How To Choose The Best Waterproof Headphones?


Listening to music can be very useful when you practice an intense sport, such as swimming; in fact, music can help you concentrate and give you the best shot at your performance. Today, you can enjoy your music during water activities with waterproof headphones.

In addition to playing your favorite songs, they are designed to resist water completely. You can slide them under the shower cap or swim cap to help keep them in place, and you can also put some of the extra cord under the hood to keep it out of your way.

Waterproof headphones are identified with a code called IPX. The best waterproof headphones are often identified by higher IPX. For example, IPX7 allows 30 minutes of playback at a depth of one meter, and IPX8 allows one hour of playback at a depth of two meters. In short, the higher the IP, the better.

Another factor that should be taken into account when buying waterproof headphones is comfort. In fact, when you use your nice new swimming pool headphones, they will have to be adjusted so that they do not fall off during your activity, which is quite intense in the case of competitions and training sessions.

It is obvious that these waterproof headphones must also have good audio quality so that they can charge you and motivate you. Since it is not always possible to use the Bluetooth connection, they also come with small MP3 players that have a storage space, which can vary from about 2 GB to 4 GB.


Typically, waterproof headphones are priced from $20 to $150. The ones within the $20 range can get the job done; however, the sound quality is generally below average, and they will not sustain well over time.

For a mid-range set of waterproof headphones, you should expect to spend around $50. For a fairly high-quality product, you have to spend around $75 as these models typically have a good quality of sound, and you can find some rated up to IPX8.

Important Tips

  • Every time you use your headphones in or near water, you should go with the manufacturer’s guidelines. As you know now, some sets are rated for particular depths; if you use them at more than recommended depth, they will be at a high risk of malfunctioning.
  • Remove the old tips and place new ones without delay. Otherwise, the water could seep in and damage them.
  • Keep the volume low to avoid damaging the eardrums.

Recommended Models

When we talk about the best waterproof headphones for the swimming pool or for any other activity, there are many options available. However, we have selected two models here. They are easy to use and affordably priced.

1. Syryn MP3


These waterproof headphones don’t have Bluetooth, but they do have a small mp3 player that allows you to play all your favorite songs. The mp3 player and headphones are separate, which makes them more versatile.

You can hook them to the back of your glasses with a small cable in order to connect to your headphones.

Inside the package, you will find an mp3 player, headphones, cable, and the cable extension, in case you prefer to attach them to your outfit instead of the glasses. Their audio quality is good, and they are very easy and comfortable to use.

2. H2O Audio Surge


These waterproof headphones are high quality and great for professional athletes to use. They offer greater comfort and versatility. They are really very stable as you use them. Thus, you will have no concern if they could fall off.

Compared to their counterparts, the earbuds are smaller, which means they fit in the ear canal in a much better way. The audio quality is very good, and they offer well-balanced frequencies and decent noise isolation, so you can focus on your training. Another positive factor about these waterproof headphones is that their certification makes them usable up to 3.6 meters deep.

3. HOMSCAM Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones


They have Bluetooth 5.0 chips, which deliver high-quality stereo sound and great bass. Also, they maintain low latency while you play games or record videos. In addition, they are ultra-light and with a stabilizer design according to the shape of the ear to make sure a secure and comfortable fit for the users.

4. Vigorun waterproof headphones with touch control


You can move freely with your favorite music with these magnificent wireless waterproof headphones with touch control. With the latest CVC8.0 noise cancellation technology, they optimize call quality and enhance sound effects through the ergonomic structure.

Its case is equipped with a 3000 mAh large-capacity battery. Thanks to advanced technology, now it not only allows you to charge the headphones but can also be used as a power bank to charge the mobile phone if necessary.

It has a touch control with which you can switch between songs, adjust the volume, or answer and reject calls just by touching the earpiece.

5. Tayogo Waterproof MP3 Player With Waterproof Earplugs


Certified for IPX8 protection against water, these waterproof headphones and MP3 player are independently designed, freeing your hands and adjusting the frame to fit your head comfortably and securely.

You can upload up to 2000 songs on its removable USB support to put rhythm to your strokes, dives, or any activity or water sport that you want to practice. You will have ease of control of the volume, the songs, the pause, and the play with the rear buttons that it has.

6. Sony NWWS413


It is one of the most recommended and best-rated models and falls into the IP68 category. Although models of this type usually only work in freshwater, this option is also valid for saltwater, so it will be the option if you want to liven up your swimming session at sea.

It can be submerged up to 2 meters in depth and works at temperatures between -5° C and 45° C. Also, it is extremely easy and comfortable to use, thanks to its cable-free design and operation that offers up to 12 hours of battery life with a fast charge option.

To conclude this article, I would like to say that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to buy the best quality waterproof headphones. You just need to consider your requirements first of all, and then you can proceed with an informed decision to buy them. Well, I would also recommend you to visit YourSwimLog, where you can find detailed and unbiased waterproof headphone reviews, which will make it much easier for you.