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There is no doubt that today it is quite difficult to meet a person who would not use portable mobile devices, whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. The open Android operating system for such devices is the most popular. This is not surprising, since it allows you to easily develop mobile applications for android, regardless of the type of mobile device used. In this article, we will consider who may need to develop applications for Android today and what are the advantages of such a solution.

Development and creation of mobile applications for Android

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The popularity of it applications is growing every year and brings their owners more and more profit. For example, according to Sensor Tower, in 2024, Google Play revenue increased by 30% compared to the previous year.

Our Studio https://www.intellectsoft.net/services/android-app-development-services has been developing mobile applications for Android of any complexity for many years: social networks, messengers, complex corporate solutions, e-commerce and banking systems. Extensive experience helps to create an intuitive and up-to-date interface for any business.

The development of a turnkey mobile application for it depends on many factors. The final cost is determined by specialists in each case individually.

Who will need to develop applications for Android?

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In fact, today, the development of applications for Android may be necessary for almost any businessman who wants to develop his business as productively as possible. In particular, such a solution is most often required by the following categories of consumers:

Corporate business

The mobile application will help you automate complex work processes: create a convenient system for interacting with staff and customers, analyze work efficiency, and quickly receive feedback.


The application will allow you to attract new customers and increase the number of repeat sales, tell users about new products and promotions and create a customer loyalty system.


It will help you quickly bring an idea to the market and get the first profit, interest investors and study your audience using the internal statistics of the application.

Why do you need to develop an application?

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The development of applications for Android helps to solve a number of tasks, the main of which the site wired.com highlights the following:

  1. The ability to reach a large target audience — 88% of people use Android phones.
  2. A variety of gadgets on Android allows you to completely replace the desktop, so that users need convenient mobile applications.
  3. You can implement any functions that will help keep in touch with users and increase sales.
  4. The popularity of Google Play is growing every year, which makes it possible to enter new market segments.

Our company is engaged in the development of mobile applications, their further support and promotion in Google Play. We value the time and needs of our clients, so we have assembled a team of the best and proven result-oriented specialists.

Order the development of a mobile application for Android to take your business to a new level.

Main advantages of developing applications for Android operating system

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Every businessperson should look for ways to attract the attention of more potential clients in order to achieve the ultimate purpose of any commercial enterprise – producing income. In addition, Android app development provides entrepreneurs a low-cost and scalable application development opportunity. Android mobile apps have an impact on most industries as a part of the modern digital revolution. Despite the fact that iOS is a widespread platform, the following are some of the motives why Android development is currently the first-rate and main platform for business.

The main advantages of developing applications for Android include the following features:

  1. High return on capital investment at not high costs – One of the key benefits of developing Android apps is easy accessibility. Development groups can use material design to create interactive applications.
  2. Faster deployment – We should mention that Android apps for modern business have a fast development cycle that lasts several hours. This gives a competitive benefit to companies that want to bring their new idea to the market faster. Thus, reducing the time to market is one of the main pros of developing for Android.
  3. Versatility and scalability – The Android operating system has become more flexible and adaptable. It integrates with the full Android ecosystem, consisting of smartphones, tablets, wearables and also Android TV. This makes it applications well matched with new technologies such as IoT, AR & VR. Therefore, this is also one of the widespread benefits of the Android application. In addition, the versatility of the Android application platform lets development groups to create dynamic mobile apps that serve various purposes after installation on the device.
  4. Increased security – Some extra built-in security features have been added to Android. This will help to protect against malware and viruses. Thus, security and reliability are the exclusive advantages of developing applications for it.
  5. Customization – It is an open supply platform that gives maximum customization options for development teams. That’s why Android apps are a widespread choice. In addition, the OS allows you to create universal Android applications that can be without difficulty build-in into multimedia equipment and data management functions of your present business processes.

In this way, businesses can advantage from reaching a wider customer base by adapting to changing enterprise requirements.

Order Android app development

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During the existence of our company Intellectsoft, more than a dozen organizations and businessmen have contacted our studio and ordered the development of android applications for mobile devices. Each of them was satisfied with the result.

Before ordering the creation of android applications, you need to be prepared for the fact that the development of mobile applications for it is not an easy task. It is important to consider many different factors. At the same time, it is equally important to solve the real, existing problem of people, and to prevent the most common mistakes.

If you are thinking about creating a mobile application for android, call us or leave a request in the form on the website. Our managers will contact you and answer all your questions.