7 best Places in Portugal for Sports Tourism

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Portugal is a place that is not only famous for the beaches and coastal beauty, but it also stands out for its sports activities as well. Be it football or golf, Portugal rules the globe. Diehard football fans know that Portugal is a heaven for them.

These two games are the highlight of sports in Portugal. But apart from these, there is always skiing, surfing, running, diving and rally sports. To sum it all up, Portugal is an ideal destination for sports fans. Well, if you have not watched football in Portugal, you are definitely missing out a lot.

The sports cities have their own fan following. According to different sports, we have listed various places to show their sports tourism. These cities will give you the best of the best sports experience and always leave you wanting more!


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Post football, this country is the golf capital of the world. And you would not give it a second thought if you visit Algarve. This place is the home to the best and the most exotic golf courses around the globe. Be it amateurs or professionals, the golf courses here have something for everyone.

The golf academies and PGA tours that these courses offer, says it all. Golf professionals have highly recommended their favorite golf courses, and they are situated in Algarve. The best part of Algarve is that the climate here supports golf thoroughly. There is no downtime.

The golf courts here have luxurious resorts with the best of facilities to make your vacation a perfect one! So visit algarvegolf.holiday and check these beautiful courts.


As soon as you walk the streets of Lisbon, you will realize that you are in a football fanatic place. Every nook and corner of the street has a Tv and something that sports football. The Benfica sports club was founded in Lisbon.

Lisbon is basically the pride and passion for football lovers. Plan your trip when there is a football game going on, and you can witness true football fanatics.

Just to add icing on the cake, Christiano Ronaldo is the captain of the Portugal Football team. Do we need to say more?


This place is the surfing capital of Portugal. With the best of waves, this place is being compared to the gold coast of Australia and Malibu. The place has the best of waves and is the home to the professional surfing club in Portugal.

All surfing fans come here to get the best of training and thus make the best use of the waves. In hidden facts, Portugal has noted itself down in Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest waves ever surfed.

So, head to Ericeira, which is just an hour’s drive from Lisbon, and you will be astonished to see how the place hosts surfing!

Sao Miquel

Formed by natural volcanic formations, the cliffs here have arranged themselves for cliff diving. Divers from far and abroad come to experience this amazing cliff diving. The Azore cliffs and the diving sport have made its appearance in a number of series and movies.

Mark from tripindicator.com tells us they have a perfect backdrop of the horizon and the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean. The cliff diving events are held here in summer and autumn. These events have attracted many tourists and divers, and now the events have become a global event.

Praia Do Cabedelo

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This place is known for its water sports. The place works for sports tourism all year round. From flat waters to gigantic waves, this place hosts watersports according to the climate. From kite surfing, windsurfing to other water sports, you will find professionalism in each of them.

This beach is situated near Lisbon and should be visited even if you’re even a little interested in water sports. The waves here also are in tune with the sports, and you will understand all this once you visit this beautiful beach.

Cycling in Algarve

The climate in Algarve is really nice for cycling. There is minimum snow, and your body feels rejuvenated while cycling under the deep blue sky. The warm climate and the lush green fields on the sideways add up to the pleasure of driving.

In Algarve, the colorful flowers and the evergreen scenery do not make cycling a tiring event. There are cycling tournaments held here. The climate favors cycling during all the seasons. So, these tournaments are a hit among tourists all year round.

Algarve is known for its cycling paths and bike rides. So just rent a cycle and take a tour of the best countryside in Portugal.

Lagos Canoeing

The waters in Lagos are purely suited for Canoeing. The backdrops, caves, cliffs, and all the views are much more than just breathtaking. The canoeing trips are the most fun during summers.

Canoeing is generally organized in groups during the summer season. But there are various canoeing events organized with all fun and galore. These are generally hosted in September, which is the best Portugal season for Canoeing.

Canoeing is also greatly carried on in Algarve as the Algarve waters also favor canoeing and kayaking to the fullest.

Thus, Portugal is the best country to enjoy sports to its fullest. The football clubs here have gained popularity all around the world. Football is considered as good as a religion here. People can actually swear by football here.

Well, then there is also football, handball, basketball and other sports which are popular here. The only thing is that football stands the tallest among them. You can sense sportiness in the air as soon as you land in the country. The epitome of sports is, of course, Lisbon. This city cheers football like no one else.

After football, there is golf that is highly celebrated in the country. That you can make out with the number of professional courses that this country has, all golf courses are unique in their manner and provide the best of golf tourism.