Why Serviced Apartments Are Not a Fad

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Serviced flats have lagged behind hotels for a very long time. People did not see the need to stay at such a place where they could stay at a hotel. With the revamp of the industry and hotels getting more expensive, a serviced set of rooms seems to be the better option again. But what is driving this growth, and why are more business people choosing these home units over hotels?

Understanding Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is a flat that is designed for short or long-term stays. It is equipped with all the services you might need, including housekeeping, kitchens, laundry services, and more. 

Why People Love Serviced Apartments

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People love it when others take care of them. In such a flat, you get housekeeping services and your laundry done. In essence, the only thing you have to do is cook for yourself. It is this convenience that a lot of people are after when they opt to stay at such a place.

A serviced apartment provides a homely feeling that is never quite there if you stay at a hotel. That is especially true for luxury serviced apartments, such as one at dreamapartments.co.uk, that offer short-term living options for the corporate world. Hotels have a feeling of impersonality that never entirely goes away, while it is easy to feel like a serviced apartment is more of a personal space. 

They are also uniquely suited for the needs of short-term business travelers. Businesspeople need a base of operation that is comfortable and that they can make their own. They are spacious with making one’s own, and they also make for functional spaces to host guests. While it is a lot more challenging to have a meeting or to gather in a hotel room, it is much easier to do so in such home units because of the personal and pleasant feel and space they offer. 

Serviced Apartments Offer Space and Freedom

These suites offer unrestricted freedom that hotel rooms cannot. Hotel rooms feel like spaces that have too many restrictions, and freedom is hard to come by. They allow you to stay there for some time or to live there. For those who are relocating, these home units offer a space to eat, sleep, relax, and operate from with all the space and freedom they need.

They also have the option of a separate kitchen in addition to a separate living area. They also routinely have up to 30% more space than hotel rooms.

Save Money

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Serviced apartments are quite economical. Since rates are calculated per flat and not per person, it is a viable option to stay at such a place with family as you look for a place to move to permanently. It is also a viable option to stay there for a longer period of time.

Higher Standards and Quality

Because most serviced cribs are maintained on a tighter schedule than hotels, they often offer higher living standards than hotels. Living there might be comparable to living in a high-end hotel. There is so much competition in this industry that their owners must try to keep the quality of furniture and other finishes very high. These suites come with bedsheets and towels that are cleaned daily, a TV, DVD player, washing machines, and fast broadband. 

The Best Serviced Apartments for Businesspeople

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If you travel a lot for work or other reasons, it would be a good idea for you or your company to find such a place. Staying at hotels might be a bit restrictive for your needs, and this is why such cribs are a good alternative. When looking for the best-serviced crib, it would be a good idea for you to consider a few things. 

Shop Around

Start by shopping around for serviced flats. There are lots of companies that offer pleasant alternatives to hotels. An excellent place to start is by comparing the different amenities. Some serviced suites will offer laundry services, and others do not. Some will offer washers and dryers, while others will not. Try to find the ones that provide the best combination of amenities at the lowest cost.

Even though cost does not necessarily indicate the quality, it is a collective wisdom that a more expensive flat will be better than a cheaper one. 

Find an Apartment That Is Near Major Travel Hubs

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If you travel a lot for work, it makes a lot of sense to find those that are closer to the airport or other major travel hubs. They may be a bit more expensive, but the convenience of proximity to the major travel hubs will be worth it. Besides, try to find serviced suites that also offer transport options to the airport or to where you may be traveling.

Find One With More Furniture

Depending on the company, you may be used to booking such suitest. Different suites come with varying configurations of furniture. When shopping around, try to find one that has the best arrangement of furniture and other household electronics. The more of these there are, the more comfortable your stay will be. 

Consider the Kitchen

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One of the features that are pulling people towards serviced flats is a separate kitchen. A well-serviced crib should come with a fully equipped kitchen so that you can prepare any meal you want at any time of day or night. Doing so ensures that you eat healthy, balanced meals that you would otherwise not find at a hotel’s restaurant.


Serviced apartments are an excellent option for those who are looking for a home away from home. In addition to the comfort they offer, they also provide more space and privacy than you would find in a hotel room. They are also a cheap alternative for those looking for an excellent place to stay when moving houses. The convenience and cost savings are what is drawing people towards such home units.