What Are The Features Of Bongs That Make Them More Suited For Advanced Users Than Dab Rigs?

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If you are considering changing your smoking method from your typical dab rig experience, then you need to look at other smoking choices that are suitable for advanced users. Dab rigs are specialized water pipes that are used to smoke concentrates via vapor. Although this dab rig can be customized for advanced users, some experienced cannabis smokers might want stronger highs and intense flavors.

By looking into new smoking methods that are better for our lifestyle and for your needs from ingesting cannabis, you can choose a new apparatus and accessory that works best for you. Try getting rid of your dab rig and trying a new smoking piece that can provide you with intense highs, strong hits, extreme flavor, and fun with your friends.

The pros and cons of Bongs vs dab rigs – which is right for me as an advanced cannabis user?

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If you are considering choosing between bongs and dab rigs for your next smoking experience and purchase from your local smoke shop, you might be wondering – which one is best for me? Although there are pros and cons of each method, you really need to find out what is your smoking style, what type of high you like to get, how much money you want to spend on new apparatus, and what is best for your lifestyle.

When comparing these 2 methods, there are many similarities but also various differences. Bongs are great for social smoking sessions with your friends in your house, whereas dab rigs can be slightly more portable. Learn more on where to get yourself a qualified bong. However, both are intense apparatuses that contain many accessories, making them more suited for use in one place. When compared to other items like vape pens or bowls, they are much less portable.

In addition, dab rigs and bongs provide strong hits. When comparing both of the smoking methods, the other similarity of these two is the intense high that you can get from using these smoking methods and the strong flavor that one gets from pulling from a bong or dab rig.

But if you have narrowed down your list of smoking options to two, how can you choose between these two advanced methods? Which one is best for you?

Size of the apparatus

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One of the main components of how to choose between bongs and dab rigs comes down to the size. Bongs can come in different shapes and sizes, but they are typically quite big and would take up an entire living room table if you are smoking with friends. Bongs can be smaller, however, and would closely resemble a bubbler or bowl.

When comparing size, dab rigs are similar to bongs since they can range in size and shape. However, the largest part of the dab rig is the water pipe. With bongs, you have more customization and personalization options that make it more suitable for advanced users. In this case, the bong can range in size and shape, which can change your smoking experience. For advanced users, having a big bong is a great method to provide big hits and strong flavor.

Mobility and transportability

The second factor to take into account when comparing the two methods is the mobility of each apparatus. Can you move each one around between friend’s houses or out in public, or can you only leave it at home? For advanced users who enjoy having big hits in their living room or bedroom, bongs are the way to go. Both of them are not very portable, but bongs are well-suited for those who enjoy having people over to their house and don’t have to move their smoking apparatus around.

Quality of smoke

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The next thing to take into account when comparing them is the quality of the smoke or vapor that can be produced from each hit on the apparatus. If you want a smooth and cool hit, choose the bong. For advanced users, you will enjoy being able to fill up the entire chamber before pulling the hit. Not only will this provide a big hit and intense high, but the water from the bowl of the bong can cool off the pill so you do not burn your throat when you’re inhaling.

If you are using a dab rig instead of a bong, you might not be able to get the heating correctly. Heating with a dab rig is much more complicated and convoluted than with a bong, making bongs the preferred choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

Aesthetic and style

If you want to impress your friends with the style and aesthetic of your smoking method, then choose bongs. Bongs can be customized and personalized to fit your unique needs, coming in various styles, shapes, and colors. If you want a quirky style that reflects your personality, choosing a bong is the best way to go.

Strong hit

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The next benefit of choosing a bong over a dab rig as an advanced user is a strong hit. If you are using a bong, you can fill the entire chamber with smoke before inhaling. For advanced users who have a higher tolerance when it comes to smoking cannabis, bongs are the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Although you will spend more money upfront on the bong and the accessories to use with the bong, you will be able to pay off your money well spent with the quality smoking sessions. You can get a large amount of weed inhaled in one hit, so you will always be getting good quality for the money you paid.


When comparing bongs and dab rigs, there are many qualities of bongs that make them more suitable for advanced users when compared to dab rigs. With intense heights, strong highs, customizable options, and good quality for the money you pay, you can use bongs with your friends or while you’re hanging out in your house!