that suggests you look for a card that has both odd and even numbers, high and low numbers, and numbers that end with 0 – 9 across the range. In other words, playing the probabilities. Alternatively, there is the idea that the longer a game goes on the more likely the numbers will crowd around the median number. So, on a 75-ball game, as you go longer into a game those numbers around 38 will come out. Therefore, you need to choose a card with high and low numbers to get in first.