Winter Hair Care Routine: Solution for Frizzy, Dry and Static Hair

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Winter and hair problems come hand in hand. The season brings dry, frizzy, and dull hair. So, if you’re also a victim of winter woes, then read on.

More than the outdoor breeze, the conventional winter combination of cold outdoors and heated indoor create hair havoc. The fabulous, lusciousness, and silkiness of your summer hair loses all its charm as soon as the nights get longer and days to get shorter.

Not to mention, dandruff-causing dry scalp is just a little Christmas gift we get every year.

So without a further rant, here are the tips you can use to protect your hair from winter woes:

How to Save Your Scalp from Being a Desert?

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The indoor heating that keeps you warm in the chilling weather tends to zap a lot of moisture from your scalp. A dry scalp occurs when the scalps do not have enough oils to lubricate the skin.

To add the wiped out moisture, use leave-in conditioners and hair oils. Adding hair oils in your winter hair care routine can combat dryness. You can add a few drops of nourishing hair oil at the ends of your hair strands to help them replenish in the dry and frizzy weather. Hair oils like Jacoba oil and argan oil help prevent hair breakage and hair loss. These oils help in earning back the luscious shine your hair had in summers.

Besides, coconut oil and castor oil are great to treat dandruff. By applying a massive amount of any of these oil in your scalp and let it rest for 20-30 minutes will deeply moisturize your hair and treat dandruff.

Let The Strands Relax with Dryer Sheet

You know you’re a victim of winter distress when few strands of your static hair start standing up in solidarity. To avoid strands from joining together for a sorrow anthem on your head, use an anti-static laundry dryer sheet.

There are two ways to use a dryer sheet to combat static hair problems:

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You can directly swipe a regular anti-static laundry dryer sheet over the strands to have instant static-free hair.

Another way is to rub the dryer sheet on the hai brush and then comb your hair with that brush.

Other than this, it would be best if you used combs made up of rubber and metal as plastic combs tend to contribute more in making your hair static in winters.

Let Your Scalp Soak Natural Oils

We have no intention to promote insanitation here, but washing your hair every day causes your hair to loose the vital natural oils in winters. Your scalp produces natural oils that are needed most in the winter season, and by washing your hair frequently, you’re only embracing the dry scalp.

If you wash your hair every other day, its time to change that routine. In winter, especially, you should wash your hair every two days.

Give Your Hair a Break From Heat Styling

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Most of the people tend to heat style their hair. Which makes their hair more moisture-less.

In winter, it’s crucial to embrace the natural look and texture of your hair. If you’re worried about carrying a dull hair look in the winter festive, then try washing your hair before getting ready for the event.

You can even try experimenting with your hair with heatless curls to give yourself a glowy natural look in winter.

First Dry, Then Leave

Drying your hair before leaving the house is extremely important to maintain a good hair care routine in winters.

In winters, cold hair expands the hair shaft, which causes more hair breakage.

If you’re always rushing for work and can’t wait for your hair to dry, try shifting your hair wash time tonight.

Pamper Your Hair with Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

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We all know that a weekly face mask is essential to have a glowing, moisturized, and radiant skin. But do you know that your hair demands the same treatment?

The dry and damaged hair in winter demands a pampering session with a deep condition hair mask. In less than 20 minutes, your hair can make your hair look softer, shinier, and healthy in winters.

If you’re a person who’s not willing to spend money on the company made hair masks, then all you need to do is search for some DIYs on the internet and create your hair masks with everyday use kitchen ingredients.

Don’t forget to have a stable internet connection to view DIYs because a buffering video or web page that lags would ruin the pampering session for you and your hair.

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While winter is the perfect season to channel your inner fashionista by wearing long coats and classy fur-made apparel, it’s almost a threat to your hair. While all the tips mentioned above are useful, staying hydrated remains the primary solution to combat hair problems. That is because our hair needs lubricant for proper nourishment, and when our body is hydrated, our active circulatory system lubricates our hair follicles.