7 Reasons Why All Beginner Surfers Should Buy Thicker Surfboards

Each of us is looking for an activity that will reflect his personality. Most people look for it in one of the adrenaline opportunities such as surfing. Surfing is a great way to have an adrenaline rush, but it’s something that’s only recommended for great swimmers and those who are great in the water.

Have you ever wondered why some surfers ride longboards or even double fins while others get bored riding regular thin surfboards? Well, it has nothing to do with skill level, but rather surfing style and preference. Many surfers prefer riding thin boards because they are easier to transport and store. If you’re new to the sport, however, you should consider buying thin boards.

Longboard surfing requires specific skills, knowledge, and experience to master. For starters, beginners often struggle to control their board properly, causing them to fall down or crash into things, so it is important to have a thin board that is much more practical and is recommended for every beginner, and even for those who are long they have been surfing for years.

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In addition, surfing boards, similar to other boards, give greater stamina and strength than other styles, although a large number of surfers deny that this is so. As such, you’ll need to invest time and effort to practice and gain proficiency so that you can surf ideally with the help of this board, say the experts from Surfari, who are considered one of the best Surf shops in Switzerland.

The good news is that once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll notice clearly why these thin boards are good, that is, you’ll be able to easily see the advantages they bring for lovers of this adrenaline-fueled water activity.

Surfers who want to travel often and want to often be on such adrenaline activities will see how easy and simple it is to transport this thin board. They are easier to pack and carry along, and you can even easily transport them from the vehicle to the beach.

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These boards bring you many advantages that you do not know, but also many reasons that are positive for you, and will only bring you a better surfing experience. Today we talk a lot more about this topic and bring you a lot of information that will certainly be useful to you, and you can find out more about it in the sequel.

  1. When learning how to ride waves, especially if they’re small, you need something sturdy enough to handle the power of big waves without breaking apart. A thick board won’t flex nearly as much when hit hard by a wave and will remain stable even under the force of a giant wave, and that is a huge advantage that this wave equipment can bring to every surfer. Still, thinking about what your new board should be? Think no more, this is the solution you need.
  1. A thin board will not only be easier to flip over, but it’ll also be more responsive to smaller breaks. This means that you can learn to ride small waves and progress onto bigger ones sooner than if you were riding on a thinner board. The advantage is great and it is passed on from the more experienced surfers to the beginners, and now we also pass on this interesting information to you that will allow you to improve, perfect yourself and be able to surf without any problem.
  1. You may notice that some of your friends have longer boards than you do, and you shouldn’t feel bad about wanting a bigger one, but don’t forget you are a beginner and this is exactly what you need before you start. Everyone starts with different heights and sizes. However, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable on a thicker board, which is not the most recommended for beginners, then getting a thin board might make you happier, more confident, and more successful in learning. Think twice before buying new equipment of this type.
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  1. If you’ve ever ridden a thin board before, you know what an incredible feeling comes from having that extra stability and the opportunity to enjoy the waves. Thickness and stability are two things you don’t think about until you start riding a thin board, but once you do, you’ll appreciate being able to keep going where you want to go instead of having to worry about falling off.
  1. Surfboards aren’t cheap, and a lot of people spend years practicing on them before buying their first set. Most often, the first set of all is exactly the model that we are talking about today because of its stability, which is good for beginners. Getting a good-quality board will take time and money, but investing in a nice set of the type we’re talking about now could save you hundreds later down the road. So choose what you need and what will give you the satisfaction you want.
  1. Just like with any other expensive hobby, you get what you pay for. Sure, cheaper boards will work fine for beginners, but after a while, you’ll realize that these boards tend to break a bit faster than quality sets. This is not the case with this model, which most often comes with reasonable prices that everyone can afford, and in addition, you get a set that will give you an excellent opportunity to learn, improve, and above all, stability and security while you are in the water. While you may be able to fix anything, it’s always best to invest in something that will give you the desired stability, but also the desired opportunity to progress and learn easily and simply.
  1. Your board is more than a tool for surfing—it’s your extension of yourself. If you choose a board that doesn’t fit right, you’ll probably end up hating it and never use it again. Make sure you pick out a board that fits well, feels comfortable, and looks good.

Now you are surely ready to choose the solution that you need, and that is this set that we talked about today. Choose the confidence that every beginner needs and enjoy the magic of the waves learning and improving day by day more and more.