How to Choose Your Perfect Wig?


It’s no secret that wigs have completely taken over the fashion world. From strutting the runaways in Milan and Paris to making grand entrances at every happening event in Hollywood all right down to finding a safe and secure place in every girl’s closet, wigs have revolutionized how we think about hair.

And as is with anything that becomes a trend, the variety just seems to keep on increasing. From different textures to colours to lengths – the combinations and variations are just endless, making for a world of wigs for you to traverse through. But in all this, how are you to choose your perfect wig?

The thought seems overwhelming, and understandably so. Not only is a wig an investment, but it also changes up our whole look, so it’s natural to be apprehensive before making such a big change in your style book.

Luckily for you, there are loads of tips and tricks when it comes to choosing your perfect wig. And while you may not know all the tricks in the book, you sure can turn to the experts for help! Shop now at to get your perfect wig collection.

Here are out tips for choosing your perfect wig, all tried and tested from years of experience and experimentation:

Synthetic vs Human Hair

Before you even start thinking about the styles and cuts and colors, it’s time to think about the material. What do you want your wig to be made up of? There Are two main routes to be gone down here: synthetic and human hair wigs.

While the latter makes for a more natural look given that it’s made straight from real hair, it’s known to be heavy on the pocket, potentially putting it outside of your reach. As for synthetic wigs, they’re made of PVC, acrylics and polyester which results in a look that is less natural.


However, as advancements grow, and the fashion industry excels, more and more manufacturers are creating synthetic wigs that are more realistic looking than ever. And the best part is that synthetic wigs are much more affordable!

So, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and affordability but choosing the material of your wig is the first step since that’s going to determine the selection of wigs available for you.

Styles, Styles, and Styles

Of course, the next step is to start thinking about the actual look. Since the world of wigs is anything but concise, you don’t need to worry about finding a wig style that suits you – but it might take some searching!

Every face, every personality, and every lifestyle calls for a different style of wig, and if you’re to really pull one off, then it’s best to take these factors into consideration. A wig is like our clothes, really – we need to search for the ones that suit us best and style them properly.

Here are a couple of things to think about when choosing your wig style:

Face configuration

This hints to the shape and construct of your face, and how different types of wigs would play along to it, given that it’s more of a focus point for those going with synthetic wigs as human hair wigs are easily adjustable. And while it’s all dependent on what look you like best on yourself, some people swear by the shape trick: longer wigs for narrower faces and shorter ones for rounder faces.



When it comes to deciding your wig length it’s all about comfort and personal preferences. If you’re someone who’s accustomed to your short hair and want to keep it that way then the route is clear for you, and vice versa. But it’s the ones wanting to make a change that feel apprehensive, and for them the best advice is to go in transitions to ease it out and to try and incorporate your daily routine and see whether the wig length that you’re drawn towards would fit in.


While the most common and the ones that hog the spotlight, full length and full head wigs are not the only types of wigs out there. If you’re only in need of adding some volume and material to your sparse hair, then wig toppers are a great option to take on. Designed in such a way that they just provide extra coverage for your thinning areas, the wig weighs light and is often more convenient.

So, you need to make the decision between the full wigs or the toppers.


We’re finally to the most exciting part, the color! Of course, it’s the color of your wig that’s really going to make it pop and change your whole look. While you should follow your heart when choosing the color of your wig, it is useful to think about the purpose. A blonde wig is perfect if you have lighter skin, and a reddish brown wig can be a great choice for darker skin.

Are you buying a wig for work? Stick to more neutral colors. For a festival? Go all out!

Head Size

The last thing to making sure you get the perfect wig is to think about the size and fit, and the place to start on this is your head size. They are actually come in a variety of sizes, and you should buy a wig and wig cap that’s suited to the size of your head.


Just perform a quick measurement with measuring tape and compare it with the size guide listed on most wig companies’ websites. Once you’ve made your match, you’re all set to go!

So, there’s no doubt that finding your perfect wig can be a challenge and a half, but it’s well worth the hassle. And with these guidelines to smoothen out your purchase process, you’ll soon have the wig of your dreams right in your hands.