Is It Worth Buying Real Estate In Hawaii?


Statistics show that foreign investors consistently consider the US real estate market to be the most stable and secure in the world. The prospects for an increase in the market value of capital in the United States are higher than in any other country. Buying real estate in the United States is a reliable and profitable investment. There are practically no restrictions on property rights in the United States. Buying a property in Hawaii is a serious step, so you need to know comprehensive information about all the pros and cons of the market. A lot of useful information on this topic you’ll find on the website

Real estate in Hawaii is in great demand, and prices for it are constantly growing. Over the past 25 years, real estate prices in Honolulu have increased sixfold, according to PacificBusinessNews. Many world celebrities, such as John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Pfeiffer and others, have bought residential property here. Should you be interested in investing in real estate but lack capital, you can consider real estate co-investing platforms such as RealVantage.

Why is Hawaii chosen by investors to buy real estate?


It is a place of clean air, beauty and tranquility of nature, exceptional comfort and safety!

Why Hawaii? The legendary and world-famous resort of Hawaii is a unique creation of nature! It is not only white sand and red lava, blue ocean, palm trees and green mountains. It is the pearl of the United States, an island with a year-round swimming season and unique nature. It is no accident that tourists and islanders call Hawaii “paradise”. It is one of the most prestigious vacation destinations in the world.

It is famous for its charm and inspires tourists with its romance. The favorable warm climate almost all year round, the high level of service, the rare beauty of nature, the crystal clear ocean and the air saturated with the unique aroma of tropical flowers, the best sandy beaches in the world, the amazing underwater world, lunar landscapes, diverse landscape and tropical vegetation have made the Hawaiian Islands a dream of many inhabitants of the planet.

It is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and is the 50th state of the United States. The Hawaiian Islands cover an area of about 17 thousand km2. The population is 1.3 million people. The official language is English. Tropical climate with trade winds. Hawaii has 324 sunny days a year with an average air temperature of 25-28 ° C. The economy is based on tourism and the service sector.

There are many resorts, natural and historical attractions on the Hawaiian Islands. More than five million people come here every year. The island of Oahu (Oahu) is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands. Here is the capital of the state of Hawaii – the city of Honolulu and the famous Waikiki beach.


What are the main joys of tourists and islanders in this paradise? Of course, swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Hawaii is known as one of the most favorite places for surfers around the world. Ocean fishing on the Hawaiian Islands is just fantastic! Golf is one of my favorite activities. There are excellent golf courses on the islands, and those who do not know how to play can always take lessons from an instructor. The island is famous for its rich nightlife with many clubs, restaurants and bars.

The best restaurants and discos, theaters and museums, art galleries and scientific centers are concentrated here, as well as many national performances – from the Merry King festival to the International Film Festival, from exploring the art of Polynesia to Japanese dance performances. The cultural and ethnic reserves of the Hawaiian Islands are extremely diverse.

Hawaii has all the most interesting things…and there is something to see.

The advantages of buying real estate in Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are the fiftieth and last state to join the United States. Buying your own home in Hawaii is an opportunity that hundreds of Americans and residents of other countries of the world use every year. The archipelago, which boasts a mild climate and beautiful landscapes, attracts both tourists and people moving here for permanent residence. And even those who just need a Hawaiian house near the sea.

There are many advantages to buying a home in Hawaii. These include a profitable investment in real estate. So, over the past few years, the average cost of an apartment in the archipelago has increased by 35%, for private houses-by 18 percent. And since 2001, the price of real estate has almost doubled. And, since houses in Hawaii do not get cheaper over time, the owner who bought it will not only not lose, but will also gain.

Among other advantages of the purchase are:

  • significant electricity savings. Daylight hours here last longer than in most other countries of the world – which means that artificial lighting is practically not required;
  • no need for heating, thanks to the minimum air temperature of +18 degrees;
  • a fresh sea wind eliminates the need to use air conditioners – even on the hottest days, the air remains cool.

Real estate in Hawaii has the highest liquidity in the United States and is one of the most stable real estate properties in the world. There are practically no restrictions on the purchase of real estate in Hawaii. The laws for foreign investors are among the most loyal in the United States.

The only disadvantage of the real estate sector in Hawaii is the limited space for construction. It is not possible to build residential houses on every island. And on several islands, building is generally prohibited-because of the large slope of the earth’s surface.

Do you need to turn to a real estate agency?

It is recommended to search for real estate in Hawaii and make a transaction through a real estate agency. The company’s specialists will find the most suitable option in the real estate market in accordance with the client’s requirements. In addition, if necessary, professionals will negotiate with the seller about a more favorable price, and will help in the preparation of all necessary documents.